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Terms Definitions
the Creator
protector god
military order
Indus Valley Natives
buddhism's founder/origins
Siddhartha Gautama
pleasure; forest hermit
true name
"sat nam"
the antidote to ignorance
the rode to enlightenment
illusion, perceived reality. (Hinduism)
belief in one god
A way of life
nectar of life (drink)
important part of Buddhist faith
displeasure at something considered unfair or offensive
Nomads from Central Asia (Pastoral)
remover of obstacles
lord of hosts
symbolizes fortune and wisdom
single spiritual power that Hindus believe live in everything
the goal of enlightenment in Hinduism
institution where festivals were held, and marriages were arranged (based on sub-caste)
An exceptional being who, following the Buddha's example, has spent many lifetimes searching for enlightenment.
Theravada Buddhism
"lesser vehicle" emphasizes historical Buddha and a conservative adherence to his earliest teachings.
How many husbands did Drapaudi have?
'knowledge' or 'wisdom' literary works written by Aryans
someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures
double bladed knife - symbolizes courage and male/female
eightfold path
1. Right Worldview or Right Understanding
2. Right Thought or Intention
3. Right speech
4. Right conduct or Right action
5. Right livelihood
6. Right effort (Joyful effort)
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right concentration
a continent that has collided with another to make 1
Caste/ Varna System
determined careers, marriage, social rules, based on religion, therefore more motivating to do right things (Hinduism)
Finding the middle way, freeing the mind from desire
a great epic of Hinduism. Characters are the ideal woman and man
What/ who is Brahma?
Main god of Hinduism
an individual souls or spirit born again until moksha is recieved
The Epics and Vedas
Sacred texts of hinduism
The Bhagavad Gita
"The Song of the Lord"
what is bodhi?
the buddha's first awakening. enlightment. attains nirvana, the extinction of desire. begins 45 year teaching career after that.
when the wife throws herself into the pyre of her husband
Caste System
An ancient system of social classes brought to India by the Aryans. You are born into your Caste (class) and cannot leave it until Reborn in the next life.
The middle class in the caste system- Peasants, traders (merchants)
the belief that every deed, mental or physical, in this life affects a person's soul or future lives, good or bad deeds
Hermit Stage
one who withdraws from society in search of Moksha; usually only men
Great Renunciation
leaves family behind and studies raja yoga under hindu teachings. almost dies from fasting and seeks a middle path between self denial and self indulgence. sits down for 49 days and is tempted by mara.
a payment to the groom family to get their daughter out of the house
The Four Noble Truths
Buddha's Philosophy. We all suffer because of our desires. The way to end our suffering is to stop desiring things. Follow The Eightfold Path.
gupta empire
was one of the largest political and military empires in the world
Ganges River
One of the most holy natural features of the Indian landscape for Hindus., Located in India, this river is considered sacred to Hindus and is used for spiritual cleansing, funeral rites, and other Hindu rituals.
warrior = atman = jiva = the outer self
Bhakti Yoga: The Vaishinavites
devotees of vishnu, the benevolent preserver. sustains the universe by appearing in human incarnations (avatars) when needed.
how have outsiders from central asia typically entered india?hinduism
Passes in the himalayas
Four Noble Truths
1) All life is full of suffering, pain, and sorrow. 2) The cause of suffering is nonvirtue, or negative deeds and mindsets such as hated and desire. 3) The only cure for suffering is to overcome nonvirture. 4) The way to overcome nonvirtue is to follow the Eightfold Path
Zen Buddhism addresses enlightenment
they beleive anyone is potentially a Buddha
They beleive that breathing is very important
It's direct and you can be enlightened
During what period of time did hinduism spread to southeast asia?
2nd to 8th century CE
Please describe the ritual of Puja.
The sacrifice of incense, flowers, ect, in the morning. BUT POOJA IS SACRIFICE
What is the literal interpretation of a guru?
"one who has removed darkness"
Who were the Aryans, and where did they arrive?
In ~2000BC Indo-European nomadic, warrior, group invaded India
the Bhagavad Gita teaches that we must learn to
detatch ourselves from our actions
REASON: people were leaving families behind
Which day of the week is sacred to hindus?
there is no sacred day
name 5 things most religions have in common:
the sanctification of time (calendars, special days), the sanctification of space (sacred areas/geography), the sanctification of language and literature, the sanctification of family and ancestors, the sanctification of religious organization
Importance of the modern conflict of Hinduism
they are being forced to convert to Islam so they are escaping to India
What is the meaning of "Right livelihood"?
If your intention is good and pure, and then something bad happens, it will still remain a good deed because your intentions were good.
Based on Ahimsa theory
Who is "Mara" what was the encounter with it?
Mara is the demon of death who tries to distract buddha
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