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la cabeza
to conclude
difficilis, difficile
El cine
el ciruela
laundry room
la receta
the prescription
mögen (mag)
to like*
to drive away
la capital
capital city
can (of pop)
a braid of hair
the characteristic apparatus; trappings
adj. trifling, unimportant
syn: trivial, negligible, petty, paltry
ant: important, essential, crucial, vital
(adj.) Roundabout, not direct
dove abitit?
where do you live?
Short, straight hair-like appendages. primary function - attach to other bacteria, conjugation
Internal Auditing Planning v. Controlling Functions
nucleotide sequences that eukaryotic chromosomal DNA molecules have at their ends.-protect our genes-a repeating sequence
radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright.
(Es) freut mich.
Please to meet you
Other powers
nation's economic leader? moral leadership?
bryophyte (moss)
non vascular, require water, gametophyte dominated, seedless
secondary ossification centers in ____ of bone
memory improves dramatically during the school years due to _____________________
selective attention
Many Indian cultures like the _________ traced descent through the female line.
human life cycle
maturation, full maturity, aging
Lava Plateaus
fluid basaltic lava extruded from crustal fractures called fissures.
(ecology) the status of an organism within its environment and community (affecting its survival as a species)
Pont du Gard
Late 1st century BCE (Roman)
One of several organic compounds with the same molecular formula but different structures and therefore different properties.
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Makes financial accounting uniformDeveloped by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)Publicly traded companies also regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)Global standards set by International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)
A situation in which quantity demanded is greater than quantity suppled at a price below the market clearing rate
OUter membrants that wraps around the surface of one tissue.
Serious problems in the American economy by 1929 included all of the following EXCEPT:
High unemployment.
an bad opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason
if your arrested you can be searched the whole time you are in custody
form when wind flows over and around an obstruction, resulting in deposition of sand grains
Miranda Rights
Miranda v. Arizona- protect a suspect during a police interrogation
convective flow
the motion of matter resulting from changes in temperature, due to Earth's unequal heating and causes the tectonic plates to move
size constancy
the tendency to perceive the veridical size of a familiar object despite differences in their distance (and consequent differences in the size of the pattern projected on the retina of the eye)
Application Software
does not work without system software or anoperating system.
remaining economic life
the difference between the current effective age of the subject and the estimated economic lifespan of the subjectest life span - effective age = remaining life
Carcinogens in the Environment
Ingested chemicals (some antioxidants, nitrates and nitrites), Environmental and Industrial Pollution, Radiation, Microbes (viruses, bacteria, and parasites)
shedding skin to be replaced by new skin
public domain
the realm embracing works on which the copyright has expired
New Orleans
strategical command post set up at the mouth of the Mississippi river to block Spain at the gulf of Mexico. The post also played a large part in the fur trade.
autonomic nervous system
the part of the peripheral nervous system that controls the glands and the muscles of the internal organs (such as the heart). its sympathetic division arouses; its parasypmathetic division calms
function of erector spinae muscles
prime mover of back extension
first law of thermodynamics
also called the principle of conservation of energy-energy of the universe is constant-energy can be transferred and transformed, but it cannot be created or destroyed
What happens in prophase?
Chromatin condense and make nucleoli disappear (stains big blue blob).
800 degrees to 1200 degrees celsius
temperature needed to melt rocks
Declaration of Independence (p. 731)
A document adopted by American colonists in 1776 which drew deep inspiration from Enlightenment political thought in justifying the colonies' quest for independence and stressed the consent of the people to be ruled.
Generalist social workers possess an
integrated view of people and environments and can use appropriate interventions to empower consumers at all social system levels.
Code of Hammurabi
First set of written laws - "An eye for an eye"
A substance is a particular kind of matter that has a
uniform and definite composition.
What is the purpose of The Bill Of Rights?
To protect human freedoms.
The focus an organization places on a particular stakeholder is?
Largely determined by each group's type of power, as well as legitimacy and urgency
How does a spinal nerve form? (Ch. 14 pg. 369-70, fig 14.7)
Each spinal nerve forms through the fusion of dorsal and ventral nerve roots
interconnected brain-cells.
Waking Consciousness(2)
-Consciousness-Selective Attention
According to cognitive-mediational theories, appraisal of the situation would come ___ the physical arousal and ____ the experience of emotion
controls alertness and arousal.
synaptic transmission (neurotransmitters)
acetylcholine, GABA (gammma-aminobutyric acid) dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, endorphins
a seriousl mental disorder characterized by disturbances of thoughts such as dilusion and hallucination
identifies psychological process of being able to defend against disease
muscle action, learning, and memory
The highest concentration of taste receptors is found in the center of the tongue. (true or false)
correlation method
research methodologies that determine to what extent two variables, traits or attributes are related
extrasensory perception
the controversial claim that perception can occur apart from sensory input, includes telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition.
Limbic system (LS); forming and retrieving memories.
a combination of cliques, which includes both males and females
Expressed Emotion
-interaction style characterized by critical, ost., emot. intru. of family members
in forebrain-hunger/how much we eat- thirst/drinking behavior- rage/agressive behavior- pleasure center
association areas
more intelligent animals have increased 'uncommitted' or association areas of the cortex.
when it comes to inductive vs deductive, which one gets to the right answer
Culturally defined standard or rule of conduct.
founder of psychology as a discipline
wilhelm wundt
Good stress that arises in any situation or circumstance that a person finds motivating or inspiring.
crystallized intelegence
our accumulated knowledge and verbal skills; tends to increase with age. 
Frustration-aggression theory
The theory that under certain circumstances people who are frustrated in their goals turn their anger away from the proper, powerful target and towards another less powerful target that is safer to attack.
Psychodynamic Theories:
Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory:
Psychosexual stages
successive, instinctive patterns of associating pleasure with stimulations of specific bodily areas at different times of life
Oral Stage (birth => 1 year)
Anal Stage (1 year => 3 years)
Phallic Stage (3 years => 6 years)
Latency Stage (6 years => puberty)
Genital Stage (puberty => on)
gender roles
collections of rules that determine proper attitudes and behavior for men and women
defense mechanism. your own bad feelings are repressed and ATTRIBUTED to somebody else.
in hing brain - controls breathing, heartbeat, etc
Cognitive Map
-mental representation of the layout of one’s environment-Example: after exploring a maze, rats act as if they have learned a cognitive map of it
the extent to which the differences among people are attributed to genes.
Define Axon
A long, thin fiber that transmits signals away from the neuron cell body to other neurons, or to muscles or glands.
define: behaviorism
School of psychology that studies only observable and measurable behavior.
the reapperance of a learned response after its apparent extinction is called ______
spontaneous recovery
left hemisphere
controls right side of body, logic, language
Glenn believes he can learn from his mistakes and that study and preseverance will help him improve his intelligence. According to Dweek, what locus of control does Glenn have?
Locus of control
According to Rotter, an expectancy about whether reinforcement is under internal or external control.
two important theories of emotion are the JL theory and the CB theory the JLT states our experience of an emotion is a consequence of our physiological response to a stimulus we are afraid because our heart pounds The CB theory proposes that the physiolo
occur simultaneously
social comparison
compare to some who is worse off
The scientific study of the changes that occur in people as they age from conception to death is called ______.
Human Development
VR- variable ratio
reinforces a response after an unpredictible number of responses. depends on TIME BETWEEN REINFORCEMENT
The arithmetic average of scores in a distribution obtained by adding the scores and then dividing by the number of scores that were added together.
Define Re-learning
It isn't totally forgotten but it is learning something anew that you once knew but was not easily located or remembered.
What does the nervous system consist of?
central and peripheral
The Physiology of drug effects 2
Individual characteristics include body weight, metabolism, inital state of emotional arousal, personality characteristics, and physical tolerance for the drug.
Van Durn Model
Frustration can lead to aggression if the individual has seen someone else act in this way
The Big Five
5 major dimensions of personality. - extraversion- agreeableness- concientiousness- neuroticism- openness/intellect
Mood Disorders
-Dist. in emot. exp. that intrude on everyday livig
left hemisphere
- manages right side of the body- controls language in most cases
Attention, memory, Imitation, and motivation
self perception theory
draw attribution for how we feel by observing what we do when initial feelings are unclear
The linguistic relativity hypothesis suggests that _____.
thought processes and concepts are controlled by language
criteria for when goals are best
a) specificb) challenging but achievablec) goal is framed in terms of getting what you want rather than avoiding what you don't want
why are most parents so passionately devoted to their children?
emotional bond. 'protecting gene.'
Why do we sleep?
It is basically to provide a time-out period, so that the body can eliminate waste products from muscles, repair cells, conserve or replenish energy stores, strengthen the immune system and recover abilities lost during the day.
stage 2 sleep
-A sleep deeper than that of stage 1, characterized by a slower, more regular wave pattern, along with momentary interruptions of “sleep spindles”
What 'magic number" did Miller find to be the capacity of short-term memory?
7 plus or minus 2
Extinction (3) (in classical and operant conditioning)
-diminishing of a CR -in classical conditioning, when a UCS does not follow a CS-in operant conditioning, when a response is no longer reinforced
Long term studies of thaousands of people indicate that people who have close relationships a strong social support system are less likely to die prematurely thatn those who do not these studies support the idea that
social support has a beneficial effect on health
What is the purpose of sleep and how does it benefit us
Purpose- alow new brain cells to develop, allows body to eliminate waste products from muscles, repair cells, conserve energy stores, strengthen immune systemBenefits- enhances memory and problem solving
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