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Bottom-up interview
The Largest Network
the Internet
Windows Vista instantly recognizes flash drives when they are plugged into a USB port and treats them as another hard drive on the system. (True/False)
infrastructure is the basic client/server relationship. The client handles the display, the server handles the request and the application tier is contained on one or both of the two tiers.
By default, an image is ____.
For peak performance, it is recommended that systems have at least 1 GB of RAM. (True/False)
a private combination or characters associated with the user name that allows access to certain computer resources
this operation are sequential instuctions that carry out a single well-defined task.
sequential operation
what is a cluster
sectors grouped together
A notebook drive is ____ inches wide.
Using ____, a Web site’s visitors can move from one page to another, and view information in any order.
(World Wide Web); resides on the Internet
The process of transforming clear text into coded, unintelligble text for secure storage or communication.
Traditional stores with an online presence are referred to as?
Click-and-Brick businesses
asks manufacturers to adopt the government’s
Energy Star® specifications.
Energy conservation
the first page that website dispolys often provides connection to the other web pages
The ____ feature makes some basic assumptions about the text you are typing and, based on theses assumptions, automatically corrects it.
what tracks end of the queue
tail pointer
Which of the following is an example of German expressionism?
A(n) ____ boot involves turning on the power with the on/off switch.
A(n) ____ is a vertical line of information in a table.
strategic alliance
an agreement between two or more companies that involves the joint production of distribution of goods and services
Dial-up Modem
A modem that performs the conversion between analog and digital in such a way that the signal can be carried on a regular telephone line.
This type of installation allows you to decide which features you want installed on the hard drive.
Custom Installation
which is the measure of
the impact human activities have on the environment relative to the
amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon
Carbon Footprint
distributive justice
rewards should be in proportion to costs; outcomes should be in proportion to investments to feel satisfaction
Tracking log
Worksheet where changes to a shared workbook are displayed and erroneously rejected changed can be retrieved.
a program is simply a collection of statements or steps that solve a problem. These need to be converted in order for the computer to understand them and perform the tasks they request of it.
benchmark testing
used by companies to measure system performance
Knowing how to ____ a problem to those higher in the support chain is one of the first things you should learn on a new job.
To locate a Web page using a browser, you type its ____ in the browser’s Address or Location bar.
transaction processing system (TPS)
An organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices used to record complete business transactions
____ can include only the digits 0-9 and any of the special characters
Number Entries
This is an electronic mailing list of E-mail addresses of people who are interested in a certain topic or are of interest.
A Listserv
The most important aspect of application software.
Sharing Data and Information
idea of catharsis (frustration aggression theory)
frustration causes unpleasant tension to build up; acting aggressively reduces this tension; research does not support this - acting aggressively tends to increase further aggression
uses both the old and new systems until you’re sure that the new system performs correctly.
Parallel implementation
query language
allows a user to specify a task without specifying how the task will be accomplished
New York's Worlds Fair 1939
The first commercial broadcast was made from the ____ ______ _______ _____ in ______ _________
What is system update?
System update is for new programming or drivers
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
A programming language in which data can be placed in text files in a structured way that can be read by a wide variety of applications.
A port to which a CRT monitor connects.
Video Graphics Array
What-if analysis
An approach you can use in Excel to analyze workbook data by changing one or more of the values and then examining the recalculated values to determine the effect of the change.
Which type of file records changes immediately?
Online redo log files
When ImageX is combined with ____, you can completely automate the deployment process to include partitioning and formatting hard drives
Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
These programs strive to replace the management tools found on a traditional desk - a calendar, address book, notepad, and to-do list.
Personal Information Manager Software or PIM
Name 4 desirable characteristic of an algoritm
elegance; ease of understanding; effiency; correctness
Arrays make the logic of a program
easier to understand and use.
what does a DNS server do?
converts computer name to an IP address
what effect does loading tables with nullable columns have on the performance of LOAD?
degrades it because extra processing is required to check whether the data should be null or not
What are three types of commonly used video blogging software programs?
Blinkx - Seesmic - Vlog It!
What is the purpose of Research and Development?
Research and Development is the idea portion, they have a broad grasp of everything, they use a systematic approach
What is the command sequence to create the a table in Word?
tabel button, select the size of the table, enter the information
click insert tab, table, insert table, select size, enter information
click insert tab, table, draw table, draw the table box and draw in rows and colums, enter the information
click insert tab, clic kand hold insert tabel button, drag cursor across 3 rows and 2 columns. enter info.
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