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Tall Organization
to lie down (dormir)
exclusionary rule
Requirement that evidence unconstitutionally or illegally obtained be excluded from a criminal trial.
Technical Skills
job-specific knowledge and techniques
the inner-guiding moral principles, values, and beliefs that people use to analyze or interpret a situation and then decide what is the "right" or appropriate way to behave
Customer-Centric Marketing
developing collaborative relationships with customers based on focusing on their individual needs and concerns
el retrato
portrait (pintura de una persona)
management tactic whereby workers are denied access to the employer's workplace
Reseller Market
organizational market consisting of intermediaries that buy and resell finished goods
principle in which companies produce in large volumes, but each unit features the unique options the customer prefers
Deductive Ability
ability to reach appropriate conclusions from an array of observations or evaluate the implications of a series of facts
Investment Bank
financial institution that specialized in issuing and reselling new securities
Resource Allocator
DECISIONAL - allocate organizational resources among different tasks and departments of the organization
the combination of skills and equipment that managers use in the design, production, and distribution of goods and services
combines the words crowd and outsourcing and calls for tasking tasks usually performed by a marketer or researcher and outsourcing them to a crowd, or potential market, through an open call
Beta Communications Corporation, a U.S. firm, signs a contract with Computadores, Ltd., an Argentinean firm, for a shipment and payment for Beta's goods. This is
direct exporting.
A claim for government funds that cannot be abridged without violating the rights of the claimant; for example, social security benefits or payments on a contract.
the processes and behaviors used by someone, such as a manager, to motivate, inspire, and influence the behaviors of others
Performance Behaviors
total set of work-related behaviors that the organization expects employes to display
Performance Appraisal
evaluation of an employee's job performance in order to determine the degree to which the employee is performing effectively
Quality Control
action of ensuring that operations produce products that meet specific quality standards
VSAT Satellite Communications
network of geographically dispersed transmitter-receivers (transceivers) that send signals to and receive signals from a satellite, exchanging voice, video, and data transmissions
Halo Effect
the biased perception that results when the perceiver's general impression of a target distorts his or her perception of the target on specific dimensions
asset pledged for the fulfillment of repaying a loan
a cluster of decisions about what goals to pursue, what actions to take, and how to use resources to achieve goals
Accommodative Approach
companies and their managers behave legally and ethically and try to balance the interests of different stakeholders as the need arises
Short-Term Orientation
a worldview that values personal stability or happiness and living for the present
building the knowledge and skills of organizational members so that they are prepared to take on new responsibilities and challenges
Performance Standard
an expected level of performance against which actual performance can be compared
a competitive structure in which an organization offers a product that has no close substitutes, making that organization the sole source of supply
Marketing Management
the process of planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling marketing activities to facilitate exchanges effectively and efficiently
What property of anesthesia is missing with MAC?
Muscle relaxation
Diners Corporation, a U.S. firm, signs a contract with Essen, A,G., a German firm, to give Essen the right to use Diners' trademark in restaurants in Germany. This is
Based on an economic theory, known as supply-side economics, where tax cuts and business incentives will stimulate the economy
cases that have been heard by lower courts before they come to the supreme court
Contingent Worker
employee hired on something other than a full-time basis to supplement an organization's permanent workforce
Operations (Production) Management
systematic direction and control of the processes that transform resources into finished products that create value for and provide benefits to customers
Licensed Brand
brand-name product for whore name the seller has purchased the right from an organization or individual
a set of data, facts, numbers, and words that has been organized in such a way that it provides its users with knowledge
Theory X
people are lazy, dislike work, lack ambition, are irresponsible, and want to be led rather than lead
Bear Market
period of falling stock prices marked by negative investor sentiments with motivation to sell ahead of anticipated losses
Leader-Member Relations
the relationship between a leader and his or her followers
Emotional Dissonance
an internal state that exists when employees are expected to express feelings that are at odds with how the employees are actually feeling
Closed System
a system that is self-contained and thus not affected by changes occurring in its external environment
Labor Relations
the activities that managers engage in to ensure that they have effective working relationships with the labor unions that represent their employees' interests
a stage of the business cycle when unemployment is extremely high, wages are very low, total disposable income is at a minimum, and consumers lack confidence in the economy
the want-satisfying power of a good or service
Delhip Technique
a procedure in which experts create initial forecasts, submit them to the company for averaging, and then refine the forecasts
What procedures/conditions warrant ETT placement?
1. Intracavity surgical procedures2. Any position other than supine3. Any position that inhibits direct view of the airway4. Any condition that places the patient at risk for a "full stomach"
How is HTN defined?
SBP >140 and DPB >90
The River City Council, the Santa Clara County Board, the Texas state legislature, and the U.S. Congress enact laws. These laws constitute
statutory law.
14th Amendment
Declares that all persons born in the U.S. are citizens and are guaranteed equal protection of the laws
Participative Management and Empowerment
method of increasing job satisfaction by giving employees a voice in the management of their jobs and the company
amount of a product that a company can produce under normal conditions
Organizational Procedure
a rule or routine an employee follows to perform some task in the most effective way
Being Novel
anything that makes a target unique in a situation
Emotional Maturity
ensures that a leader is not overly self-centered, can control his or her feelings, and can accept criticism
Continuance Commitment
the commitment that exists when it is very costly for employees to leave an organization
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
specific sets of written instructions about how to perform a certain aspect of a task
Human Resources Planning
activities that managers engage in to forecast their current and future needs for human resources
Trademark Counterfeiting Act (1980)
imposes civil and criminal penalties against those who deal in counterfeit consumer goods or any counterfeit goods that can threaten healthy or safety
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
using information about customers to create marketing strategies that develop and sustain desirable customer relationships
Define environment, carrying capacity, ecosystem and entropy.

Environment – Broadly, anything that is external to an entity. For humans, the environment can include external living, working, and playing spaces and natural resources, as well as internal physical, mental, and emotional states.

Carrying Capacity – The volume of an intensity of use by organisms that can be sustained in a particular place and at a particular time without degrading the environment’s future suitability for that use.A resource’s carrying capacity has limits that need to be respected for continued use. 

Ecosystem – All living and nonliving substances present in a particular place, often interacting with others.

Entropy - A measure of disorder of energy, indicating its unavailability for recycling for the same use. Energy tends to breakdown into lower quality with each use. For instance, a kilowatt of electricity, once it is produced and consumed, can never be used as electricity again and, if stored, will allow far less than 1 kilowatt to be consumed.

Why does edema occur?
The venous hydrostatic pressure is greater than ISF hydrostatic pressure and fluid does not return to the veins
In Case 5.1, The Coca-Cola Co. v. The Koke Co. of America, the United States Supreme Court upheld an injunction prohibiting competing beverage companies from calling their products "Koke."
Voting Rights Act
1965 act which guaranteed the right to vote to all Americans, and allowed the federal government to intervene in order to ensure that minorities could vote
Type A
a person who has an intense desire to achieve, is extremely competitive, and has a strong sense of urgency
Vroom and Yetton Model
a model that describes the different ways in which leaders can make decisions and guides leaders in determining the extent to which subordinates should participate in decision making
Capital Budget
A budget for asset items that have a useful life of more than one year
Describe the three levels of lobbying and give one example of each.

Umbrella Organization: represents broad groups such as chamber of commerce of the US.

Trade Associations: represents midrange groups such as National automobile dealers association.

Company-Level Lobbying: represents narrow/specific groups such as Law firms, PACs, Public affairs specialists.
What are two differences differences between standard induction and Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI)?
1. simultaneous administration of induction agent & paralytic2. Application of cricoid pressure from induction through verification of ETT
What is RAM?
Random Access Memory - the area work "work" is performed.
Market Growth/Market Share Matrix
a helpful business tool, based on the philosophy that a product's market growth rate and its market share are important considerations in determining its marketing strategy
What are the top two reasons for hypercalcemia?
1. Primary hyperparathyroidism2. Malignancy
What is a COMMAND?
A kind of input through which you tell the program what to do.
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
the equal right of all citizens to the opportunity to obtain employment regardless of their gender, age, race, country of origin, religion, or disability
What should be administered after successful intubation?
Volatile gas or repeat dose of opioids
Which of the following acts requires companies to set up confidential systems so that employees and others may "raise red flags" about suspected illegal and unethical auditing and accounting practices?
Correct The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
What is the focus of treatment for aspiration?
- correction of hypoxia- maintenance of hemodynamics
Nina works as an employee for Overland Sales, Inc. To protect Nina and other employees from arbitrary discharge, courts have created exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine based on
implied contract and public policy theories.
Tom files a suit against the state of Utah, claiming that a Utah state law violates the commerce clause. The court will agree if the statute
imposes a substantial burden on interstate commerce.
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