CDC 2EX5X Volume URE 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
82. Which electronic counter measurement represents the average bit-to-bit time of an input signal?
a.) Period
b.) Scaling
c.) Frequency
d.) Time interval
a.) Period
72)What associated sensor system allows the Predator UAV to image targets through clouds, camouflage netting, and other non-metallic coverings?
a) Infrared
b) Electro-Optical
c) Rotating radar dome
d) Synthetic aperture radar
b) Electro-Optical
15. What assigned maintenance responsibility provides an experienced managerial and technical perspective to the maintenance activity by advising and assisting the Chief of Maintenance?
a.) Branch Chief
b.) Unit Commander
c.) Maintenance Supervisor
d.) Maintenance Superintendant 
11)For transportable equipment, how deep should a grounding rod be driven when attaching a splice connection for lightning protction?
a) 1 foot
b) 3 feet
c) 5 feet
d) 7 feet
b) 3 feet
49)What deployment phase involves the actual movement of troops, cargo, weapons systems, or a combination of these elements?
a) Readiness
b) Predeployment
c) Deployment
d) Employment
c) Deployment
46. What level of maintenance has skills and materiel resources not available at the operating location, but not to the extent of those available at technology repair centers?
a.) Organizational
b.) Intermediate
c.) Laboratory
d.) Depot
b.) Intermediate
32. What maintenance staff function validates use of effective training programs, proven maintenance techniques, safety procedures, supply discipline, security procedures, and good housekeeping standards?
a.) Materiel Control
b.) Quality Assurance
b.) Quality Assurance
6.) How many Senior Master Sergeant 9-level positions are in the Communications-Electronics career progression ladder?
a.) One
b.) Three
c.) Two
d.) Four
c.) Two
28. What logarithmic expression do we use to specify the ratio of power loss in fiber optic cables?
a.) dB/nm
b.) dB/km
c.) dB/cm
d.) dB/m
b.) dB/km
2.) What purpose of modulation prevents interference when sharing the same communications path?
a.) Spectrum conservation
b.) Channel allocation
c.) Ease of radiation
d.) Companding
b.) Channel allocation
57. Which digital storage oscilloscope button controls all waveforms displayed in the STORE mode?
a.) CURSORS control
b.) MEMORY control
c.) SELECT C1/C2 switch
d.) SAVE/CONTINUE switch
a.) CURSORS control
33)What power line fault category is symptomatic of a total loss of utility power?
a) Sag
b) Spike
c) Noise
d) Blackout
d) Blackout
62)What lead palnning document provides specific instructions to include call signs, targets, sorties, controlling agencies, etc., as well as general instructions?
a) Operaional Plan
b) Air Tasking Order
c) Air Order of Battle
d) AEF Reporting Too
b) Air Tasking Order
63)What AOC communications support team contains personnel with specific working knowledge of the AOC mission, oversee site operations, and provide direct C4I system and communications support to the AOC?
a) C2 Systems
b) AOC Networks
c) Communicat
c) Communications Focal Point
69)What aircraft supports theater and national level consumers with near real time on-scene intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination capabilities?
a) Rivet Joint
b) Airborne Warning and Control System
c) Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehic
a) Rivet Joint
4.) What type of Air Force Specialty Code is for use by the Air Force Personnel Center for assignment and training purposes?
a.) Duty
b.) Control
c.) Primary
d.) Alternate
 b.) Control
26. When considering light wave propagation, the normal is an imaginery line perpendicular to the interface of two materials. The angle between the normal in the first material and the ray that is bounced back in the first material is called the
a.) a
c.) angle of reflection
90. How is the signal loss represented in an optical time domain reflectometer display?
a.) Watts
b.) Power
c.) Candles
d.) Decibels
d.) Decibels
86. Which push-button(s) would you select to get 125Ω impedance on the time domain reflectometer?
a.) None
b.) 75Ω only
c.) 125Ω only
d.) 50Ω and 75Ω
d.) 50Ω and 75Ω
54. What area of a digital storage oscilloscope takes digitized samples and performs numerous manipulations on the data including measuring rise and fall times, periods, time intervals, and math computations?
a.) Microprocessors
b.) Acquisition
c.) Mem
a.) Microprocessors
49. Which oscilloscope probe is essentially just a shielded piece of wire?
a.) Current probe
b.) Passive 1:1 probe
c.) Passive divider, 1:10 probe
d.) Active field effect transistor probe
b.) Passive 1:1 probe
13. What part of the pulse code modulation process converts a continuous time signal into a discrete time signal?
a.) Sampling
b.) Rectifying
c.) Oscillating
d.) Band Limiting 
a.) Sampling
78. The measurable frequency and power ranges of the HP 436A power meter are determined by the
a.) digital display
b.) power sensor
c.) power meter
d.) interface
b.) power sensor
21. Which statement describes an advantage of using fiber optic cable?
a.) The easy tap-ability of fiber optic cables presents security risks
b.) Fiber optic cable has a higher attenuation than coaxial cable
c.) Electromagnetic fields do not affect fib
c.) Electromagnetic fields do not affect fiber optic cables
36)What type of UPS offers the hightest level of protection?
a) Passive Standby
b) Line Interactive
c) Double Conversion
d) Ferro resonant Standby
c) Double Conversion
56)What ICAP module provides a wireless line-of-site microwave for extending modules more than 10 kilometers from the main node?
a) Red Data Module
b) Basic Acces Module
c) Radio Frequency Module
d) Promina Multiplexer Module
c) Radio Frequency Module
27)What gauge wire is the minimum un-skinned sized used for punch-down?
a) 20 AWG
b) 22 AWG
c) 24 AWG
d) 26 AWG
d) 26 AWG
1. What is the minimum amount of months required for 5-skill level upgrade for trainees who are not in retraining status?
a.) 6 months
b.) 9 months
c.) 12 months
d.) 15 months
d.) 15 months
7.) What Air Force Specialty Code performs maintenance on fixed and mobile meteorological and navigational aids systems, ground-to-air transmitters, receivers and transceivers?
a.) 2E0X1 Ground Radar Systems
b.) 2E1X1 Satellite, Wideband and Telemetry
c.) 2E1X2 Airfield Systems
74. The output of the HP 3325B function generator may generate only DC voltages, to a maximum of
a.) ±1 V
b.) ±4.5 V
c.) ±5 V
d.) ±10 V
c.) ±5 V
81. Which measurement do you make with a spectrum analyzer?
a.) Subcarrier oscillator outputs
b.) Transducer output voltage
c.) Time between two events
d.) Pulse width
a.) Subcarrier oscillator outputs
58. In aquiring a 4K record length on a digital storage oscilloscope, how many samples can you view at one time?
a.) 1,000
b.) 2,000
c.) 3,000
d.) 4,000
a.) 1,000
39. Which feature of the Fluke 8025A locks the measurement into the display for viewing and automatically updates the display when you take a few measurement?
a.) Rotary switch
b.) Range push button
c.) Power-up self-test
d.) Touch-holdpush button
d.) Touch-holdpush button
41. Which current range on the Fluke 8025A do you select to measure 250 milliamps AC?
a.) Microamps DC
b.) Microamps AC
c.) Milliamps/amp DC
d.) Milliamps/amp AC
d.) Milliamps/amp AC 
40. When you use the Fluke 8025A, which voltage range do you select to measure 50 volts DC?
a.) Volts AC
b.) Volts DC
c.) Millivolts AC
d.) Millivolts DC
b.) Volts DC
10)What is the samllest gauge that can be used for interconnecting wires in a grounding grid?
a) #2 AWG
b) #4 AWG
c) #6 AWG
d) #8 AWG
c) #6 AWG
31)What secondary cell is prone to the "memory effect?"
a) Lithium
b) Alkaline
c) Lead-acid
d) Nickel cadmium
d) Nickel cadmium
16. Which tool is provided to the commander on a quarterly basis to review and evaluate maintenance and training effectiveness?
a.) Unit Training Report from Logistics Module
b.)  Cross-reference data from Federal Logistics Information System
c.) Air
d.) Training Visibility Ledger from Integrated Maintenance Data System 
19.What status is the same as Estimated Time In Commission?
a.) Estimated Time of Repair
b.) Estimated Time of Arrival
c.) Estimated Time of Return to Operation
d.) Estimated Time of Expected Maintenance
c.) Estimated Time of Return to Operation
68. Which of these bit rates do you use for a bit error rate test on a 64 Kbps data circuit?

a.) 511 bps
b.) 9600 bps
c.) 64 Kbps
d.) 1.544 Mbps
c.) 64 Kbps
30. The most useful way to classify fiber optic cable is by
a.) fiber material and number of fibers
b.) buffer type and application method
c.) numerical aperture and cable elements
d.) refractive index profile and number of modes
d.) refractive index profile and number of modes
3.) What factor determines the spacing of the sidebands in an amplitude modulated signal?
a.) Amplitude of the modulating signal
b.) Frequency of the modulating signal
c.) Amplitude of the carrier signal
d.) Frequency of the carrier signal
b.) Frequency of the modulating signal
53)What ICAP module can connect up to eight of its kind to form a large voice switch and segment a local are network?
a) Crypto Module
b) Red Data Module
c) Basic Access Module
d) Raio Frequency Module
c) Basic Access Module
30)What is used to provide the means to issue optional or temporary modifications on C-E equipment?
a) Preventitive Maintenance Inspection
b) Local Maintenance Quality Control Checksheets
c) Air Force Maintenance Quality Control Checksheets
d) Air
d) Air Force Communications-Electronics Maintenance Instructions
17. What do we consider to be a Maintenance Information System?
a.) Logistics Module
b.) Telephone Management System
c.) Federal Logistics Information System
d.) Theater Battle Management Core System
b.) Telephone Management System
20. If there is a delay in maintenance actions, who mediates disagreements between the maintenance production work center and the operators when necessary?
a.) Branch Chief
b.) Unit Commander
c.) Chief of Maintenance
d.) Director of Operations
c.) Chief of Maintenance
34. When you make a resistance measurement, how do you electrically isolate a resistor from the circuit?
a.) Remove power from the circuit
b.) Short both sides of the resistor
c.) Insulate both sides of the resistor
d.) Disconnect one side of the resis
d.) Disconnect one side of the resistor
9. In PM, the carrier's
a.) phase is shifted at the rate of the modulating signal
b.) phase is shifted with the phase of the modulating signal
c.) amplitude is shifted at the rate of the modulating signal
d.) amplitude is shifted with the phase of the
a.) phase is shifted at the rate of the modulating signal
50. Which probe lets you use the oscilloscope to measure higher voltage levels, raises the input impedance, does not require a bias voltage, and attenuates noise?
a.) Current probe
b.) Passive 1:1 probe
c.) Active (FET) probe
d.) Passive divider, 10:1
d.) Passive divider, 10:1 probe 
18)What form is frequently used to initiate the need for a new communications service?
a) AF IMT 9, Request for Purchase
b) AF IMT 2005, Issue/Turn-In Request
c) AF IMT 3064, Contract Progress Schedule
d) AF IMT 3215, IT/NSS Requirements Document
d) AF IMT 3215, IT/NSS Requirements Document
30. If a system is to co-exist with an Air Force Local Area Network/Metropolitan Area Network/Wide Area Network infrastructure, what is required before the system is integrated with the network?
a.) Unit commander approval
b.) Certification of networth
b.) Certification of networthiness
65. What is the first step in the basic bit error rate testing procedure?
a.) A noise signal is generated at the receiving end of the data channel or equipment under test and is compared with the channel
b.) A noise signal is generated at the sendin
d.) A known bit pattern, usually pseudo-random, is generated at the sending end of the data channel or equipment under test and is transmitted through the channel
13. How many hours of rest must a supervisor give personnel who remain overnight at a remote duty location?
a.) A minimum of six hours
b.) A maximum of six hours
c.) A mininum of eight hours
d.) A maximum of eight hours
c.) A mininum of eight hours
73. What is the variable voltage range of signals output from the HP 3325B synthesizer/function generator?
a.) 1 mV to 10 V peak-to-peak
b.) 1 mV to 10 V peak
c.) 1 V to 10 V peak-to-peak
d.) 1 V to 10 V peak
a.) 1 mV to 10 V peak-to-peak
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