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the newest filter/separator modification requires how many cartridges total for a 600 gpm filter/separator?
Patients breathing adequately are placed in what position?
what heat-treating procedure should you perform to improve machinability in titanium alloys
Promoting the health, safety, and morale of Air Force people is best described as a part of the USAF Medical Service’s
Enrollment information from DEERS is sent to the MTF at least
Passive rewarming involves
simply covering the patient.
What is the difference between materiel placed in the serviceable-identified area, and materialplaced in the serviceable-and reparable-not identified area?
Spots that are deep-seated, malpositioned, sebaceous skin glands appearing as umerous white or yellowish clusters, describe?
-fordyce granules
-nicotinic stomatitis
fordyce granules
emergency stop switches are painted what color?
To ensure communications security responsible officers (CRO) are complying with applicable directives and accounting for the communications security (COMSEC) material under their control, the COMSEC manager is required to inspect their accounts at least:a
c. semi-annually.
Pressure breathing
Which cause of hyperventilation is characterized by the reversing of your breathing cycle?
What is the body’s most necessary nutrient?
How many general goals have been established to help reach the USAF Medical Service vision?
2.2 lbs
When converting pounds to kilograms, one kilogram is equal to how many pounds?
For members possessing 4T profiles, the AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report, must be reviewed every
30 days.
The measurement expressed in Hz refers to what principle of sound?
What type of pulmonary disorder is frequently discovered through collecting sputum cultures?
What on-line program allows UTMs to check CDC enrollment data at AFIADL?
Your D18 contains a current status code of BQ in the CST column; what does this indicate?
When conducting an interview, communicate on a level which
Promotes mutual respect
how many R-14 fuel servicing modules does each air transportable hydrant refueling system contain?
how many hydrant outlets are normally found for each 302AF valve?
the part of the civil engineer occupation badge that represents the essence of engineering applying scientific principles and technology to practical ends is the
during the heat treating process, when the part has a sudden liberation of heat without a drop in temp its called
The axis that extends lengthwise through the fuselage from the nose to the tail is thea. lateral.b. vertical.c. horizontal.d. longitudinal.
d. longitudinal.
5.which of the following is used as the cover folder for an individual's training records?
a.specialty training standard field education and training plan form 623, individual training record imt 623a, on-the-job training record
What is the first step when preparing objects for sterilization?
The term used to describe the joining of two or more bones is
For what type of patients are rectal temperatures contraindicated?
What type of tissue can change its shape?
Prior to insertion of a central veneous pressure line to decrease the change of an air embolism, the patient is taught the
Valsalva maneuver.
When you ask a medical patient what has triggered his or her pain, you are questioning about
What action would you take when recovering a postoperative patient who is hypoxic due to respiratory depression from the anesthetic agent?
Administer oxygen.
An acceptable alternative to an anteroom for an isolation patient is what?
An isolation cart.
Peak expiratory flow maesurement is referred to as what?
Expiratory reserve volume
What is any knowing, willful, or negligent action that could reasonably be expected to result in an unauthorized disclosure of classified information?
A. Sanction
B. Violation
C. Infraction
D. Compromise
B. Violation
What element of deployed maintenance management assists in coordinating the transfer of UTC assests and Readiness Supply Packages?
Deployed Materiel Control
What 4 character CAMS code identifies the category of training or type of course?
Course prefix
how many leads does a single voltage three phase motor require?
when deactivating a floating roof tank, where would you store the drain line?
inside the tank
at what percent of system deadhead pressure will pipelines be tested during the hydrostatic test?
150 percent
when do magnetic lines of force cross eachother?
at what pressure does the 58AF-9 BPCV modulate open when the system is pressurized?
how many DPTs are piped into the return venturi on a 2400 gpm type 3 system?
when using sand for abrasive blasting operations on sheet metal, ensure the material is thicker than
0.0625 in
if you suspect that the beryllium copper alloy has been incorrectly solution treated, you should
anneal it
Whenever communications security (COMSEC) material needs to be replaced or amended immediately, who develops the original messages for COMSEC accounts by urgent electronic message?
a. National Security Agency (NSA).
b. Cryptologic systems group (CSGP).
b. Cryptologic systems group (CSGP).
The boiling point of liquid oxygen (LOX) isa. –183°C.b. –183°F.c. –297°C.d. –297°F.
d. –297°F.
Which of the following is not a type of transmission-based precaution?
The presence of stones in a kidney is known as
What grade of a decubitus ulcer has penetrated down to the muscle causing distortion and loss of body fluids?
Grade III
The body responsible for determining if a member's physical defect or condition renders the memer unfit for duty is the
Physical Evaluation Board (PEB)
During what stage of life do people often look back at the goals they have accompllished so far?
Middle adulthood
Commanders and staff agency chiefs take what type of program to protect the rights of the government and persons directly affected by Air Force actions?
A. Strong senior leaders
B. Monthly destruction efforts
C. Records management program
D. Efficient
C. Records management program
Pollution control consists of which three activities?
A)Recycling, treatment, and disposal
B)Storage, acquisition, and recycling
C)Prevention, purchase, and participation
D)Reduction, recycling, and disintegration

A)Recycling, treatment, and disposal
Who completes the AF Fm 898, field training requirements scheduling document?
Training Detachment
what set of contacts keeps the holding coil energized after the start button has been released?
auxiliary contacts
during tank cleaning, how often must vapor reading be taken?
every 15 minutes
when you adjust the 302AF fueling and defueling valve, at what rate do you set the CV flow control?
20 seconds
this law explains the movement of a jet
third law
what is the min number of saw band teeth that should be in contact with the workpiece at all times
Inspection workcards are known as
a) abbreviated TO
b) technical manuals
c) routine action
d) immediate action
a) abbreviated TO
How many Air Force TO catalogs are there?a. One.b. Two.c. Three.d. Four.
a. One.
The type of fuel control that uses items such as thermocouples, relays, amplifiers, andsolenoids, to help control the engine isa. pneumatic.b. fuel injection.c. hydromechanical.d. electrohydromechanical.
d. electrohydromechanical.
Weak pulse
Which of the following is a symptom of cardiac tamponade?
The slowest possible flow rate per hour you may set for an intraveneous (IV) solution is
10 to 50 cc.
What is the key to helping defuse a suicide attempt?
Personal interaction.
What are some sources of protein?
Meat, fish, eggs, some cereals.
Which type of personal information can be given to the third parties without the individuals consent?
A. Marital status
B. Home of record
C. Past duty assignments
D. Gross salary of military personnel
C. Past duty assignments
When operating the lavatory service truck (LST), how will you know when the waste tank is full?
A)Open the tank and look inside
B)Look through the sight window
C)Wait until the flow meter zeroes out
D)Look at the gauge in the control panel

B)Look through the sight window
what is the maximum tow speed for the RURK trailer on dirt or gravel roads?
25 mph
what is the name of the clear cut line between two immicible liquids?
which law of motion proves a pressure gauge bourdon tube exerts an equal amount of pressure as the liquid it contains exerts?
the third law
what afi contains detailed procedures on blocking and tagging electrical circuits?
afi 36-1064 electrical safe practices
to keep your t square from warping, you should
lay it flat
Matter is any substance that has mass anda. can be seen.b. occupies space.c. has constant volume.d. cannot be compressed.
b. occupies space.
A change to the CFETP
A change to the mandated guidance pertaining to the six-part folder can only be changed by
Which factors determine the technique you will use to move the patient up in bed?
Size and capabilities of the patient.
When administerin eye medications, you should ensure the patient's treated eye is lower than the other. This will aid in
preventing the solution from running into the patient's unaffected eye.
What are the signs and sypmtoms associated with sodium excess?
Similare to dehydration...thirst, dry mucus membranes, oliguria, hyperthermia, dry tongue, lethargy
A primary sign of a vitamin E overdose is readily seen thorugh what disease process?
Increased clotting times
The specialty training standard (STS) is part of the
Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP)
Another data structure name for network that is similar to a tree structure is called a...
a. plex
b. view
c. model
d. schema
Another data structure name for network that is similar to a tree structure is called a...
a. plex
You are helping a customer determine if he and his family are eligible for Department of Defense (DOD) air travel.  In which publication would you look?
A)DOD 4515.13-R, Air Transportation Eligibility
B)DOD 4500.54-M, Foreign Clearance Manual (FCM)

A)DOD 4515.13-R, Air Transportation Eligibility
how is major maintenance performed on a meter?
by contract with the manufacturer.
what is the type 2 hydrant system also known as?
the Pritchard system.
during initial cleaning, at what vapor reading must you temporarily suspend washing down the tank?
50 percent LEL or higher.
during the heat treating of low alloy steel, upon slow cooling to the Ar1 point, transformation occurs
at 1333 degres f
What is known as a state-of-the-art ground-to-ground communications infrastructure?
a. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS).
b. Combat integrated systems.
c. Theater deployable communications (TDC).
d. Integrated communications access package (ICAP).
c. Theater deployable communications (TDC).
The three design types of turbines used in jet engines area. shrouded, unshrouded, and fir tree.b. shrouded, unshrouded, and corrugated.c. impulse, reaction, and reaction-impulse.d. impeller, impulse, and reaction-impulse.
c. impulse, reaction, and reaction-impulse.
Anterior lobe and the posterior lobe
The pituitary gland is divided into two sections called the
Which of the following is not a Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) recommended disposition?
Forward to Medical Evaluation Board.
Where are medications usually added to the IV container?
In the pharmacy or nursing unit
What manpower documents identify AFSCs assigned to the work center?
Unit Manning Document (UMD) and Unit Personnel Manpower Roster (UPMR)
You are load planning cargo for a Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) aircraft and want to look up the aircraft specifications to safely plan the load.  In which publication series would you look to find the information?
A)Air Force Instruction (AFI) 24-101
D)Air Mobility Command Pamphlet (AMCPAM)24-2
which law would be used to determine the force necessary to move fuel through a pipe at specific velocity?
the second law of motion
when a unit level publication conflicts with one of its own publications what is the protocol?
follow the publication with the most current date
what form is used for shop equipment that requires only a prior to use inspection and is repairable but in an unserviceable conditon
DD Form 1577-2 (green tag)
The inner and outer surfaces of an annular-type combustion chamber are formed bya. interlocking stainless steel bands.b. the inner and outer diffuser case.c. a forged steel casing.d. solid sheet metal.
a. interlocking stainless steel bands.
Director, USAF Medical Readiness and Nursing Services
Who directly serves as an advisor and principal to consultant to the AF Surgeon General on all matters pertaining to the nurse corps?
(218) What is the primary treatment used to prevent or delay diabetic neuropathy?
To bring the blood glucose levels within normal range.
A neurologic check is performed at regular intervals on pt's who may have what condition?
A head injury or other neurological problem
When should you establish a formal paper vision requirement for publications?
a. Mission-related need only.
b. Access to an official electronic source of publications.
c. Mission-related need and access to an official electronic source of publicati
When should you establish a formal paper vision requirement for publications?
a. Mission-related need only.
What do Air Force personnel use JCALS for currently?
To manage, acquire, improve, publish, stock, and distribute paper and digital TOs.
you have finished downloading pallets onto the finger docks.  Which is the best way to exit the dock?
A)Jump off the edge
B)Ride the rollers to the end with the pallets

C)Use the ladder located at the end of the dock

D)Step onto the k-loader and

C)Use the ladder located at the end of the dock
what is the characteristic of a permit required confined space?
immediately dangerous to life or health, potential for or has contained a hazardous atmosphere
Often, what is the result of communications having to pass through many organizational levels?
It often causes a delay in communications and creates chances for distortion of the original message.
covering the draving board with vinyl or heavy paper
helps keep the table from being damaged
What action is necessary to clear an erroneous red diagonal symbol?a. Erase the incorrect symbol and replace with correct symbol.b. An authorized individual will sign the “INSPECTED BY” block and initial over the symbol.c. Place the statement “Symbo
d. Place the statement “Symbol entered in error,” in the discrepancy block and sign the
For what type of patient is a rapid trauma assessment performed and what is looked at?
Patient with a significant mechanism of injury & the area of the body where the greatest threats to the patient are.
What are the three steps used to disentangle pt's from a wrecked car?
remove roof, remove door, remove front of car
When you mail classified material, address containers to the...
A. Unit Top Secret control office
B.  office that is to take action on it
C. base information security program manager
 D. specific person identified as the point of contact
B. office that is to take action on it
The cell membrane is that part of the cell that functions to?
Govern which nutrients and materials are taken into the cell.
explain how to free a stuck lubricated plug valve.
use penetrating oil to dissolve and free the hardened lubricant.
If a BPO inspection is not required, the thruflight is normally performed
a) prior to an aircraft going on alert and again before a flight after completion of the alert period
b) after flgihts when a turn-around sortie or a continuation flight is schedul
b) after flgihts when a turn-around sortie or a continuation flight is scheduled
What do you do with the original AF Form 1042 after it is completeded?
File it in the individual's health record.
Which of the following are ways we manage information in support of information resources management?
a. Storage and privacy.
b. Security and privacy.
c. Storage and disposition.
d. Security and disposition.
Which of the following are ways we manage information in support of information resources management?
b. Security and privacy.
What criteria are used to consider the submission of an AF Form 22 ineligible?
The AF Form 22 merely calls attention to a word or omission, or typographical or printing errors, thatwould normally be corrected during scheduled reviews and do not cause misinterpretation, identifies othernon-critical errors in a TO and/or suggests minor word changes to technical data, unless the suggestorspecifically describes the problems that will be prevented and/or gives examples of prior problems.
what is used to seal the floor where the issue line enters the hydrant pit in a type 3 system? How is this device secured?
a buna-n boot. By stainless steel clamps that are connected to a metal collar that is welded to the pipe riser and to a flange where the pipe penetrates the pit floor.
Which one of these statements is true regarding subcutaneouse injections?
Only small amounts of a drug may be administered.
list the probable cause of a 50AF-2 to pulsate.
air being in the main valve cover chamber
Which mail class is for use only by authorized publishers and registered news agents?
a. Priority
b. First class
c. Periodical
d. Standard mail
Which mail class is for use only by authorized publishers and registered news agents?
c. Periodical
What is the first step you must take when either installing or removing an electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) device?a. Ground the ESDS device.b. Check the relative humidity level.c. Disconnect the circuit from the device.d. Turn the power switch to
d. Turn the power switch to the off position.
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