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to make normal.
Definition: variable
A data storage location
An acronym for Integrated Development Environment
Visual Basic .NET
Object-oriented programming language used to create Windows, Web, and command-line (console) applications.
The expression controlling the switch can be of any data type True-or-False
thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances:
The program that combines the object file with other machine code necessary for a C++ program to run
Definition: expression
a combination of explicit values, constants, variables, operators, and functions that are interpreted according to the particular rules of precedence and of association for a particular programming language, which computes and then produces (returns, in a stateful environment) another value.
What are declarators?
In short: identifiersvariable names, array names, pointer names, function names, etc.
An algorithm written in both English and program code.
The MANIPULATOR used to change the number of decimal places displayed
present but not visible, apparent, or actualized; existing as potential:
Character literal constant
One character enclosed in single quotation marks
Refers to the process of locating and removing any errors (bugs) in a program
Definition: lvalue
Lvalues are values that have addresses being programmatically accessible to the running program. They are variables or dereferenced references
A named memory location that stores a value.
A named memory location which stores a value that cannot be changed from its initial assignment.
String values can be changed, true or false?
pertaining to or using a rule or procedure that can be applied repeatedly.
Setprecision stream manipulator
The manipulator used to control the number of decimal places that appear when a floating-point number is
What is storage duration?
The portion of program execution during which storage for the variable exists.
Click event procedure
A procedure that executes in response to a mouse Click event
4. The concept of open office planning originated in the early 1960's in which country?
a. France
b. Germany
c. Italy
d. United States
b. Germany
What is managed code?
Managed code is a differentiation created by Microsoft to identify computer program code that requires and will only execute under the "management" of a Common Language Runtime virtual machine (resulting in Bytecode).
What is the difference between parameters and arguments?
Parameters appear in function definitions. They are dummy names for the values passed in the function call.Arguments are expressions that appear in function calls.Arguments supply parameters their value.
Solution Explorer window
Used to switch between the Design and Code windows.
A finalize method:
is called just before an object is destroyed by the garbage collector
What is the comma operator?
expr1, expr2expr1 is evaluated and its result is dicarded. Then expr2 is evaluated and its value and type is returned.
What is the conversion specifier for reading/writing an unsigned decimal? unsigned octal? unsigned hex?What if we want the short or long versions?
decimal: %uoctal: %ohex: %xshort: %h[u,o,x,d]long: %l[u,o,x,d]
Define economy as a design problem
Money: initial cost, operating costs, and life cycle costs
What is a protected class?
Protected allows the class itself and all its subclasses to access the member.
What determines an extern variables scope?
The placement of its declaration. Inside a block means block scope, otherwise file scope.
5. Behavioural mapping is best defined as which of the following?
a. the method by which the designer programs his/her work
b. a method of observing how space is used
c. the psychographics of the client
d. the method of quantifying human behaviour
c. the psychographics of the client
How does output buffering work?
Data to be stored is written to a buffer. When the buffer is full or the stream is closed, the buffer is flushed (written to device).
What is the difference between return and exit?
Exit can be called from any function
What conversion happens in an assignment statement?
If the rvalue type is different from the lvalue type, the rvalue type is converted to the lvalue type
Define the three components of Flexibility as a programmatic concept.
1. Expandability - how a space can accommodate growth2. Convertibility - how a space can allow for changes in function through conversion of spaces3. Versatility - provide for several different activities with multifunctional spaces
What does the volatile type qualifer indicate?
It tells the compiler that the value of the variable may change at any time--without any action being taken by the code the compiler finds nearby. This has implications especially when dealing with compiler optimization
How do you protect a header file from being included multiple times?
Enclose its contents in a #ifndef-#endif block. For example: a header file named stack.h:#ifndef STACK_H#define STACK_Hstuff#endif
What does scanf do when it encounters a whitespace character?
One whitespace character in the format string will match any number of whitespace characters in the input
How many times can you call a constructor?
One for each instantiation of its object type
What does putting extern in front of a variable do?
Indicates to the compiler that the variable is defined somewhere else in the program, and space should not be allocated for it.
What happens when an array is passed to a function?
The function is given a pointer to the first element of the array.
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