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Terms Definitions
Cr +3
Carbon dioxide
Hg +2
Mercury (II)
potential energy
stored energy
Valence-Shell Electron-Pair Repulsion model
E is proportional to?
basic anhydrides + H2O =
chemical combo of 2+ atoms
-O- in the backbone of carbons
A solution with osmolarity greater than that of a physiological solution is said to be hypertonic.
chemical equation
represents chemical reaction
Fe + O2(g) ---> Fe2 O3(s)
Symbol: Xe; atomic weight: 131.30; atomic number: 54
Addition Reactions
Bond type: double or triple
Reaction conditions: no catalyst
Reaction rate: fast
Products formed: one
Reaction with Br2: fast reaction
how are volume and temp related?
directly related
In a titration, the chemical that changes color to indicate the end point of the titration
reactions give off heat--- this causes temperature to rise
to produce or obtain one substance from another
Trace Elements
kinds of elements that provide very useful (invisible) fingerprint
Equivalent Units
1 mL = 1 cc = 1cm3
a homogenous mixture of two or more substances
Describe phosphorolation/dephosphorolation
The covalent addition/removal of a Pi to a protein, catalyzed by kinases (phospholation) or phosphatases (dephosphorolation)
common son SI unit for length, denoted A, that's used to measure atomic dimensions. 1 A = 10^-10 m
After the output is out in the public, there are initial responses by community members. based on what people get for input and output
what is the value of the molar volume of any gas at STP?
What is common name for Ka?
the Acid Dissociation Constant
What is the heat of vaporization for water?
2259 J/g
face-centered cubic
a cell with a lattice point at the center and each corner of each face
there are two kinds of pain relievers .. 1 being ones that have an antiinflammatory ellement to them These include ? while the other does not
asaibuprofennaproxen sodiumacitpmephon does not.
What affects the degree of inhibition in noncompetitive inhibition?
only [inhibitor]. increasing [substrate] does not affect rate
Reacting an alkyne with H2/Pt produces
the alkane product through full reduction.
What are the three functions of carbs?
1) Immediate fuel (glucose/fructose) 2) Storage (plant starch/glycogen) 3) Structural components (celluclose/chiltin/glycocalyx)
What are the six synthesis of alcohols?
Grignard, Hydration of alkenes, alkyl halides, halohydren, vicinal diol, and reduction of carbonyl compounds
Describe the thermal motion of lipids
They rotate freely along their long axis, and move laterally.
i.e. 1 carbon 2 oxygen will be 2 to 1 will never be 2 to 3.5 always be whole
Daltons Atomic theory
Where is CO2 produced in cellular respiration?
In the citric acid cycle, in the mitochondria
O 2-
Lithium Ion
lead (iv) bromide
1 ml
.001 L
Electronic Charge
measured in coulombs
g 1g
inorganic chemistry
concerns substances without carbon
Vertical columns
Similar chemical and physical properties
what is the condensed structural formula for an alkane with four carbon atoms
What is another name of ethyne?
1 amu =
1 prton (1 neutron)
Symbol: As; atomic weight: 74.9216; atomic number: 33
collagen, a protein found in tendons and cartilage, would be classified as a ____ protein
CO2 + H2O
Complete Combustion of hydrocarbons and carbohydrates =
Redox Titration
a known concentration of oxidizing agent is used to find an unknown concentration of reduction agent (or visa versa)
a process used for separating mixtures based on differences in absorbency
a colorless, flammable gas, C3H8, of the alkane series, occurring in petroleum and natural gas: used chiefly as a fuel and in organic synthesis.
sigma bond
head on overlap of two atomic orbitals
Theoretical Yield
The quantity of product that is calculated to form when all of the limiting reagent reacts
How many molecules of carbon dioxide are produced in the following reaction when 50 molecules of O2 are consumed? 2 C8H18(I) + 25 O2(g) -> 16 CO2(g) + 18 H2O(I)
32 molecules
Describe Porins
1) trimers w/ 3 identical subunits [each subunit has 16 B-strands] 2) Form pores, w/ hydrophilic R groups facing pore 3) Four in prokaryotic membranes 4) Permit uptake of small hydrophilic molecules
Significat Figures
indicates precision of a measured or calculated number
The electromagnetic spectrum from largest wavelength to smallest
radio waves, microwave, infrared, ROYGBV(750-400 nm), ultraviolet, xray, gamma ray
Absolute Zero
the temp. at which all substances have no thermal energy
Thiols have what characteristic?
a -SH group bonded to carbon
whats a scientific law?
statement that summarizes and explains a wide range of experimental results and doesnt contradict experiments
Tune a specific energy to see if an atom is present in a sample - if all the energy doesn't come through then an atom is present. The detector after the energy source light tells if all of it made it through. Only one element at a time can be read an
Atomic Absorption
Define melting point:
Temp at which solid and liquid states are at equilibrium.
Describe Amide lipid-anchored proteins
Amino bond b/t terminal residue and amino group of fatty acid 2) on cytosolic side
according to the IUPAC convention for chemical naming, whic part of a hydrocarbon is selected as the main chain for a hydrocarbon chain
the longest continuous chain, regardles of bends
Describe A-helix
The H of the imino group bonds to the o on the carbynl group of the fourth amino acid behind it. It forms a right-handed helix. This forms a rod from which R-groups protrude.
Step 4: Assign Electrons to the Central Atom
(electron-dot structures)
If unassigned electrons remain after step 3, place them on the central atom
What is the electrochemical gradient?
The sum of the electrical and chemical gradients
What is the zinc finger motif?
Zn ion is bound by histidine residues of an alpha helix and cystein residures in a pair of antiparellel beta strands. Found in DNA or RNA-binding transcription proteins.
where human bodies are left in the elements, and forensic scientists and students study decomposition patterns in various cases
How is the body compound farm in Tennessee useful for future studies in forensics?
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