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IP address
Terms Definitions
admin distance for RIP
_________ topology comprises of cables, workstations and peripheral devices which are combined to form the network.
Uses public key encryption to authenitcate keying material.
How are routes summarized in RIPv2?
The saved configuration is firstly searched in NVRAM location. A file called ____________ is saved here by the administrator in which he had stored all the configurations to startup.
List the layers in OSI model
-application-presentation-session-transport-network-data link-physical
______ is used in switching topologies to provide a loop free path in the network.
Issuing the ________________ command in the global mode takes us to the OSPF configuration mode.
router ospf process-id
A _____________ is a temporary virtual circuit connection and is set up only when the user needs to transport data.
___________ packets send updates to neighboring routers connected to a inter network. They are supported by RIP,EIGRP, and OSPF routing protocols.
Route Update
Ethernet was defined by the IEEE ______ specification.
This command displays the configuration that is to be loaded after the router or the switch is rebooted.The examples illustrated below
show startup- config
Process that sends information out all ports, wth the exception of the port on which the information was received.
CISCO IOS COMMANDS /What command displays recently entered commands?
show history
What is the default capsulation on a Cisco serial port?
2000::/3 is the ____________ address allocation
aggregatable global unicast
These protocols have features of both distance vector and link state protocols.
Hybrid Protocols
Which command reveals the last method used to power cycle a router?
show version
The process of ________ is that when the frame reaches the switch, and the source and destination MAC addresses are present on the same interface, it does not send that frame on to any other ports.
____ is used as a delimiting character to inform the IOS the beginning and the end of the banner.
In a Frame Relay point to point subinterface, ______ subnet(s) is mapped per DLCI
Fast-forwarding switching
Switching that offers the lowest level of latency by immediately forawrding a packet after receiving the destination address.
CISCO IOS COMMANDS / What command allows the configuration of a message that will be displayed at the time of the login process?
banner login
What command will configure your router to allow it to connect to a DNS sever to perform mane resolution?
Router(config)#ip name-server
On the basis of __________ EIGRP chooses the best possible routes to a network these routes form the IP routing table.
IP routing table
What numbers are reserved for Standard Access lists?
1-99 and 1300-1999
If the destination for the packet is on an external network, what is needed to deliver the packet?
A router
What is the name of the Control Information on the Data Link OSI Layer?
Frame Bit
___ is a device which listens to all traffic that is coming in to be able to identify the attack. It is inline with the traffic path on a network. It works with firewall. Together they modify the rule templates to block traffic from the address or address
Which one of the binary number ranges shown below corresponds to the value of the firstoctet in Class B address range?A. 10000000-11101111B. 11000000-11101111C. 10000000-10111111D. 10000000-11111111E. 11000000-10111111
Answer: C
CISCO IOS COMMANDS / What command displays only the dynamically learned MAC addresses in the table?
show mac-address-table dynamic
What is a circuit-switched WAN?
Uses both modems connected to asynchronous interfaces and ISDN technologies.
You establish a circuit between two sites using a telephone company
We can check the type of interface (whether it is DTE or DCE) with the help of the _______________ command.
show controllers serial
What is the first ocet decimal range for a Class D IP address?
224 - 239
Maximum cable length for a 100-Base-FX cable
400 m (1312.3 ft)
CISCO IOS COMMANDS / What command generates the RSA key pairs that are to be used?
crypto key generate rsa
What is the range of a class C subnet? -
What is the fundamental difference between a bridge and a switch?
Bridges process frames in software whereas switches process frames in hardware.
What command do you use to determine the type of cable attached to the Serial 0/0 interface on a router?
show controllers serial 0/0
What is the command to set a password so all switches on your VTP domain have to have the password to join?
switch(config)#vtp password cisco
Definition and mitigation steps for Availability
keeping your data, hosts, and services svailable for their intedned purposes
use rate limiting to stop an excessive flow of traffic and install teh latest patches
What are the two locations that can be configured as a source for the IOS image in the boot system command?
flash memory, TFTP server
What are the possible symptoms if the interface is up and the line protocol is down?
Encapsulation mismatch, lack of clocking on serial interfaces, missing keepalives
How does a IPSec VPN work?
Uses a suite of IP security protocols to proide a means of securing TCP/IP communication.
What are the two parts of an IP address?
Host address and network address
In RSTP what is a backup port?
it will become the designated port if the primary desg fails.
What is the first bit of a Class A ip?
first bit is always 0
What does the ip domain-lookup command do?
forces cisco router to look for a DNS server inorder to resolve anything it gets on the CLI
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