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Secluding self
Communion, a sacrament
Sacramental riteEither through sprinkling or immersion, admits a person to the Christian church
Old Testament
covenant with moses
Season on the liturgical calendarBegins January 6Color is GreenCelebrates:- Baptism of Christ (Orthodox)- Christ's manifestation to the non-Jewish world through the Magi (Catholic)
Roman Catholic Chruch
largest Christian denomination

Christian holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus after his death and burial, in which he is understood to have broken the power of death and sin over the lives of human beings; the most important holiday of the year for most Christians, especially sacramental Christians; always occuring in the Spring
A movement within Evangelical Protestantism of militant reaction to, and committed opposition to, the eroding effects of modern culture upon traditional (pre-modern) Christianity and especially to the influence of the secular humanism associated with the Enlightenment--above all to (a) the application of critical historical scholarship to the understanding and interpretation of Scripture (and all suggestions that the words of Scripture are merely human and subject to error) and (b) acceptance of modern natural science (and especially the theory of evolution) to be a more reliable account of origins than the first chapters of the book of Genesis in the Old Testament.  It is concerned sociologically to differentiate itself from other expressions of Christianity as not truly Christian to the extent that they do not adhere to the touchstones of doctrine that it identifies as "fundamentals."
  stones to bread
Economic power
Anointing with oil (Chrism) on specific parts of an infants bodyImmediately following baptism
Martin Luther
Founder of the German reformationCatholic priest, professor of moral philosophy and scripture at University of Wittenberg
Older name for 'letter,' still commonly used in biblical studies.
Christian reform movement in England, ended with peace treaty of Westphalia 1517-1648, reformation ended in 1648.
religious symbol that conveys divine grace, sanctity ex. Baptism
Renaissance humanism was a literary and historical movement to recover the Latin and Greek classics, and with them to discover a more secular and individualistic view of human­ity. Modern humanism is a philosophy that focuses on and exalts humanity.
methodism/Methodist Church
an independent Protestant church founded by John Wesley, which began as a reform movement within the Church of England. It differed from the Church of England in its greater emphasis on personal spirituality, Bible study, evangelistic preaching, and lively services.
(or rather, Thomas Aquinas) (1225-1274 CE): One of the very greatest of Christian philosophers and theologians, who lived, taught, and wrote in the 13th century in central Europe. He is widely recognized as having shown how the Christian faith and pagan Greek philosophy in its most challenging form, the systematic thought of Aristotle, could be reconciled without compromise to either faith or philosophy.  Roman Catholics consider him the greatest of Christian philosophers and theologians.
A conversion is a
change of heart
The name “Mary” means “bitter” or “grieved”
Messages of good news. The four stories of the life of Christ found in the New Testament.
Nicene Creed
325 CEOne, Three, visible and invisible, unknowable
Orthodox churches that make most of their own decisions, but are smaller than Autocephalous groups
Portion of the Latin massGives praise to God"Glory to God in the highest"
The catholic doctrine that the bread and wine of the eucharist literally become the body and blood of Christ in their essence
Part of the mass"Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts"Praise
Many believe in adult baptism by immersion, pacifism, simple worship buildingsExamples:MennonitesUnitarianBaptists
40 days before Easter. Abstain from festivities by almsgiving and devoting more than the usual time to religious exercises.
Apostles' Creed
Statement used only in western Catholic church; 3 sections concerned with Father, Christ, Holy Ghost.
Pay for your reconciliation, full or partial
One or another of several groups making up the radical wing of the Protestant Reformation, which rejected the validity of infant baptism and insisted that only persons making a self-conscious choice for themselves to depart from "the kingdoms of this world" and embrace "the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ" were truly Christians, for whom baptism by immersion was the appropriate outward testimony. They insisted that Christians were called to live a lifestyle distinct from that of the common culture and that the Constantinian heritage of a state church was an abomination.
Jesus the Man From Heaven  95 CE
50 CE 

Jerusalem Council, Acts 15- changed how you saved from circumsicion to being baptized.
Oscar Romero
bishop of roman catholic church, helped oppressed because of civil war, influential because he made Christians focus on doing good for others
encomienda-doctrina system
a cooperative effort between the encomendero (conquistador or his descendant) and the doctrine,' (usually a men­dicant friar) to build a sound economic and spiritual base in the Spanish territories of the New World.
from a Greek word meaning "to instruct." A catechism is a manual of Christian doctrine used to instruct believers in the Christian faith. They were especially popular in the sixteenth century among both Protestant and Catholic reformers, because of the emphasis on religious instruction for ministers as well as laity
New testament
special covenant with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Understood by Christians to supplant or take place of the Old testament/covenant that the Jewish people were believed to have had with God
A vivid short story, conveys religious truth
Jesus believed that the Law, in itself, was bad.
Term: “a doctrine taught with the highest authority”
Christians must accept all of the miracles at face value or reject them altogether.
The forced exclusion of a person from a religious organization, such as a church. People who continued, after warning, to practice errors, often were excommunicated from the church.
A partition or screen on which icons are placed, separating the actual sanctuary from the main part of the church
Inner-Trinitarian Decree
God determined the plan of salvation long before the creation of anything outside himself.
A harmony of the Gospels made by Tatian in the third century AD, and popular well into the Middle Ages in many languages.
Christian Science
Mary Baker Eddy- founder of Christian science, spiritual and practical solution to problems, don’t use medicine, absolute rejection of medical services, sickness is a symptom of some sort of spiritual problem. 
papal bull
a formal document issued by the pope.
Marburg Colloquy
the debate between Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli held in A.D. 1529. Zwingli and Luther did not resolve their differ­ences, but Zwingli convinced Luther to see that reconciliation with the Catholic Church was not really possible.
sought to purify the church of england for Calvinists beliefs
In the Gospels the Pharisees deny that Jesus worked many wonders.
12 Apostles were chosen to represent a new community of faith – a new________ that we recognize today as the Christian church
Agnus Dei
"Lamb of God"Portion of the Latin mass said shortly before communion
Eusebius of Casesarea
The first Church historian, who played a critical role in many controversies about details of the Christian faith. Many quotations of early Christian writers have survived only as part of his 'Ecclesiastical History.' He records a number of opinions about the origins of the Gospels and other scriptural books.
Second Coming
the promised return of jesus Christ to bring completion the intended redemption of God for his fallen creation. Not sure when it will happen or how it will happen


Jesus the Savior of the World  85 CE
Discalced Carmelites
a reform branch of the Carmelite order founded by Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. It became a separate order in A.D. 1593. The term discalced means 'unshod," referring to the spiritual practice of going bare­foot in order to fulfill Jesus's mandate to pro­vide themselves with nothing for the journey, not even sandals for their feet (Matt 10:9-10).
The idea that Jesus the Son is the same substance as God the Father
Magisterial Reformation
The mainstream, right wing of the 16th century Protestant Reformation, identified in terms of its rejection of the Roman Catholic Magisterium (the Roman Catholic conception of Sacred Tradition as something alongside of Scripture having been passed down from Jesus and the first Apostles). In contrast with the Radical Reformation Protestants, Magisterial Reformation Protestants did not reject the Constantinian heritage of the marriage of church and state, but took advantage of state power to forward their Reformation goals.  As a result, there are still today many "state churches" in Europe.
What is our primary source of knowledge about the historical Jesus?
New Testament/ Gospels
the Incarnation
Doctrine that jesus was at once both a human and god, there is nothing about life that god is not acquainted with
Roman Catholic Church
One of the 3 major divisions of Christianity, claiming (similar to Eastern Orthodox) to be historically continuous with the early church and to be the truest and most faithful to original Christianity. Centered in Rome, with the Bishop of Rome serving as its head or Pope
Jesus’ vision of an ideal future, or Dream, was called the
Kingdom of God
1962-1965 CE Vatican II
A special council of the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church resulting in many changes to modernize the Church (ie changing language of worship from latin to the vernacular, emphasizing bible study and literacy, simplifying and revising the sacraments, becoming more ecumenical toward other Christian traditions, etc)
Jesus saw God as a
a caring parent who loves without conditions
1204 CE- Sack of Constantinople (4th Crusade)
Crusaders were originally planning to attack Jerusalem but instead attacked Constantinople (a Eastern Orthox city, capital of the Byzantine Empire). This was seen as one of the final acts of the Great Schism
The father in the parable of the prodigal son
Throws a magnificent party to celebrate his son’s return
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