Branches of Government Flashcards

Terms Definitions
enforces laws
6 year term
Judicial Branch
Article III
controls spending money
lieutenant governor
who leads senate?
What are judges called?
Number of Supreme Court Justices
may declare executive actions unconstitutional
Who can approve a treaty?
General Assembly
The state legislature is called
To stop something from becoming law
Putting a limit on debated speeches
The branch of government that interprets the laws
Legeslative/House of Representatives
Can propose tax laws
interpret laws;hear cases
List 2 powers of Justices
Phone calls & Mail
Elected representatives recieve(blank &blank)from citizens about changing laws or creating new ones
Government Corporations
Provide services but at no profit
institutions that sit as neutral third parties to resolve conflicts according to the law
How many Supreme Court Justices are there?
a pardon toward a group of people
The number of Representatives is based on population and is 1:30,000 people.
Votes needed in Congress to override a veto.
Limited Government
president is elected by the electoral college; senators (17th) and house reps are chosen by the people; supreme courts nominated by the president and approved by congress
This dept. is in charge of overseeing the printing of paper money, stamps, and minting of coins
Executive Branch
Executive Orders
Rules or regulations issued by the president that have the force of law; issued to implement constitutional provisions or statutes
Revenue Sharing
federal sharing of a fixed percentage of its revenue with the states
a federal agency in the Department of Health and Human Services established to regulate the release of new foods and health-related products
Chief of the Executive Branch
President oversees federal (national) agencies, appointing their directors and creating policies
House of Representatives
meet every two years for 140 days
main job of supreme court
decide the meaning of laws
chief executive
in the US government , the president of the united states.
electoral college
the body of electors from each state who formally elect the United States president and vice-president
How is the number ofrepresentatives from each state determined?
by the state's population
original jurisdiction
the authority to hear cases for the first time
judicial term
life (only way to leave is by death, kicked out, or quit)
main job of senate
make nation's laws & control gov't spending
veto power
the power a president has to veto a law passed by Congress
Who has the power to propose a law to raise taxes?
Qualifications; Legislative
over 25 years old, 7 yrs a citizen, an inhabitant of the state in which he shall be chosen.
Congress/Legislative Branch is made up of
Senate and the House of Representatives
Bush v. Vera... What are the three reasons given by the Supreme Court in making its decision?
Highly irregular in shape, computerized design significantly more sensitive to racial data, lacked any semblence to preexisting race-neutral districts
Term of office for the President
4 years, term limit of 2 terms
Shaw v. Reno... Why was the original North Carolina congressional reapportionment plan rejected by the U.S. Attorney General?
because it created only one black-majority district
How many people are in the House of Representatives?
Based on population... varies per state
What are the qualifications to become Senator? HOR? President?
Senate - Must be 30 years old, be an American citizen for 9 years.
HOR - Must be 25 years old, be an American citizen for 7 years.
President - Must be 35 years old, be an American citizen since birth and must live in the US for 14 years.
two houses
Citizenship for life
Executive Branch
veto powers
grant/revoke pardons and reprieves
obstruct deliberately by delaying
This word means national.
Senate (Legislative)
can approve presidential appointments
Who can impeach the president?
What means specifically listed or stated in the U.S constitution
The basic laws for the country
Legislative Leader
Proposes laws for Congress to
Supreme Court
Head of the Judicial Branch.
A senator serves how many years?
Federal Court
Court of original jurisdiction for most federal cases.
how many branches of government we have in the United States
Dept. of Interior
Manages public lands and resources
How many senators does each state get?
when an appellate court agrees with the decision of a lower court
a person who tries to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest; a member of a lobby.
a government run by the people, for the people
How many states needed to ratify the Constitution to put it into effect
The Governor
is the head of a state's government
Pardon power
Authority given to the president to erase the guilt and restore the rights of anyone convicted of a federal crime, excepted a impeached president
Delegated Powers
powers given to the federal government by the Constitution
by voting
How do people choose the politicians who will represent them in government?
national appeal
The Supreme Court only hears cases that have broad _________________________
Separation of Powers
the division of power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government
goddess of liberty
atop capitol dome holding a five pointed star
how are senators chosen?
elected by citizens of that state
Vice President
If the President dies in office, who takes over as the new president?
regressive taxation
an income tax whose rate decreases as income level rises
Senate how chosen for office?
elected by people of their state
how does executive check and balance legislative?
veto bills, propose laws
Marbury v. Madison
formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review
How old do you have to be president?
35 years old
8. Who must approve any treaties that are made with foreign countries?
The Senate. Article 3
What 2 things does congress do?
Congress writes the laws that effect all US people and give the Executive and Judicial Branches their jobs.
The Executive Branch is made up of
The President, Vice-president, and the Cabinet
What branch of government did the founding fathers believe would be the strongest? and why?
Congress because it was meant to represent the people and the states.
Shaw v. Reno... What was the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court? (shape of the district, how district exceeded what was reasonably necessary, and viewpoint of the Court on the equal protection challenge)
The shape was bizarre enough to suggest that it constituted an effort to separate voters based on race.
Who has the sole power to try all impeachments?
The senate has the power to try impeachment. The house has the power to bring chargers
serve for life
Can declare war
four levels of courts
Chief Diplomat
Directs foreign policy
must be 30 years old
The President
approves and vetoes laws
term of a U.S. senator
6 years
senate, congress, house of representatives
legislative branch
proposes revenue (tax) laws
House of Representatives
Governor of New York
Governor Andrew Cuomo
Executive Requierments
-native born
-at least 35 years old
-have lived in the USA for at least 14 years
agency which protects human health and the environment by working for a cleaner, healthier environment
Legislative Branch
the branch of the United States government that has the power of legislating
10. What article of the Constitution established this branch?
Article 1
Judicial Branch Key Powers:
interpret the meaning of laws
Minor crimes, such as running a stop sign
Legislative branch fact 1:
435 representatives- house of representatives
The Cabinet
The secretary's of the president, for Defense, & more.
The judicial branch contains
lower courts and supreme court
Delegated powers of congress (7)
Coin money, commerce regulation, declare war, raise an army and navy, impeach, immigration and naturalization, post office
What did some delegates of the Constitution Convention think a republic would do?
Protect citizen's rights.
Who is in the Judicial Branch?
All of the courts
Majority Leader
Second in command to the speaker and is officially in chargte of te party's legislative agenda
Who can propose amendments to the constitution with 2/3 vote?
HOR or Senate
Where in Washington D.C. does the Legislative Branch hol meetings?
In the Capitol Building
President of the United States
Head of the national legislative branch
Leader of Political Party
This role says that what ever political party the pres. belongs to, he's the leader of it.
Ensures majority of Senate has experience
1/3 voted in every 2 years
Rep citizenship and residential requirement
citizen for 7 years, reside in state
1. Who makes up the Executive Branch of Government?
President, Departments, V.P. and Independent Agencies
16. Who has the power to approve or VETO laws?
The President. Article 1
How many senators per state and how many in all? How many representatives are there and how many in all?
2 senators and 100 in all
What are the requirements of becoming vice president?
Natural born citizen of the US, must be at least 35 years old and a resident of the US for 14 years
How old do you have to be to be a part of the senate?
30 years old, citizen for 9 years.
Whcih branch interprets law?
Federal government
-prints money
-declares war
-runs postal systems
-makes treaties with other countries
-collects income taxes
judicial- state government
state supreme court
Supreme Court Justices serve for...
Who helped form the Democratic-Republican party?
T. Jefferson
put on trial, bring charges against
What is the seventh
ratification or approval
Cabinet chosen for office?
appointed by the President
main duty of Legislative Branch
makes the laws
Which branch of government: MAKES LAWS?
Legislative Branch
The branch of government that enforces the laws
Legeslative/Senate & House of Representatives
Can propose laws
is commander in chief of us military force
United States Capitol
The large domed building in Washington, D.C., in which the United States Congress mets.
The Legislative Branch: Head___________ made up of the ___________ and the ____________. Job: _____________
congress; senate; house of representatives; make laws
Bill of Rights
First 10 amendments to the constitution; give people their rights
Has the power to settle disputes between states
Supreme Court
Supreme Court Justices serve
Until they die or retire
executive agreement
an agreement between the president and the leader of another country
to buy and sell things from place to place on a large scale
what is one check the executive branch has on the judicial branch?
appoints judges
Checks and Balances
each branch of the national government can check the actions of the other two branches
Speaker of the House
A presiding officer for the Senate
2 per state
the # of senators from each state
Who is the commander in chief of the US military?
House of Reps are the only ones who can impeach people
State Congress: State House of Representatives and State Senate
State Government - Legislative Branch
What is Congress made up of?
House of Representatives and Senate
Determined by state population
the # of representatives from a state
How old you need to be to run for the Senate
Who appoints the judges?
the president with the approval of the senate--same as the cabinet
what is one power the judicial branch has?
hears cases ivolving the constitution
Term of office for members of the Supreme Court
Life -- for good behavior
Each state receives how many representatives?
It depends upon the population of that state.
How does the executive Branch check on the Legislative Branch?
They veto laws, call special sessions of congress, political leadership
1. What is the length of a term of office for members of the U.S. House of Representatives?
The term of an officer in the House of Representatives is 2 years. Article 1
to approve
Define unicmaeral
One House
Who can build roads?
divisions of existing committees formed to address specific issues
a Congressional district whose boundaries are drawn so as to maximize the political advantage of a party or racial group; often such a district has a bizarre shape
Representative- age limit
25 years old
a written idea for a law
carries out the laws
executive branch
main responsibility:
The president's senior advisors on issues such as transportation, foreign relations, and energy
Elected Representatives
Who holds power in a democracy?
house of reps
must be 25 years old
Legislative Branch Members:
Senators and House of Representatives
Distribution of seats in a legislative body
- impeach (firing government officials, judges, the president
- declare war
- collect taxes
- over rule the president with 2/3's majority
- approve/reject the officials
- approving treaties
- create a national currency
legislative branch
key powers:
judical branch
the branch of government, including the fedral court system, that interprets the nation's laws
The president is elected by who?
electoral college
number of appellate courts in the US
The White House
Where the President lives and works
how is house chosen?
elected by people of district
laws passed by the legislative body of a representative government
judicial review
power of supreme court to declare acts/laws unconstitutional
Who approves the treaty with a foreign country with a 2/3 vote?
This dept. is home for the Attorney General, and represents the US in court cases
How many people are in the House of Representatives
How many votes do they need to override a veto?
2/3 vote
How many justices are in the Supreme Court?
9 justices
Executive branch fact 1:
there are presidents, vice presidents, and cabinet members
The Senate
Has sole power to try the impeachment trial
Jobs of Executive Branch
1. Carries out laws
2. leads military
3. commander and chief
Head of executive branch?
President, whom is elected every four years.
Who has the power to nominate ambassadors, judges and cabinet members?
The President. Article 2
Commander in Chief
This is the role that makes the President the leader of the military
President pro tempore
The title of the person who fills in for Biden in the Senate
How is the cabinet picked?
They are appointed by the president with approval of the Senate
senate: how long is a term? re-election limit?
6 yr term; no re-election limit
Term of office for members of the House of Representatives
2 years, no term limits
how does legislative check and balance judicial?
impeach judges & reject appointment of judges
what are the roles of the legislative branch?
creating the laws that hold our society together (congress)
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