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United States Department of Defense
Terms Definitions
Process of measuring and comparing one's process against industry best.
Program acquisition cost- include development cost in calculation average procurement cost doesn't include development cost
general information
Sunk Costs
Past expenditures from prior fiscal years.
Purpose Statue
appropriations shall be applied only to the objects for which the appropriations were made, except as otherwise provided by law.
Cost Savings
Actual reduction of an approved program if the benefit occurs during the POM period.
This process is used to acquire, allocate, account for and analyze personnel and financial resources for the DoD. This is one of the primary tools for defense resource management.
DOD 7045.7.H maintained by the director, programs, analysis, and evaluation, est. conventions to be used for entering information in the database includes the following: dod program structure, all approved definitions, codes and titles and program and pro
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Reengineering Team
Should include a mixture of competencies and be under 10 players.
Economic Analysis
Systematic Approach to the problem or choosing the best method of allocation scarce resources to achieve a given objective. Key cost reflected as present value.
Aquisition Catagories (ACAT)
Determine the level of management review, decision authority, and applicable reporting requirements for a program.
Industrial funds provide
industrial and commercial goods and services such as maintenance, transportation, and research and development
Measures of central tendency
mean (average number), median (middle) and mode (most common number).
Work in Progress is a
major account for dwcf.
The issues of the RMDs completes the programming phase.
general information
JCIDS is a
systematic method established by the joint chiefs for assessing the gaps in military joint war fighting capabilities
While the POM and CP's are taking place the OSD staff is conducting it's review. This review focuses on the balance of capabilities of the forces contained in the POM or CP's. The Chairman's program assessment (CPA) reports the results of that review to
General information
Stock funds deal with
procuring matériel in volume from commercial sources and holding it in inventory. Stock funds include all activities dealing with the authorized customer who purchased the item to achieve weapon system readiness.
The standing participants are the sec of treasury, assistant of the Pres for National security affairs, chief of staff of the pres, counsel to the pres, representatives of the USA to the united nations, attorney general, sec of homeland security and othe
Total System Approach
All elements of a system from cradle to grave.
Standard Deviation
Measure of how a set of values is spread around the mean.
An AoA purpose is to
asses the potential materiel solution to satisfy the capability need documented in the previously approved ICD.
DWCFs will make a profit and loss. The profit or loss is called net operating results and the running total of net operating results over the fiscal years of funds existence is called the accumulated operating results. The aor is the adjustment made in f
General information
Quantifiable benefits can be assigned a numeric value.
Cost saving, cost avoidance, productivity improvement.
PPBE, JCIDS, and defense acquisition system.
Three principal decision making support system are
Program Evaluation and & Review Technique (PERT)
- Identify activities and milestone.- Determine the proper sequence of activities.- Construct a network diagram.- Estimate the time required for each activity.
Below threshold reprogramming thresholds MILPERS
max in 10M max out no specific congressional restriction- level of control BA
the purpose of the programming phase is to
translates planning decisions, OSD programming guidance, and congressional guidance into a comprehensive and detailed allocation of forces, manpower and funds.
Deputy's Advisory Working Group (DAWG)
-The Deputy SECDEF and Vice chairman of the JSC co chair this group to oversee the development of guidance and review program and budget proposal that can be resolved without the attention of the SECDEF
is the secretary of defense principal management review council. The SLRG reviews operational, program and budget issues that require the attention of the secretary. Most decisions are made by the DAWG and not referred to the SLRG.
Senior Leader Review Group (SLRG)
The SECDEF is the principal defense advisor to the President and is responsible for the
formulation of the general defense policy related to all matters of direct & primary concern to the DOD
The Dept of Defense is responsible for
producing the military forces needed to deter war & protect the security of the country
The JPG in the planning phases leads to
program objective memorandums (POM) that leads to issue papers and that leads to resource management decisions (RMD)
EA model has 8 major steps in analysis preparation
establish objective-basis for measuring outcome of project. It must be aligned with the organizational mission, formulation assumptions. Identify constraints by listing boundaries or limitation that may be encountered. Determine and identify alternatives include maintain status quo as a possible alternative. Establish clear description of each alternative compare alternatives perform sensitivity analysis by testing uncertainty and risk report results and recommendations
This is developed by the secdef to support the national security strategy
A national defense strategy (NDS)
PPBE is also the DOD process
to determine the dollar amounts for programs to be submitted to congress as part of the PB.
Incremental funding two year funding
-only those funds required for work in a given fiscal year shall be included in the RDT&E budget.
The chairman of the JCS advises the SECDEF on critical deficiencies and strengths in force capabilities.
This includes manpower, logistics, and mobility support. He assesses the effect of such deficiencies and strengths on meeting national security objectives.
The chairman of the JCS is responsible for
assisting the president and the SECDEF in providing for the strategic direction and planning of the armed forces, preparing strategic plans within projected resource levels, preparing logistic and mobility plans, making recommendation for the assignment of responsibilities within the Armed Forces in accordance with the support of those logistic and mobility plans, performing assessments to determine the capabilities of Americans and allied forces, preparing and reviewing contingency plans that conform to guidance and preparing joint logistic and mobility plans to support contingency plans
That NSC statutory advisors (by law) are the
Chairman of the JSC and director of National Intelligence
Near the end of the budget review process, the SECDEF and DSECDEF may provide for the review of component major policy or budget issues that have not yet bee resolved. Resolution of this issue may displace other programs within in fixed DOD topline.
Normally the CJCS presents concerns of the combatant commanders during the osd/omb review.
The SECDEF owns the POM
he is the only one that can change it by directing the service to change.
ACAT IA programs require program cost for any single year in excess of
32M, total program cost excess 126M and life cycle cost in excess of 378M
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