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Terms Definitions
very slowly
Broken consort
anonymous dance, medieval
Philomel, Section I
Alexander Scriabin
Vers la flame.
Simply explain verismo opera
Twenty Flight Rock
Eddie Cochran
spanish origin, triple meter, slow
who cataloged for Haydn
Hoboken (H.O)
- the leading African-American tradition in the 1960s that applied intense expression, melismas, and ecstatic vocalizations of gospel singing to songs on love, sex, and other secular subjects.
refrain- distinctive musical phrase that comes at the beginning of the aria and returns frequently thereafter
Josquin des Prez
1440-1521Great Franco/Netherland Composer. wrote Parody/Paraphrase masses. Wrote more motets than masses. Used a lot of word/text-painting
Who is known as Optimus organista?
group of five Russian nationalists, "Mighty Five"
(German "utilitarian music" of "music for use") Term from the 1920s
to describe music that was socially relevant and useful, especially music for amateurs,
children, or workers to play or sing
This composer created the first complete musical setting of the Mass Ordinary.
Program Symphony
a symphony with a program
hundred years war
1337-1453; france vs england
the lirturgical book containing the texts of the Divine Office
One of the 13th-/14th-century French 'formes fixes,' with the specific formal design [ABbaA]. Although this overall design is the same as the Italian ballata, virelais are usually sung monophonically while ballatas are polyphonic, and there are differences in language, harmonic/rhythmic approach, poetic function/labels, etc.
imitative counterpoint
type of polyphonic texture, melodic voices enter one after another on different pitches
the subject repeats in another key, often the dominant. This restatement is called the answer. A real answer has the exact intervallic relationship between its pitches as the original subject. A tonal answer may have some similar but slightly different intervals to maintain a particular sense of tonality. The answer recurs in alternation voices until all voices are introduced.
Piano Sonata No. 13/1st Movement
Beethoven, 1800, andante-allegro-andante, does NOT follow traditional sonata pattern
Stravinsky, opera where a puppet is brought to life by a musician in which interruptions and juxtapositions of blocks of music is linked to the visual juxtapositions of ballet
Thomas Morley
important in music publication and printing.
Ondes Martenot
-another new instrument invented by Maurice Martenot in 1928.
major/minor. each note in a specific key played consecutively
multiple stops
playing two or more notes simultaneously
How many piano sonatas did Beethoven write
Who revolutionized dance venues by using music to create a meditative environment, rather than a vehicle for selling alcohol?
David Mancuso
Organum purum
tenor sings orginal plainchant in long duration while vox organis rhapsodically sings melismatic phrases on top of it. Alleuia Pascha Nostrum by Leonin and others
a song of praise, sung in stanzas
Dufy - "Ave maris stella"
Locrian mode
scale in which half steps occur between notes 1-2 and 4-5, as if playing all white keys from B to B
Medieval circle or line dance, or the MONOPHONIC song that accompanied it
classical style
musical idom of the 18th century characterized by an emphasis on melody over light accompaniment.
Cool Jazz
pioneered by Miles Davis, modal scales and panmodality common, improvised polyphony built around a mode
This composer flourished around 1180 and wrote two-voice organa
Who is Leonin
Jean Calvin
He started the Calvinist Church. He rejected papal authority and embraced justification through faith alone. The difference was he believed some people are predestined for salvation while others are for damnation. He believed that his followers should spread the belief of calvinism constantly.
A musical work setting the texts of the ORDINARY of the Mass, typically KYRIE, GLORIA, CREDO, SANCTUS, and AGNUS DEI.
What blues style are Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughn associated with?
Texas Blues
Which artist became the first Western Movie star by battling the Phantom Empire from his horse and singing songs like "That silver haired Daddy of Mine"?
Gene Autry
in an opera or music drama, a motive, theme, or musical idea associated with a person, thing, mood, or idea, which returns in original or altered form throughout
Orchestral song cycle
SAME AS SONG CYCLE, JUST W/ ORCHESTRA...any of several groups of songs written by composers during and after the Romantic period, each series employing texts, usually by one poet, relating a story or grouped around a central motif
male voice that can sing in the female alto or soprano range
Developing Variation
varying repeats of the music so that are are no two identical passages; trend made famous by Brahms
Dies irae
"day with wrath" a section of the Requiem Mass
parallel organum
an organum where all the voices move in lockstep up or down with the intervals between the voices staying the same - basic form with 2 parts
17. Which teen idol came from a television series and became the 4th best selling artist of the period from 1955 to 1959?
Ricky Nelson
Renaissance compositional devices (Mass names)
Modes (missa quinti toni), Opening notes (Missa mi-mi), Structural composition feature (missa prolationum), sung in any mode (Missa cuiusvis toni)
da capo aria
a terenary or A-B-A form that brings back the first section with embellishments improvised by the solist.
Tomas Luis de Victoria
the most illustrious exponent of the roman polyphonic style after palestrina. The greatest Spanish composer in the Renaissance
Double verse structure
each musical phrase is sung twice to accommodate a pair of verses- exemplifies antiphonal singing
What is Greenwich Village?
A neighborhood in lower New York City
Surviving Bronze Age (4th millennium b.c) metal instruments include...
bells, cymbals, rattles, and horns. Stone carvings show plucked stringed instruments.
Which of these statements is true?
a) Women performed in all spheres of Greek musical performance.
b) Women could perform virtuosic recitals but could not compete
c) Women could perform only at temples devoted to goddesses
d) Women performed only within t
b. Women could perform virtuosic
Major Seventh Chord
A four note chord made up of a major triad and the interval of a major 7th
What 3 types of form are included in the Squarcialupi Codex?
madrigal-Generally aab caccia-One voice chases other in rata (canon)ballata- AbbaA
What was the state of music notation in ancient greece?
Music notation existed, but the culture relied on memory and improvisation
What was a court chapel, and how did they involve musicians?
groups of salaried musicians and clerics that were associated with a ruler rather than with a particular building.
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