Circuits Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
resistor symbol
to push away
series circuit diagram
negatively charged subatomic particles
power, watts = joule/second
for resistors, p=(i^2)r=(v^2)/r
Potential Difference. Between two points on a circuit it is the difference in energy level for a unit charge
devices or components
individual circuit elements
The movement of positive particles. The change in charge per unit time.
Batteries and generators suppy
The charge carriers
capacitive reactance
opposition of capacitance to alternating current
___ ___ pushes electric charges through a closed circuit
Engery Source
Closed path ending at the starting node
Batteries and generators set up
A potential difference
skin effect
the phenomenon at high frequencies which causes current to move to the outside surface of conductors
open circuit
an incomplete electrical circuit in which no current flows
A discharge of electrons form a cloud to another cloud or form a cloud to the surface of the earth
physical layout
A diagram that shows the actual arrangement of elements in a circut-like a photograph
linear circuit
a circuit whose output is linearly related to its input
common-emitter (CE)
a BJT amplifier configuration in which the emitter is the common terminal to an ac signal or ground
Voltage-controlled voltage source
V = V(s)*K (constant) [+/- diamond]
passive devices
do not require an external power source in order to operate (resistor, capacitor, inductor)
Ohm's law relates ___ ___ and ___
current, resistance, voltage
An example of a resistor in an electric circuit is a ___
light bulb
Electric Charge
charge obtained by an object when it gains or loses electrons
the state of a BJT in which the collector current has reached a maximum and is independent of the base current
Once they reach maximum flow the electric potential is reduced , return to zero and reverse motion. is an example of?
Alternating current (AC)
A circuit or a section of a circuit in which current can split and take different paths. The voltage drop across each path is the same.
decoupling network
a low pass filter that provides a low impedence path to ground for high frequency signals
A break anywhere in the path results in an open circuit and the flow of electrons ceases.
A series circuit
Battery (voltage source)
What is this? (What is it also known as?)
electron drift velocity vs. transmission velocity
drift velocity is pretty slow, whereas transmission velocity approaches the speed of light
What is a circuit loop.
A closed path beginning at a node, traveling through one or more elements and returning to the same starting mode without crossing itself.
A charge moves _____ when it moves through a potential difference creating a
Randomly , an electric field which creates an electric force setting charges in motion
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