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intestinal mucosal cells.
Terms Definitions
to lend
người thâm
el banquero
Automatic Telling Machine
the manager
el gerente
el corredor de bolsa
A dollar-denominated financial claim at a bank outside the United States
the best day of Steven's year
With financial futures contracts, the futures rate minus the cash rate
Positive 99mmTc-pertechnetate scan-what is your dx?
Positive 99mmTc-pertechnetate scan idenitifies ECTOPIC gastric epitheliumDx is Meckel DiverticlumMeckel Diverticulum: occurs tue to failure of the obliteration of the omphalomessenteric duct.Sx: Lower GI bleeding (which results in MELENA), right lower quadrant pain
retails banks
developed to help individuals not served by commercial bank save money, acquire loans and invest
the process in which interest is earned on both the principal- the amount you deposited- and on any previously earned interest
your calculation to verify that you check register is brought into agreement with your bank statement
with a credit card
con tarjeta de credito
Non-depository Intermediary
a private company that does not receive deposits but sells financial services
Effective Duration
The value for duration reflecting the price impact of embedded options when interest rates rise versus fall
Annual percentage yield
effective rate of interest when compounding is factored in
Histological Dx of Alpha-1-anti-trypsin deficiency?
Alpha-1-anti-trypsin is a SERUM protein that inhibits proteolytic enzymes (including neutrophilic elastases), thereby reducing inflammation. def>panacinar emphysema secondary to destruction of alveolar walls (septa)if homozygous> potentially liver cirrhosisDx: A1AT deficiency is associated with red-pink PAS staining granules of unsecreted A1AT in the periportal hepatocytes
bank statement
the document sent by the bank listing the checks written, fees charged, and deposits made for the month
a charge account
an account against which the customer can charge purchases (for example: VISA)
money market account
a savinga account in which tha interest rate varies from month to month
overdraft charge
fee charged by your bank when your have overdrawn your account
Pathogenesis of gallstones in women who are pregnant or on oral contraceptives
1. Estrogen-induced cholesterol hypersecretion 2. Progesterone-induced gallbladder hypomotility
A person at the bank who helps you is the teller.
stop payment order
a written notice that tells the bank not to pay a certain check

The iron oxides and manganese oxides that produce desert varnish on the exterior surfaces of rocks are derived from ions

in the interiors of the rocks, which are transported outward by the capillary action of water
checkbook register
small book given to you by the bank to help you get up with your checkbook balance
Mechanism of C. difficile damage to intestinal mucosal cells.
C. difficile Toxin A attracts neutrophils causing mucosal inflammation, loss of water into gut lumen and diarrhea, as well as mucosal death. Toxin B, the cytotoxin, causes actin depolymerization, loss of cellular cytoskeleton integrity, cell death and mucosal necrosis.
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