Basic Computer Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Gigabyte (GB)
1,024 megabytes
about one billion bytes
Floppy Disk
holds 1.4MB of information
The default application for the Macintosh Operating System.
used by large corporations and government agencies when the tremendous volume of data would seriously delay processing on a mainframe computer.
Internet Service Provider- a company that provides you with an internet connection
Computer used to store programs/files and then sen
Compact Disc Read Only Memory. A storage device for computer files and applications. A CD-ROM holds approximately 640MB of information. It may not be written to.
the number of pixels the computer monitor displays
Power Supply Unit. Funnels power from an outlet through cables to each device in the computer.
To quickly press and release the shortcut menu button (usually the right button).
Term given to network of computers that provide in
Syquest Drive
Vaccum Sealed portable hard disk. 44MB of space, newer SparQ drives with 1GB
similar to a mouse, exceprt that, the rolling ball is on the top side and you control the movement of the pointer by moving only the ball
A program to view and interact with the internet. Used to access web pages.
Cable Access
Internet access provides by your TV company, through your TV cables. Broadband, high-speed internet access. Also a shared service, which may be affected by the activity of other users in your area.
Shortcut Keys
A combination of two or more keystrokes that, when pressed, carries out a specific action or function.
Address Bar
The space in some application windows that displays the name of the open folder or object.
The place where a row and column intersect.
Smaller and less powerful than the other types of computers
Personal computers
Jazz Drive
An Iomega Jaz drive reads disks that can hold up to 1GB. Very unstable.
Output Device
device that displays the output of the computer (monitor, printer, etc.)
Computer Virus
Small piece of software that ends up on a computer without your knowlege and causes problems, such as slower functioning, programs not working, computer crashes, or error messages.
Start Button
A button on the taskbar that, when clicked, opens the Start menu.
Keys that move the cursor up, down left or right
Arrow keys
on-off switch, and is the basis of how we save data. It takes 8 bits to equal 1 byte.
Expansion Slots
Spaces on back of computer to add to computer, for example, a sound or video card if they did not come with the computer.
Trouble Shooting: Computer Keeps Crashing
Check for overheating. Then use antivirus software to check for viruses.
Standard Toolbar
The bar usually near the top of a window that contains buttons that instantly execute commands or access various functions.
Binary Digit (bit)
the representation of data as a 1 or 0
Special text on a web page that when clicked jumps
Hypertext or hyperlink
A ______ is a round, shiny portable disk that stores large amounts of software and information.
A cd-rom is a round, shiny portable disk that stores large amounts of software and information.
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