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enest hilgard
who cares
the betrayal of trust
Reactive Schiz.
-Sudden, conspic. schiz
great generosity or generous act
secondary sex characteristics
nonreproductive sexual characteristics, such as female breasts and hips, male voice quality, and body hair.
-Psychologist-labels are too inflxible interpretations-DSM needs to introduce more variety by degree...
-Drugs that excite neural activity-Speed up body functions
 the measurement consistency of a test
good/bad evals toward people, obj, ideas
stress that describes sensory stimuli that have no consequential effect; it is considered neither good nor bad.
chemicals released by neurons which determine the rate at which other neurons fire
According to Bandura, the expectancy that one's efforts will be successful.
Self-defeating personality Disorer
-Removed-Demeaning relationships, but neither left nor spoke up
A diverse body of religion, philosophy, and cultural practice native to and predominant in India. Hinduism is characterized by a belief in the interconnectedness of all things and emphasizes personal improvement with the goal of transcending the cycle of reincarnation.
Measurement of the relationship of the test question to the acutal subject behavior
Normal Curve
The symmetrical bell-shaped curve that describes the distribution of many physical and psychological attributes. Most scores fall near the average, and fewer and fewer scores lie near the extremes.
Part of the limbic system, remeber location in space, connects present with past.
insufficient justification
When we have little external justification for our attitude-inconsistent behavior, we reduce dissonance by changing our attitude
Memories for general facts and personal information are called ______.
Procedural memory.
corpus callosum
holds both sides together, allows sides to communicate
What is Psudocyesis?
Pseudo-Pregnancy. The feelings similar to being pregnant.
According to Jung, our public self, the mask we put on to represent ourselves to others.
identity diffusion
in Marcia's theory, the identity status of a person who is not in the midst of a crisis and who has made no commitment
Drug therapy
-control of pysch. dis. through drugs
Which cause of a sexually transmitted disease is hardest to treat.
UCR- unconditional response
the unlearned, naturally occuring response to the UCS such as salivation when food is in the mouth
the reapperance of learned response after extinction has occured
people whoe define themselves in terms of their own personal traits and give priority to their own goals
The tendency to perceive what you expect is called ___.
perceptual set
When do people conform?
ambiguous situation, presence of experts, allies, crisis situations, group size/importance, culture
Stage Three
The body stays activated, aroused or "keyed up" until the threat is over
fluid intelligence
our ability to reason speedily and abstractly; tends to decrease during late adulthood.
Scientific process
1. asking questions based on an observation2.formulating a tentative explanation and hypothesis3.conducting research to test hypothesis4.analyzing the data5.reporting findings6.building a theory7.using the theory to generate new hypotheses.
Schizophrenic Disorders:
Major Types of Schizophrenia:
involves stupor or extreme excitement
sexual scripts
sets of implict rules that specify proper behavior for a person in a given situation
projective tests ask test takers to repond to an ambiguous stimulous for exmple by dectribing it or telling a story about it one well known projective test which uses inkblots as stimuli was created by
herman Rorshach
- the building blocks of the brain- receive,analyze, and transmit information- single nerve cell- more than 100 billion (most in brain)
stage 1 sleep
-The state of transition between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by relatively rapid, low-voltage brain waves
Aptitude Test
A test designed to predict a person's future performance; the capacity to learn.
What happened when Randi offered 1,000,000 dollars to anyone who can prove they have ESP
everyone tried, nobody won
a negitive reinforcer is a stimulus that is ____ and, thus, ____ the probability of a response
unpleasent & increases
Which theory maintains that emotion is caused by interaction of phsiological changes and the cognitive labeling of the reson for the physical reaction?
cognative arousal theory
mood contagion
you start to express emotions that are expressed by others
The period from 500 to 1500 AD; sometimes called the Dark Ages. Social, physical, and intellectual mobility and various forms of oppression mark this period of time. Hope was tied to prosperity and happiness in the afterlife.
FR- fixed ratio
reinforces a response only after a specified number of responses.depends on # of RESPONSES BEFORE REINFORCEMENT
Control Group
subjects in a study who do not receive the special treatment given to the experimental group.
which of the following statements is true about behavior modification
involves process of shaping
The Plea of Insanity
Insanity: a legal term, not a psychological or psychiatric one, referring to a person who is unable, because of a mental disorder or defect, to confirm his or her behavior to the law
code of ethics in research
1. protect human welfare2. informed consent3. voluntary participation4. confidentiality (HIPPA)5. deception (only used if no other alternative and only if justifiable)6. debriefing - reveal true purpose/discuss results - tell why used deception if used - check and provide for any help needed
What does the peripheral consist of?
everything else; autonomic (things that occur naturally; controls automatic functions)-> sympathetic and parasympathetic; somatic (the skeletal muscles, motor movements etc.
Abraham maslows hierarchy of needs proposes that we first satisfy basic physiological and psychological needs then we become motivated to fulfill out potential through self actuallization maslow based his ideas on
his study of healthy creative people
IQ stands for
MA stand for
CA stands for
Intelligence quotiont
Mental Age - what you scored on the test
Chronological age - how old you are
In the months following a catastrophe such as an eathquake or hurricane there is a higher than usual number of short term illnesses and stress related psychological disorders following widowhood there is an increased risk of illness and death these findin
experiencing a very stressful event increases ones vulnerability to illness and death
What is 1. aphasia?2. Broca's?3. Wernicke's?
1. loss of language ability due to brain damage2. affected area is just behind left lobe motor area. Afflicted use minimal # of words to convey meaning-nonfluent aphasia3. difficulty understanding and choosing complex words, but sentence structure is fine-fluent aphasia
describe the three types of cones proposed by the trichromatic theory of color vision
each one responds to blue, green, or red to form all the colors we see
Researchers have found that high self esteem is beneficial low self esteeem tends to be linked with life problems how should this link between low self esteem and life problems be interpreted
the answer is not clear bc the link is correlational and does not indicate cause and effect
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