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Terms Definitions
wild looking
anorexia nervosa
self starvation
To exclude from society
the five factor model
intitation study-group discussion for females re: sex, embarrassment test, control
Psychologist tests that yeild relatively consistent results are said to be ____
Major Depession
-Interferes withe conclusions, decisions, sociablity-depth and duration
Motivated Forgetting
-people unknowingly revise memories
Bundles of sensory and motor neurons.
facial feedback theory
Strack-smiling=funnier, muscles send message to brain to tell you whether you're happy or not
right above medulla; coordinate muscle movement
An eating disorder characterized by eating binges followed by self induced vomiting is called ____
Personality-Situation Controversy
theoretical dispute concerning the relative contibution of personality factors and situational factors in controlling behavior
sort of like the nature vs. nurture controversy
Group therapy
-sev. unrelated people discuss issue
Recent studies have shown that cognitive differences between boys and girls _________.
Alcoholics are the ___ leading killer?
Belief Perseverance
Clinging to one's initial conceptions after the basis on which they were formed has been discredited.
goals of developmental psychologists
1)observe and describe changes
2)explain the changes
three components of attitudes
cognitive (belief), affective (feeling), behavioral (doing)
John Watson and his colleague, Rosalie Rayner, offered a live, white rat to Little Albert and then made a loud noise behind his head by striking a steel bar with a hammer. The white rat served as the _____ in their study
operant behavior
behavior that operates on the environment, producing consequences.
Weber’s law
states that the difference threshold, or jnd, is directly proportional to the magnitude of the stimulus with which the comparison is bing made. (pg 110)
Behavior aimed at doing harm to others, also, the motive to behave aggressively.
endocrine glands
secrete hormones governing growth and other aspects of physical development
Cognitive Perspective
-Thoughts and beliefs are the cause-Must be taught a new way of thought
developing individual from day 14 to 3rd month
the tendency, once a response has been conditioned, for stimuli similar to the conditioned stimulus to elicit similar responses
The tendency to be more confident than correct--to overestimate the accuracy of one's beliefs and judgments.
The amount, or intensity, of the light an object emits or reflects is called ___.
What is reuptake?
when the neurotransmitters do not cross to the other side so the vesicles take them back in after a certain time frame
Social Influences
Individuals who are unable to cope with their given environment.
binocular cues
depth cues, such as retinal disparity, that depend on the use of two eyes.
Corpus callosum
a neural bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain.
Sensation Seekers
individuals who have a biological need for higher levels of stimulation than do other people
applied behavioral analysis
applications of operant and classical conditioning
eating disorders
anorexia = not eating enoughbullemia = throwing up.bulimia is heavily culturally influenced. due to unhappiness with will abuse steroids etc to make their bodies better.
polygenic inheritance
the generic principle that many genes can interact to produce a particular characteristic
Iconic Memory(2)
-a momentary sensory memory of visual stimuli-a photographic or picture image memory lasting no more that a few tenths of a second
Telegraphic Speech
Early speech stage in which a child speaks like a telegram--"go car"-- using mostly nouns and verbs and omitting auxiliary words.
The peripheral nervous system consists of ___, which carry messages from special receptors in the skin, muscles, and internal organs to the brain, and ____, which carry messages from the brain to the muscles, glands, and internal organs.
sensory nerves; motor nerves
When a strongly conditioned CS is used to make another stimulus into a CS, the effect is known as _____
higher-order conditioning
The part of the brain that seems to influence emotion is called____
Schizophrenic Disorders:
Major Types of Schizophrenia:
any form distinguished by deficits, such as withdrawal and poverty of thought processes
harder to treat, more chronic, slower onset, lasts longer
generalized anxiety disorder
continuous state of anxiety marked by feelings of worry and dread
In a ______ design, one group of participants is followed and assessed as the group ages.
Longitudinal design
Stage 2: Anal : 2-3yrs
concern w/control of boily wastes
Who said "We behave the way that gets us attention"
B.F. Skinner
a term used to define the result of a fast paced life dependent on various means of technology including computers, cell phones, palm computers, faxes and email- all of which was supposed to give people more leisure time. Instead people have become slaves =, addicted to the constant use of these devices.
Although instinct theory fails to explain most human behavior the existence of simple fixed patters=ns such as an infants rooting and sucking suggests some innate tendencies in humans indeed the underlying assumption of instinct theory that ________ is as
genes predispose species typical behavior
secondary reinforcer/ conditional reinforcer
a stimulus that gains its reinforcing power through its association with a primary reinforcer. How to obtain primary reinforcer
What are the sleep stages?
Sleep Stage 1 (the brief transition stage when first asleep (lasts 5 mins); hypnagogic sensation (the feeling of falling, muscle tension is released)); sleep stage 2 through 4 (about 20 mins at first then lengthens; REM (rapid eye movement): vivid dreams, paradoxical sleep
why is the Myers-Briggs poor
very unreliable, does not yield the same results weeks later and has failed to show anything about how well people do in different environments
signal detection theory assumes that ____.
a person's response depends on the stimulus and on a decision about it
resistance phase of stress
body attempts to resist or cope with a stressor that cannot be avoided
a discriminative stimulus is a stimulus that _____
provides an organism with a cue for making a certain response in order to obtain reinforcement
in order to learn anything through observation, the learner must _____
pay attension to model, be able to retain memory, capable of reproducing, have desire
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