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Terms Definitions
-Retaining information
primary vs. secondary
non veral learing; balance
influences movement, learning, attention, and emotion.
born with what shapes you
antisocial behavior that includes law-breaking
Shanice suffers pain during intercourse. She is suffering from ______.
infants' psychological development depends on their biological development.
developing brain
Failure to consciously perceive something you are looking at because you are not attending to it is called ___.
inattentional blindness
wrote principles of physiological psychology
wilhelm wundt
conditioned stimulus
in classical conditioning, a previously neutral stimulus that, after association with an unconditioned stimulus (US), comes to trigger a conditioned response. 
In temporal lobe; speech comprehension.
in Marcia's theory, the identity status of a person who is in a crisis but who has made no commitment
Dissocative Disorders
-Sep. of facets of personality
two effects of neurotransmitters
1. excite/stimulate2. inhibit
parietal lobe
spatial location. attention. motor control.
the capacities to understand the world and resourcefulness to cope with its challenges.
Define: Orginization
Large, complex network of positions created for specific purpose and characterized by a hierachical division of labor.
human thought and the process of knowing and thinking
Wellness Paradigm
The integration, balance and harmony of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being through taking responsability for one's own health; posits that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
perceptual set
a mental predisposition to perceive one thing and not another. 
Sotiety center
"Stop eating" center of the brain.
Psychodynamic Theories:
Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory:
occurs when psychosexual development is arrested at an immature stage
incentive pay
bonuses upon completion of a goal
reaction formation
unconscious anxiety turns into the opposite in the conscious mind. often the reaction is excessive.
endocrine system
1. consists of ductless glands2. produce hormones - chemicals
Psychoactive drug
-a chemical substance that alters perceptions and mood
Double-blind procedure
In evaluating drug therapies, patients and experimenter's assistants should remain unaware of which patients had the real treatment and which patients had the placebo treatment.
Dependant Variable:
in an experiment, the variable is thought to be affected by the manipulation of the independent variable.
Sexual Orientation
Refers to the direction of sexual interest.
Based on Loftus's 1978 study, subjects viewed a slide presantation of an accident, and some of the subjects were asked a question about a blue car when the actual slides contained pictures of a green car. When these same subjects were asked about the colo
Misinformation Affect
The process by which a stimulus or event strengthens or increases the probability of the response that it follows
nAch is an abbreviation for ____
need for approvement
Attribution theory
The theory that addresses the question of how people make judgments about the causes of behavior.
Personality Disorders:
Borderline Personality Disorder
an unstable personality given to impulsive behavior
facial feedback
facial muscles send messages to the brain about the basic emotions being expressed
_____ refers to heredity and ______ refers to environmental influences.
Nature, Nurture
VI- variable interval
reinforces a respnse at UNPREDICTALBE TIME intervals
experience has little effect on this sequence.
infant memory
the ability of a test to measure what it was designed to measure
What is threshold?
the level of stimulation required to trigger a neural impulse
 What Is Endogenous
Generated from within rather than by external cues
Altruistic behavior
Helping behavior that is not linked to personal gain.
Ability Goals
based on goals to be superior to others
Antisocial Personaility Disorder
-No regard for moral/ethical rules of society-Understnad intellectually, but no remorse
reticular formation
- bundle of neurons- spinal cord thru brain stem to frontal lobes- governs overall activity level of cerebral cortex- controls level of alertness (consciousness and attention)- wake - sleep- filters info to brain
rebound effect
-An increase in REM sleep after one has been deprived of it
Social info
beh. of others a source of info (esp. ambiguous sits), vicarious learning/modeling behavior (many norms explicitly given)
An 8 year old child who scored like an average 10 year old intelligence test would have a mental age of ___ and an IQ of ____
self-fullfilling prophesy
you will achieve as much as you think you can achieve. your expectations make you behave in ways that make your expectations come true.
females- one mature and and caring male.
experience and brain development
The fourth approach of dreaming is what?
Activation-Synthesis- The theory that dreaming results from thecortical syynthesis and interpretation of neural signals triggered by activity in the lower part of the brain.
To be effective in punishment:
-to be accompanied by specific info about behavior being punished; along with specific suggestions concerning more desirable behaviors
rescorla's modern conceptualization of classical conditioning is based on the idea that ____
CS must predict that the UCS is coming
How to conduct a good experiment
Rule 1: Use control Groups(allows us to make comparisons)Rule 2: Random assignment(prevent bias)Rule 3: Expectency Effect(single-blind, double-blind)Rule 4: Statistics(Descriptive/Inferential)Rule 4:
the hypothalamus a structure deep within the brain controls feelings of hunger and fullness in part by evaluating changes in blood chemistry hunger occurs in response to high blood insulin and
low blood glucose and high levels of ghrelin
what is the difference in rods and cones
rods are long and narrow, but cones are coneshaped and not as sensitive to light, allowing us to see in the dark
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