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Terms Definitions
Who knighted Raliegh?
Queen Elizabeth
Who discovered the "South Sea"?
What is Load mining?
Underground mining
how is the Elizabeth 2 rigged?
What year did Vance die?
in 1894
who was the virgin queen
queen elizabethI
Where were many early settlers from?
Nc is the country's___ largest state
What is charlotte's nickname?
The Queen city
What was the Creek Indian's temple built on?
Where is Halifax located?
north east of Raleigh
What year was construction complete on St. Philip's Church in the town of Brunswick?
Who believes that around the 15th century Creek Indians from the south invaded the area that is now known as the Pee Dee River Valley?
What is aboveground or surface miningcalled?
Placer mining
Who sponsored an assembly bill establishing the new town of Kingston?
Richard Caswell
"The North Carolina militiamen, in the battle of Alamance, went into battle against how many backcountry farmers known as Regulators?"
1585 Sir walter Raliegh sent ____ expeditions to the new world (HINT: HOW MANY TOTAL NOT HOW MANY COLONIES)
What were "Carolina's" boundries in 1663?
Virginia-Florida, Atlantic-Pacific
Where is St. Thomas Episcople Church located?
About what year did Nathaniel Batts settle in NC?
How many enlisted men were on Battleship North Carolina?
In what years did Lane explore Abermarle and Currituck sound?
In what year did the Spanish establishSt. Augustine?
How many soliders did William T. Sherman have under his control at Bentonville?
When did Washington Duke return home after serving in the Civil war?
What is the capitol used for today?
The fall line runs from ___________ County to ___________ County.
Was Sir Walter Raleigh's first voyage a colonization or exploratory?
What year was James Knox Polk’s campaign for president?
1844 campaign
Whose families were among the largest North Carolina plantation holdings of the pre-Civil War South?
Bennehan-Cameron families
When was the inlet near Nags Head closed?
The governor of the Roanoke Island colony along with other members of the colony, explored the land and waters looking for gold and other riches?"
Ralph Lane
Festival Park celebrates this period of Roanoke Island history through a representation of a 16th century ship called?
the Elizabeth II
What years did James Iredell Jr. serve as a United States Senator?
What was James Iredell’s job when he died?
1584 was how many years older then jamestown
What was the name of North Carolina's first town?
This man, who moved south from Virginia, was the first permanent settler in NC.
Nathaniel Batts
Who is the Native American group that was removed from NC during the Trail of Tears?
When was the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence or Meck Dec signed?
May 20, 1776
Who were the appalacian mountians named by?
Hernando De soto
when did colombus land in 'india'?
october 12th, 1492
What group of people, opposed to england's treatment of the american colonies, did Richard Caswell later join?
The "Whigs"
In what year did Charles Aycock enroll in the University of North Carolina?
What are the boundaries of North Carolina?
WEST-->TennesseeEAST-->Atlantic OceanNORTH-->VirginiaSOUTH-->South Carolina and Georgia
Who was Queen Elizebeth I's father?
King Henry VIII
In what years did Christopher Columbus' send 3 voyages to the New World?
1493, 1498, 1502
What ceremony began with four days of fasting?
Busk ceremony
What “age” did Halifax and the Roanoke Valley enter after the Revolution?
"a ""golden age."""
Who was the wife of Governor Tryon?
Margaret Wake Tryon
When and where was Governor Richard Caswell Born?
Maryland in 1729
At Roanoke Island, the men began building an earthen fort and houses based on what kind of style of home?
Elizabethan Tudor styles.
How old was Iredell when he got his license to practice law in NC?
How far upstream this river was Washington, from Bath?
Pamlico River15 miles
Who sent three expeditions to Roanoke Island in the 1580's?
Sir Walter Raleigh
Where in NC did the Wright Brothers make their historic flight?
Kitty Hawk
What was the name of Blackbeard's ship?
Queen Anne's Revenge
what was the cerimonial center used for?
a burial ground
When did General William T. Sherman's Union Army Approach Raliegh?
Early in 1865
What did Richard Caswell serve as to the first and second Continential Congresses in Phileadelphia?
A delegate
Who was the first govoernor of the independent North Carolina?
Richard caswell
how many peaks of more than 6,000 ft are there in NC?
in what year did fort fisher get its basic L-shape?
What region is divided into two areas?
The Coastal Region.
What ship of the 7 in the 1585 expedition was captend by Thomas Cavendish ?
When did Sir Humphry Gilbert land at his destination on his first voyage?
August 1583
"What year did Governor Williams, who lived and farmed at the Retreat (House in the Horseshoe), die?"
in the year 1814.
In what year did the General Assembly began either meeting in Edenton or New Bern?
After March 1737
How many years was Placer mining successful in and around Little Meadow Creek on the John Reed farm?
for almost thirty years.
When was Vance arrested by a squadron of federal cavalry at his home in Statesville?
"May 13, 1865"
In Montgomery County, people from the surrounding villages gathered for?
religious and political ceremonies.
"Because of Harriet Jacobs documented escape, Edenton’s waterfront Colonial Park is included in what National Trail?"
the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Trail.
What was Samuel Johnston’s profession?
"a lawyer, planter and powerful political figure in the colonies. "
the cermianol center was also used at wat?
a burial ground
What are the two subregions in the Piedmont of NC?
Foothills and Sandhills
What are NC's three largest sounds in order from biggest to smallest?
Pamlico, Albemarle, Currituck
What were the first three precincts created in Albemarle Co?
Berkley, Carteret, and Shaftesbury
Creek indians settled in the upper reaches of what river that flows into South Carolina?
The Pee Dee River.
What are NC's three distinct geographical reigons?
Coastal plain, piedmont, and mountians
What are the major cities in the coastal plain?
Fayetteville,Goldsboro,Wilson, Rocky mount, and Greenville
Who was Jean Ribaut?
A french navigator who attempted to establish a colony of french Prodanstants in 1562
How far does the Tidewater area extend inland?
About 30 miles
What type of wood did they use for most of Elizibeth 2s construction ?
White oak
Who was the cheif rival of Queen Elizabeth I of England?
King Phillip II
During the American Revolution James Iredell served as what?
Attorney General of North Carolina (1779-1781)
What did the Fifth Provincial Congress assemble in Halifax late in the fall of 1776 to draft and approve?
North Carolina's first state constitution
The Elizabeth II was built as part of what Celebration?
America’s Quadra-centennial Celebration
what is a tunnes?
a barrel that holds 252 gallons of liquid.
James Iredell’s opinion which is Chisholm v. Georgia formed the basis for what Amendment?
Eleventh Amendment to the United States Constitution
cermoial huts or mounds where bought the dirt in from wat and by wat
from large feilds with baskets
What are the first names of the Wright Brothers?
Orville and Wilbur
What types of severe weather is NC prone to?
Thunderstorms, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes
How long did Charles Aycock serve as N.C. governor?
from 1901 to 1905
Who did Christopher Columbus finally get to support him? What was their names?
Spain; King Ferinand and Queen Isabella
"Following the April 1865 surrender to the Union forces, who used the governor’s office?"
General Sherman and other high-ranking Union officers.
what is square rigged?
sails being square to the fore and aft line of the ship,not the shape of the sails.
What was the 1767 Chowan County Courthouse referred to as?
“the finest Georgian courthouse in the South.”
Who were the "lord's propreitors"?
8 men that King Charles II granted Carolina to
The Halifax Resolves were written to what two groups?
NC's delegates at the Continental Congress and the other colonies
How long was the sacred fire kept burning?
It was kept burning year-long.
What are the major cities in the piedmont?
Raliegh, Durham, Greensboro, Winston Salem, and charlotte
where did the 'original' americans come from?
from northern asia via the berring strait
Which two people designed the state capitol?
Ithiel town and Alexander Jackson Davis
Elizibeth 2 had how many tunnes and how many masts ?
50 tunnes and 3 masts
What was the Gilbert Patent?
a legal document, also known as a charter, granted to Sir Humphrey Gilbert by Queen Elizabeth I on June 11, 1578
An Act of the Assembly passed in 1723 requires whom to maintain offices in Edenton?
"the Chief Justice, Secretary, Attorney General and Surveyor General along with other public officials"
What date did David Fanning and his men arrive at the House in the Horseshoe to avenge the death of Kenneth Black with Phillip Alston and his men?
"It was dawn, August 5, 1781"
How did Captain Hugh Waddell describe Fort Dobbs?
"""a good and Substantial Building of the Dimensions following the Oblong Square fifty-three feet by forty in height twenty-four and one-half feet"" with oak walls and three floors."
What lead to the incorporation of Bath?
The growth of the European population in the 1690s.
What are NC's three capes from north to south?
Cape Hatteras, Cape Lookout, Cape Fear
What happened during the Town Creek Indians' Busk ceremony?
-It started with four days of fasting-Ritual purification performed by scratching the body with a gartooth comb and by drinking the black drink to cleanse the inner body-New fire kindled-All debts cancelled-Houses were cleaned and repaired-New clothes were made-Fresh start on the new year
After the breakup of the ATC, where was the money donated to?
other buisnesses, the present Duke Power Company, and various churches, hospitals, and childrens homes
what did the busk cerimony involve?
four days of fasting, a ritual of purification and taking of the black drink
How did Harriet Ann Jacobs escape and when?
The Maritime Underground Railroad from Edenton's Port in 1842
What three men did Queen Elizabeth I aprove to capture Spanish treasure ships?
John Hawkins, Frances Drake, and Richard Grenville
Vance participated in what two NC battles?
The battles of New Bern and Malvern Hill.
In 1788 Rowan County was divided and a new county was formed. What was the name of the new county?
Iredell in honor of James Iredell.
What caused the ruins of Brunswick Town?
. Brunswick was burned during the Revolutionary War and never became a thriving town again
What was the focal point of the ceremonial center?
The flat-top pyramid mound and its temple.
What was the mound built for?
to serve as a foundation for a major temple
What was the black drink ?
A tea brewed from leaves of the youpon bush that believed by the native americans to purge evil from the body
What was Christopher Colombus' theroy about what lies west of Europe?
no land mass laid west of Europe until you got close to India
What eight things to slaves build at the Somerset Place plantation?
"Members of the slave community dug a system of irrigation, drainage, and transportation canals; built a saw mill, grist mills, barns, stables, dwelling houses,."
According to the Second Carolina Charter, what were the boundaries of Carolina?
From 36* 30' down to 29* in a line straight out to the "South Sea".
How many of tryon's men were killed in the battle of alamance? How many were wounded?
there were nine killed and sixy-one wounded
Why did King Phillip II want to prevent England from establishing colonies in the New World?
so he could spread Catholicism in the New World instead of England spreading their Protestant beleifs
Is the Elizabeth II a replica or a representation and explain why?
A representation built to give us a broad example of similar ships by using a generic composite of authentic design components. It is not a replica because it’s not an exact copy of the Elizabeth.
Why didn't Sir Humphry Gilbert not return to England after leaving Newfoundland?
his ship got caught in a storm and him and his entire crew were never found again
How many acres is the House in the Horseshoe built on?
" a 4,000 acre tract of land in a horseshoe bend of the Deep River"
What was Thomas Cavendish’s nationality?
How many colonial assembly representatives did each county have if that county was formed before 1696?
Who won the battle of Alamance? 
What was Blackbeard's real name?
Edward Teach
What year was Fort Dobbs built?
On a bluff in _________________________ these people selected this site for their resoligous and poctialical captial?
montgomery county
When was the Palmer-Marsh house built?
What european country is north carolina about the size of?
North Carolina covers about _____ miles east to west and _____ miles north to south.
The Creek Indians settled in what present-day county?
How many acres is Roanoke Island Festival Park?
Brunswick was the scene of armed resistance to the Stamp Act in what years?
In the Creek Indian ceremonial center, on its western edge, a mound was built to serve as a foundation for a major what?
"After Vance was released from prison, where he was held for almost 3 months by the federal government in the Old Capitol Prison in Washington, D.C., he returned to what NC City?"
"In the amphitheater-like House Chamber, North Carolina seceded from the Union on what date?"
"May 20, 1861"
One tunne = ____ gallons of water
Who served longest as NC Governor?
Gabriel Johnston
Was the surrender of Raliegh a peaceful one?
When did Grenville explore the southern sections of pamlico sound by boat?
July, 1585
what percent of the nation's lithium, does NC provide?
Johnston county is home to what historic Battleground?
What are North Carolina's distinct geographical divisions?
-Coastal Region-Piedmont-Mountains
Where did Christopher Columbus really land when he thought he was off the coast of India?
San Salvador
What did the Halifax reslove do?
suggest indendepence from england
When was Zebulon Vance first inaugurated as governor of North Carolina?
"Sept. 8, 1862"
In what year was Colonel Maurice Moore of South Carolina granted 1500 acres of land on the west bank of the Cape Fear River
What State were many of the early settlers from?
What is across from Roanoke Island?
the Manteo waterfront
In 1773 James Iredell married who’s sister?
Samuel Johnston
When was the first underground shaft at the Reed mine sunk?
in 1831
What slave escaped to freedom from Edenton in 1813?
Harriet Jacobs
When did seven of the eight Lord's Proprietors sell their land back to the Crown?
This city is named for Gen. Nathanial Green.
When did the Archaic indians exsist?
from 8,000-500 BC
What is the elevation of the mountians?
1500-6600 ft
When was Battleship North Carolina first launched?
june 13th, 1940
When did the Dukes move their tobacco buisness into Durham?
How long was the battle of alamance?
2 hours
How many of the regulators were taken prisoner at the battle of Alamance?
North Carolina is about _____ the way from the North Pole to the _________.
How many ships did Sir Humphry Gilbert sail in comand of on his first voyage?
What was Christopher Colombus' teroy on the shape of the earth?
it was round
In 1769 Halifax could boast of how many houses and public buildings?
nearly sixty
James Knox Polk was what number of president of the United States?
eleventh president
Who came to Edenton from his native England at the age of 17?
James Iredell
Roanoke Island’s celebrates its place in history as?
the birthplace of English-speaking America.
What port was Fort Anderson built to protect?
Port Wilmington
how was the Elizabeth 2 ship painted?
with bright colors.
Who did Iredell meet that was a lawyer, planter, and powerfull political figure in the colonies?
Samuel Johnston
What church in North Carolina was built in 1734?
St. Thomas Church
What was the first region settled in NC?
Albemarle Region
This man was NC Attorney General and was later nominated by Washington to the Supreme Court.
James Iredell
Who is the miko?
The chief politial and religious figure of the creeks
When did a major european settlement begin in the area?
in the 1750's
Whose command did Richard Caswell fight under at the battle of Alamance?
Royal Governor William tryon
Because of his support and promotion of the state's public school system, what has Charles Aycock become known as?
The "Educational Governor"
In what county is the Charles Brantley Aycock Birthplace located?
Wayne County
What was fort fisher made out of?
Earth and sand
Who was considered to be the most influential of all the regulator leaders?
Herman Husband
What was Johnston named to in 1773?
Committee of Correspondence
When is it believed native americans first came to north america?
12,000 years ago
Which governor did the 108 settlers settle under at Roanoke?
Gov. Ralph Lane
In what county is town creek indian mound located?
Montgomery County
What are the largest state universities in the Tidewater Region?
Elizabeth City State UniversityUniversity of NC at Wilmington
what is the birth place of english speaking america ?
Roanoke Island
When was Sir Walter Raleigh granted a patent or charter by Queen Elizabeth I?
March 25,1584
When did Creek Indians invade the Pee Dee River Valley?
c. 15th century
Where was the Secession Convention of 1861 held?
North Carolina State Capitol
What was the name of the dissenting opinion James Iredell wrote while serving on the Supreme Court?
Chisholm v. Georgia
The Creek Indian mound was built of earth brought in by the people in baskets from where?
the surrounding fields.
In what year was Vance elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to fill the unexpired term of T. L. Clingman?
in 1858
James Iredell served as what from 1779-1781?
Attorney General of NC
What group met in Halifax in 1776?
The Fourth Provincial Congress
who was Christopher Coloumbus?
a sea captian from italy who discovered the new world
To what city and country is john cabot native to?
Genoa, italy
Name the major towns in the Coastal Region.
TIDEWATER-->Washington, Elizabeth City, Edenton, New Bern, Beaufort, Wilmington, Southport, and Morehead CityINNER COASTAL-->Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Wilson, Rocky Mount, Greenville
Where were children placed ?
in pots made for this purpose
Who was hired as the pilot on Sir Walter Raleigh's first expedition?
Simon Fernandez
Raleigh peacefully surrendered to the Union forces when?
"on April 13, 1865 "
What Committee was Samuel Johnston named to?
"the Committee of Correspondence in 1773,"
Who purchased the House in the Horseshoe and what did he rename it?
"four-term governor and Revolutionary War hero Benjamin Williams and renamed it ""Retreat."" "
In 1763 the French and Indian War officially ended with the signing of what?
the Treaty of Paris.
What are NC's five largest cities from greatest to least?
Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem
WHat was Richard Caswell's first job?
A Deputy to the provinical surveyor
Which four state governors used the palace during the american revolutionary war?
Richard Caswell,Abner Nash, Alexander martin, and Richard Dobbs Speight
In the Creek Indian culture, who is the Miko?
Chief political and religious leader
The Elizabeth II is framed with?
treated yellow pine, and planked with juniper, also called Atlantic white cedar
The Horton Grove slave quarters housed how many people and what was the size?
"perhaps eighty men, women and children in its two-story, four-room houses. "
How were Creek Indian Children buried?
Children were often placed in large pots made especially for this purpose.
Who lived in Bath? (1 group, 4 famous people)
-French Huguenots-Proprietory Governor Charles Eden-Chief Justice Christopher Gale-John Lawson-Edward Teach (Blackbeard)
Members of the colonial assembly were elected from where?
Various precincts (counties) and from certain towns which had been granted representation.
Who was new bern settled by?
A group of swiss, Germans, English, and a group of french huguenots
Who and when did James Iredell Marry?
Samuel Johnston's sister Hannah in 1773
What is Elizibeth 2 framed with and planked with ?
treated yellow pine + juniper
The Busk ceremony, held in the latter part of July, was to celebrate what?
The ripening of the new corn.
Who owns the Historic Edenton State Historic Site?
It is one of North Carolina’s state-owned and operated historic sites.
What years did James Iredell Jr. serve in the North Carolina General Assembly?
in 1813 and again from 1816-1828.
Who were the four state governors to use Tryon Palace?
Richard Caswell, Abner Nash, Alexander Martin and Richard Dobbs Speight.
Is Iredell County situated in the sandhills section of the state?
"No, the piedmont section of the state."
What two mountain ranges are part of the Appalachian Chain in NC?
Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains
What two things in NC were named for Elisha Mitchell?
Mt. Mitchell and Mitchell County
What county is the Town Creek Indian Mound located in?
It is located in Montgomery County.
Whose house served as a conveinient negotion location for a peace treaty?
THe simple farmhouse of James and Nancy Bennett
What was the name of the scientist and artist on the 1585 expedition ?
Thomas Harriot and John White
Why did Christopher Columbus call the people he met in the New World "indians"?
because he thought he was in India
In the center of the Creek Indian temple was the fire pit. What is special about the fire pit?
the sacred fire was kept burning throughout the year.
What is at the Historic Edenton State Historic Site?
"The 1800/1827 James Iredell House and dependencies, the 1767 Chowan County Courthouse, and the Historic Edenton Visitor Center."
What University did James Knox Polk attend?
the university in Chapel Hill where he graduated with high honors in 1818.
Town Creek Indian Mound was selected as a site for what?
It was selected as their religious and political capital.
Where did the Creek Indians settle?
In the upper reaches of the Pee Dee River
What land was Sir Humphry Gilbert given under the Gilbert Patent?
the land bettween the artic and the spanish florida
What was the focal point of the Creek Indian ceremonial center?
The flat-top pyramid mound and its temple.
Who discovered a 17 lb. chunk of gold in 1799.
Conrad Reed (son of farmer John Reed)
What was the fort used by? by who?
It was used as a headquarters by Captian Hugh Wadell
Why was the Elizabeth an ideal choice as the basis of a tourist attraction?
With a small draft (the amount of the ship underwater) this mid-size ship would be able to work in the shallow waters around Roanoke Island, but would still have enough space on deck to accommodate a crowd of people.
When and where did Washington Duke build his family homestead?
1852 on a small farm in what is now Durham
"In the battle of the House in the Horseshoe, which side surrendered first?"
The Alston's - Mrs. Alston taking up a white towel ran out onto the front porch amid a hail of Tory shot.
What group of people were known as "The Seed Corn of the Confederacy"?
a group of boys no older than 16 or 17 within johnston's army
How many five gun batteries?
Where was Simon Fernandez from?
"Richard Bennehan, a transplanted Virginia merchant, used the plantation form of agriculture and was ranked among the region’s largest planters by what year?"
By 1800
The Bennehan-Cameron families North Carolina plantation holdings had approximately how many slaves to work the land?
900 slaves
Stagville was once owned by?
Paul Cameron
Sir Walter Raleigh’s second expedition voyage to Roanoke Island arrived when?
July 1585
What are Tunnes?
a measure of volume
When was the Bonner House built?
In what year was Rowan county divided?
The Coastal Region covers ____________ miles or about ______ of the state.
Inside the Creek Indian temple, what were along each wall?
Who was Fort Dobbs named for?
Arthur Dobbs
How many times was Zebulon Vance inaugurated as governor?
Historic Edenton State Historic Site includes who's house?
James Iredell
From 1692-1712, where did the governor of Carolina reside?
How many years did Gabriel Johnston serve as Royal Governor of NC?
In what county is Fort Dobbs located?
How many battle stars did Battleship North Carolina earn?
Who did President George Washington nominate to be an associate justice on the first U.S. Supreme Court?
James Iredell
At what battleground did Royal governor William Tryon lead about 1,000 NC millitia men into battle against 2,000 backcountry farmers known as Regulators?
Alamance Battleground
What country is North Carolina about the size of?
On what day did Christopher Columbus land off the coast of "India"? (mm/dd/yyyy)
What year did James Knox Polk die?
in 1849
Who was the first NC governor appointed?
Richard Caswell
Was the Elizabeth a small, mid-size or large ship for the time?
how many masts does the Elizabeth 2 have?
The Jamestown settlement was how many years after Roanoke Island?
twenty-three years
What year did the French and Indian War officially end?
Who was the North Carolina Governor from 1787-1789?
Samuel Johnston
What was King Charles II nickname?
The Merry Monarch
What states boarder NC?
Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina
When were the Hallifax Resolves signed?
April 12, 1776
What percent of NC do the mountians cover?
When was Battleship North Carolina commishioned?
April 9th, 1941
What percentage of NC does the coastal plain cover?
How many children did John and Amy harper have?
In what year did Governor Tryon move to the colony of new york?
What states border NC?
Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia
Where are state port facilities located?
Wilmington and Morehead
Where did Sir Humphry Gilbert land at the end of his first voyage?
Who selected the upper Pee Dee Valley as their religious and political capital?
Creek Indians
Who was the father of Zebulon Vance?
Captain David Vance
In what year did Harriet Jacobs escape from Edenton’s port?
in 1842.
How old was Conrad Reed when he stumbled on a shiny yellow rock and took it home to his father?
twelve-year-old boy
Richard Caswell was also an officer in the local militia and fought under the command of what Royal Governor?
William Tryon
How many slaves did it take the Collins family to run the Somerset Place plantation?
200 slaves
"During the Civil War, what Fort did the Union occupy before moving on to Wilmington?"
Fort Anderson
Why selected the site for Fort Dobbs?
Captain Hugh Waddell
What year was the North Carolina State Capitol completed?
in 1840
Who became the Governor of NC in 1754?
Arthur Dobbs
"When was Zebulon B. Vance, N.C's Civil War governor, born on the family farm in Reems Creek Valley in northern Buncombe County?"
"May 13, 1830"
How old was James Iredell when he came to the United States?
This pirate used Bath as a base of operations in the early 18th century.
Which colony was the first to instruct its delegates at the Continental Congress to vote for independence from Great Britain?
North Carolina
In what city did the Wright Brothers have a bicycle shop?
Dayton, OH
In what county is the Richard Caswell memorial located?
Lenoir County
Where did Sir Walter Raliegh's first expedition land?
The outer Banks
What is the highest sand dune in NC?
Jockey's ridge
What is the former name of Duke university?
Trinity College
Who was fort fisher named after?
Colonel Charles F. Fisher
how many kinds of minerals and rocks have some econimc value to the state
over 70
When did Grenville arrive at Roanoke Island?
July 29, 1585
In what county did Phillip Alston hold several political offices?
Cumberland county
Who is known as the founder of Harper's Ferry?
Jonh Harper
What are the names of the 3 major capes on the North Carolina coast?
What was used as a burial ground ?
ceremonial center
What were the three men that were approved by Queen Elizabeth I to capture Spanish treasure ships called?
the Privateers
The Creek Indians also used what as a burial ground?
Ceremonial Center
What fort was built over the ruins of Brunswick Town?
Fort Anderson
Who was the first Englishman to lead an expedition around the world?
Sir Francis Drake.
In the conch shell the priests mixed a tea brewed from leaves of the Youpon bush and believed by the Native Americans to purge evil from the body. What was this tea called?
"""black drink"""
"On the night of February 27, 1760, who attacked Fort Dobbs in the only direct attack ever attempted against the fort?"
some 60-70 Cherokees
What day of the week did Alston and his troops come through what is now Southern Pines where they met a man by the name of Kenneth Black leading Fanning's lame horse?
One Friday
What year was Vance elected colonel of the 26th Regiment of N.C. Troops?
"Sept. 20, 1861"
Who were the lord's proprietors?
Cooper, Berkley, W. Berkley, Carteret, Colleton, Craven, Hyde, and Monick
A person would be called this if they supported the ratification of the Constitution.
a Federalist
What is NC's chain of barrier islands called?
The Outer Banks
What are the years that Carolina was under the control of the Lords Proprietors?
1663 to 1729
In what county is the House in the Horseshoe located?
Moore county
What is the oldest public building in north carolina?
Chowan County Courthouse
by what creek did the Battle of Alamance take place?
Great Alamance Creek
Who were the two indians that the leaders of the First expedition brought back?
Manteo and Wanchese
how much of the stae is covered in forests?
about 2/3
Who were Washington Dukes three children?
Marry, Benjamin, and James Buchanan
What is the highest sand dune on the Atlantic Coast called?
Jockey's Ridge
what did the creek indians settle in the upper reaches of ?
pee dee river
What was Christopher Columbus' ships' names?
Pinta, Nina, and Santa Maria
What type of architecture is the North Carolina State Capitol?
Greek Revival civic architecture
When did the confederate troops evacuate Fort Anderson?
"The morning of February 19, 1865"
Thomas Cavendish was the second Englishman to do something. What was it?
lead an expedition around the world?
When did Zeb Vance pass the bar exam and obtain his license to practice law?
"In December, 1851"
What time of year did Arthur Dobbs arrive from Britain?
late in the year
What was the 17 lb. chunk of gold first used for after its discovery?
A door stop
What are general weather conditions influenced by?
Location, Altitude, Wind , and Precipitation
What was the Haper House used for during the Battle of Bentonville?
A Union Field Hospital
What are the two areas in the Coastal Region?
TidewaterInner Coastal Region
How did Halifax serve the revolutionary cause?
as a military recruiting center and supply depot and was the site of a publicly operated arms factory
Who was Virginia in honor of?(CLUE THEY WERE NOT IN THE NEW WORLD)
Queen Elizebeth I, "the virgin queen"
Who was John Lawson?
He was a naturalist and a founder of Bath and New Bern.
Beginning in 1795, UNC holds this distinction.
The first public university in America
When did a band of 60 or so cherokkee indians attack fort dobbs?
Feb. 27, 1760
On what day, month, date, and year did the battle of alamance take place?
Thursday, May 16, 1771
What year and where did the english speaking nation begin ?
In 1584 on roanoke island
"When Tryon left New Bern in June 1771, where did he move to?"
the royal colony of New York
Who owned the farm where the first documented discovery of gold was found?
on the farm of John Reed
in the 15th century what id the creek indians from the south invade?
the pee dee river valley
During the proprietary and royal periods, the council served in these two roles.
An advisory group to the governor as well as serving as the upper house of the legislature when the assembly was in session.
Where and When was Charles Aycock Born?
Present day Fremont in Wayne County, 1859
Hoe long did Governor Tryon and his family occupy Tryon palace?
only a little over a year
What was the person that lived in mikos house ?
the chief political and reliogious leader of the greeks ?
Name the Naturalist and a founder of Bath and New Bern?
"John Lawson, noted naturalist and a founder of Bath and New Bern"
children got put in a buried in wat?
a large pot made for this purpose
what was the design of the fort greatly influenced by?
The malakoff tower (a Crimean War fortification in sevastpol, Russia)
who were anne bonny and mary read?
women pirates who served in the crew of Captian "calico Jack" Rackham
Where were the adults buried and what were they wrapped in ?
in shallow pits and wrapped in blankets or mats
Under the Gilbert Patent what was Sir Humphry Gilbert to give Queen Elizabeth I in return for her signing the document?
one-fifth of all gold and silver found
What time did the Battle of Alamance start and end?
Started at noon and ended around 2 p.m.
The Busk ceremony began with four days of fasting followed by a ritual purification of the body performed how?
By scratching the body with a gar tooth comb and taking of the black drink to cleanse the inner being.
What was the inside of the temple like?
The were benches along the walls. On each wall a painted symbol designated where each clan would sit. There was a sacred conch shell on a small platform with other sacred items against the north wall. In the very center there was a fire pit, where the sacred fire would burn.
how were adults of the town creek indians buried?
 they were put in shallow pits and wrapped in blankets or mats
What year did Reed Gold Mine become a state historic site?
in 1971 when the historic mine acreage was donated by the Kelly family
Where was fort fisher built and what purpose did it serve?
It was built on the southern tip of federal point to protect New inlet
What was the black drink mixed in and what was it made of?
It was mixed in the sacred conch shell and was made from the leaves of the Youpon bush.
When was new bern settled?
Where was Christopher Columbus from?
North Carolina became the _________ state when the delegates voted to ratify the constitution at the second Constitutional Convention in 1789.
Kenneth Black was whose pilot?
David Fanning
What years were James Iredell alive?
Who wrote the Fundamental Constitutions as a model for the government of Carolina?
John Locke
When was raleigh surrendered?
April of 1865
North Carolina is the counrty's _______ largest state.
Who did Chowan County Courthouse donate their bell to during the Civil War?
the Confederacy
"Rice, the principle crop for several years, was later replaced by what?"
What did the backcountry farmers start calling themselves in 1768?
For the 1585 expedition, was the Elizabeth a small, mid-size or large ship in the fleet?
Simon Fernando had what position on the ships that left England in April of 1585?
What historic Courthose is on the grounds of HESHS(Historic Edenton State Historic Site)?
For how many years did Gabriel Johnston not get paid?
When was the original Carolina Charter granted?
What does "Carolus" mean?
Latin form of "Charles".
how many commisioned officers were on Battleship North Carolina
When was The chowan County Courthouse designated a historic landmark?
In what year did Royal governor William tryon come to NC?
what are tunnes the measure of ?
What year was James Knox Polk born?
in 1795
How large was the Bennehan-Cameron families North Carolina plantation holdings by 1860?
"almost 30,000 acres"
Where did Waddell's rangers go to protect the colonist?
the backcountry
"Where was the Constitutional Conventions of 1865, 1868, and 1875 held?"
North Carolina State Capitol
What town were the Union ships heading toward during the Civil War?
When was Bath considered a town?
1706 - 1707
Queen Elizabeth I was also called?
the Virgin Queen
Where is the first documented discovery of gold in the United States?
Reed Gold Mine
Who was the carolina's first permanent white settler?
Nathanial Batts
He was the first student at UNC.
Hinton James
Who was the Miko?
The chief political and religiousleader of the Creek indians.
The inner coastal plain is a prime agricultural reigon. True or false
In what county is historic stagville located?
Durham County
What was the name of north carolina's sister ship?
how many major battles were fought at fort fisher?
When did the construction of Elizibeth 2 began ?
July 1982
How long was Sir Humphry Gilbert's first voyage?
3 months
In the Creek Indian temple, against which wall was a small platform where the sacred conch shell was kept along with other religious articles.
the north wall
Directly in front of the Creek Indians mound, across a plaza, was who’s house?
Miko’s house
What year was the massive mule stable at Stagville erected?
in 1860
Fort Anderson was built over the ruins of what town?
Brunswick town
Because of Harriet Jacobs, what part of the Historic site is included in the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Trail?
Waterfront Colonial Park
What are NC's two large ports?
Wilmington and Morehead City
Gabriel Johnston made it easy for this ethnic group to acquire land so as to encourage settlement.
Highland Scots
Stockades were built around what Indian religious and political capital?
Town Creek Indian Mound.
When did N.C. seceed from the union?
May 20th, 1840
How much did John Reed sell the gold that he found for?
How many acres did stagville total by 1860?
30,000 acres
What does Piedmont mean?
at the foot of the mountian
When was tryon palace originally constructed?
between 1767 and 1770
what are the states largest national forests?
Pisgah and nantahala
When did General Joseph E. Johnston and General William T. Sherman meet under a flag of truce to discuss a peaceful solution to the tragic Civil war?
April 17th, 1865
What was on the walls in the temple that marked the seating arrangment of the clans ?
What years did sir walter railigh sponser roanoke island for the first temporary english settlement ?
1584 to 1587
When did Sir Humphry Gilbert set sail from England?
June 1583
"In 1780, who built their house on the Alamance Battleground?"
John Allen
What fort was was built over the ruins of Brunswick Town?
Fort Anderson
In what years was their a settlement on Roanoke Island?
1584 to 1587.
How big was Nathanial Batts' house?
2 story; 400 sq ft
What is the name of the largest sand dune in NC?
Jockey's Ridge
These were the three major language families that were represented in pre-Columbian North Carolina.
Iroquoian, Siouan, and Algonquian
In 1799, the discovery of gold took place on this farm.
The Reed Farm
When and where did Richard Caswell die?
Nov. 10,1789 in fayetteville
What kind of climate does North Carolina have?
A humid subtropical climate
What altitude does the Coastal Region cover?
Sea level to 500ft
Name North Carolina's seven major sounds.
Pamlico, Ablemarle, Bogue, Core, Croatan, Currituck, Roanoke
How was Sir Walter Raleigh related to Sir Humphrey Gilbert?
they were half-brothers
What was James and Hannah Iredell sons name?
"James Iredell, Jr. (1788-1853)"
Who did Josiah III inherit the Somerset Place plantation from?
"His grandfather, Josiah Collins I."
The State Capitol was used during the war for the manufacture of soldiers' accouterments and as a storage depot. Who was the Governor that led the state's massive wartime efforts?
Governor Zebulon B. Vance
"In referring to the ratification process in North Carolina, who wrote, “More than any other person, the credit must go to James Iredell.”?"
Noted North Carolina historian Dr. Thomas C. Parramore
Around 1739, these two counties ceased to exist.
Albemarle Co. and Bath Co.
Who were the appalacin mountians named after?
The Apalachee Native American group
Why did the Regulators organize?
to seek a better regulation of dishonest and corrupt government officials and more voice in the government
Where did the priest mix the black drink ?
In the counch shell
What was Edmund Fanning’s job?
Served as the register of deeds in Orange County.
After the ritual purification of the body during the Busk Ceremony, a new fire would be kindled and then what would happen?
All debts canceled, houses were cleaned and repaired, new clothes were made, and a fresh start was made on the new year.
How much did Tryon Palace cost to build?
15,000 pounds (equivalent to $75,000).
Name two things that Samuel Johnston was remembered for in our history.
named to the Committe of Correspondence, president of the Third and Forth NC Provincial Congress, NC Governer(1787-1789),US senate for NC(1789-1793), & Superior Court Judge
Waht historic buildings are featured on a tour in Bath?
The Palmer-Marsh House, the Van Der Verr House, and the Bonner House.
What is the nickname of the area off the coast of Morehead City?
Graveyard of the Atlantic
what was the site that the creek indians selected intended for?
their religious and politial capital
What is the elevation of the piedmont?
from 500-1500 ft above sea level
What does the fall line mark?
The boundary between the Coastal and Piedmont regions.
How long and wide is elizibeth 2 ?
69ft long and 17ft wide
What were five reasons Halifax became a focal point for the entire valley?
"Halifax was a river port, county seat, crossroads, social center, and a farmers' market"
What were the estimated Regulators killed in the Battle of Alamance?
Ranges from nine to one hundred with an undetermined number reported wounded
How many sailors and soldiers onboard the second expedition voyage of Sir Walter Raleigh?
500 to 600 sailors and soldiers onboard
Name the earliest North Carolina church still in continuous use and when was it built?
"St. Thomas Church, built in 1734, in Bath"
What book was based on and written by Harriet Jacobs?
Life of a Slave Girl
Why was Charleston favored over other settlements in Carolina in the late 1600's and early 1700's?
It's natural harbor and proximity to the West Indies (for trade)
When do archaeologists believe that Creek indians invaded the Pee Dee River Valley and where were they from?
They believe the indians were from the south and arrived at around the 15th century.
Who discovered the gold on the John Reed farm and when?
John Reed's son, Conrad in 1799
In the 15th century what did the creek indians from the south invade ?
the Pee Dee River valley
"In the visitor center of the Historic Edenton State Historic Site is an exhibit room, which features what?"
"an exhibit detailing the life of Harriet Ann Jacobs, writer, abolitionist, and educator."
The primary purpose of Sir Walter Raleigh’s second voyage expedition was to?
build a fort and to establish a military colony on Roanoke Island.
Why did Iredell come over to the US?
to assume the position of "Deputy Collecter of Revenue for the Port Of Roanoke"
What did the Tryon Palace first serve as?
a meeting place for colonial assembly and a residence for the royal governor
What did the new corn or busk ceromony celibrate ?
the ripening of the new corn
What is Ser Francis Drake credited for doing?
the first enlishman to travel around the world
The English would have used what kind of wood for the Elizabeth’s construction?
white oak (a hard sturdy wood) for most of the ship’s construction
during the busk cermoney there was everything happening for the new year name 3 items that would take place during this time?
they would drink a tea to clean their insides cuts them selves to clean their outsides and make fixes and reairs to the home to make the year better
Where in this historic site was the base for a major temple located?
On the western edge of the ceremonial center.
In 1498 how did Vasco Da Gama reach india?
by sailing around the tip of africa
How was the ritual of the perfection of the body performed ?
by scratching the body with a gar tooth comb and taking a black drink to cleanse the inner being
How much did John Reed want for his gold nugget and what was the real value of the gold nugget?
"a week's wage, $3.50. The jeweler took the nugget, melted it into a 17 pound ingot worth $3,600 in 1802."
How were children of the town creek indians buried?
they were put in large pots that were made especially for this purpose
Where and when was the town of Halifax founded?
The south bank of the roanoke river in 1760
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