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Terms Definitions
absorption spectrum
Plasmodiums represents





Agricultural Microbiology



and Industrial Microbiology

developed from
concepts developed by

Beijerinck and Winogradsky
plasma membrane
cell membrane.
Innate Behavior
+genetically programed behavior
+important to survival
an ancestral character state
rheumatoid arthritis
An antibody-mediated autoimmune disease that leads to damage and painful inflammation of the cartilage and bone of joints.
Sodium: Main, Mineral or Trace?

Microbial Cytology

Study of cellular structure
-nerve cells; transmit nerve impulses
the production of sperm cells
female reproductive organ of a flower
is a brain disorder involving repeated, spontaneous seizuresof any type
extinct jawless fishes
490 to 438 mya
Autotroph [3]

make their own food
[primary producers]
require an energy source and inorganic nutrients
causing veins to contract or dilate
Sexual Behavior
Gender Traits, Libido, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Attraction/Mate Selection, Mate Bonding, Monogamy vs Polygamy, Receptivity
In a typical terrestrial ecosystem, give some examples of the organisms you would expect to see in CARNIVORES
Pairs of rod-shaped bacteria are called
same genotype, like AA or aa
plant, such as a moss, lacking lignin-hardened vascular tissue
Plant tissue that remains embryonic as long as the plant lives, allowing for indeterminate growth., regions of actively dividing cells in plants
specialization in a progression
fertilized cells- unlimited potentialembryonic stem cells- pluripotentadult stem cells- multipotent- limited range
Fungal Reproductive Structures
Some produce specialized mycelial structures to house production of spores
Spores are most common means of reproduction among fungi and when in a suitable place, germinate, giving rise to new fungal mycelium
is the first opening in the development of the zygote





 fatty acids bound to a glycerol backbone through ester bond
Amino acids with hydroxyl, amino, carboxyl, or sulfhydryl functional groups in their side chains are _____ than those with side chains composed of only carbon and hydrogen atoms.
more reactive
Polio (Poliomyelitis)
fecal to oral transmittion, Richer families had more polio than the poor. Polio changes antigens. Starts in cells of intestines and moves to motor neurons. Most people who experience paralysis recovered. Mortality rate 2% for kids and 20% for adults
Meiosis 2
Seperates the sister chromatids to form four daughter cells each haploid gametes
Plants dependent on nocturnal pollinators typically have flowers that
are highly scented.
cell type which lacks nuclear membrane and membrane bound organelles does have a cell membrane with cell wall
golgi apparatus
organelle consisting of layers of flattened sacs that processes synthetic products from the ER
ion channels
protein channels in a cell membrane that allow passage of a specific ion down its concentration gradient
What is ERV
Expiratory Reserve Volume - volume that can be maximally exhaled following a passive exhalation
Describe density dependent factors
food supply, habitat for living/breeding, parasite & disease, predation risk
How do lysozymes work?
Hydrolyzes crosslinks in peptidoglycan by making several, small cuts in the cell wall... causes it to be unable to hold in turgor pressure
a large molecule made up of many similar or identical subunits
for every different gene, you get two allele. human has eye colors. the different eye colors is the allele (green, blue, red)
A plant has 96 chromosomes in each cell in its roots. How many chromosomes will be in the each egg produced by this plant?
An organism who has the ability to keep homeostasis through metabolism, does not change (much) with environment
integral proteins
penetrate the hydrophobic core of the lipid bilayer
Form when acid and base combine. Ex. HCL+NaOH>NaCl+H20. Hydrogen Chloride(acid)+Sodium hydroxide (base)>Sodium Chloride (Salt) and water. Salt typically dissolves completely in water to form Na+ ions and Cl- ions (electrolytes)
Boreal forest
biomes south of the tundra with dense evergreen forests and long, cold, dry winters
Heat Shock Proteins
Keep proteins properly folded when a cell is exposed to high temperatures.
Autumn equinox (September)
Sun's direct rays fall on equator; length of day equal that of night
Priniciple of Parismony
Choose the lease complicated way to make a cladogram
Lecture Date: MON, 7.24.06:Subject: MITOSISDefine:CHROMATIDS
Lecture Date: MON, 7.24.06:Subject: MITOSISDefinition:Shortened strands of duplicate DNA that combine to form "visible" pairs around a CENTROMERE
Monomer to dimer to staggered tetramer to two tetramers to eight tetramers twisted into a ropelike filament
cytoplasmic intermediate filaments
incomplete dominance
the appearance in a heterozygote of a trait that is intermediate between either of the trait's homozygous phenotypes.
What is a solution?
A solution is a completely homogenous mixture of two or more substances.
Evidence for step 3
RNA can serve as catalyst for replicating the polypeptides and also has information on how to replicate the polypeptides. also is able to catalyze synthesizing more RNA
The double helix strand of DNA is held together by what?
hydrogen bonds
Zone of Cell Elongation
Region where cell growth takes place usually devoid of root hairs (no differentiation yet).

Explain science as a process including the steps of the scientific method and elements of a good study.  Additionally, explain how a scientific theory is different from a hypothesis.
Steps of the scientific method include:
Resulst & Analysis
T cells -Different types (remember the bar scene)
-Have special surgace receptors that enable them to ID and bond to Ag fragments -2 types:CD4 = T Helper CellsCD8 = T cytotoxic (surpressor cell)Helper T cells stimulate other immune cells, including B cells (tattle tail)Cytotoxic directly attack and destroy foreign cells by secreting proteing called perforin -makes holes in cell membrane. (Bouncer)Suppressor T cells slow down immune responses after Af has been destroyed (manager at bar)
Higher air flow resistance requires what kind of intra-alveolar pressure and what kind of transpulmonary pressure gradient?
High air flow resistance requires a LOW intr-alveolar pressure and a LARGE transpulmonary pressure gradient.
build RNA on a DNA strand rna strand leaves rna goes to birbosomes, induced protein synthesis
GERD - Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease -
Caused by lack of a good diet and exercise, and by alcohol and smoking and causes chyme to rise into the esophagus
What is the function of RNA polymerase?
Direct RNA synthesis using a DNA template.
What can you do to make your compartment system more realistic?
1)Make the forcing flow a seasonal variable2)Make the feeding function more accurate3)Look at impacts of pollutants-eutrophicaton-impacts of short lived pollutants (effects % mortality)-slow build up of pollutant (effects respiration and mortality)
2. The cancer that kills the most men each year is
A. prostate D. liver B. testicular E. lung C. colon
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