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As-is system
unwanted or junk e-mail
DNS stands for:
domain name system
TCP/IP (the internet)UDP (Youtube)
Star Topology
A(n) ____ installation requires computers to be booted into Windows PE from removable storage and then run the Windows 7 installation from a distribution share.
distribution share
Running the Disk Defragmenter utility is a quick and easy way to ensure your temporary Internet files don't take up precious hard drive space
a group of comprised computers connected to a network such as the Internet that are used as part of a network that attacks other networks, usually for nefarious purposes
_____operations send results from the computing agent to the outside world
the process of removing data redundancies.
A ____ station provides the same functions as a port replicator, but provides additional slots for adding secondary storage devices and expansion cards.
A(n) ____ cell displays normal text that is left-aligned.
is a malicious computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer, typically without the user being aware of it.
Loss Rate
In measuring computer performance, the frequency of problems in the communications network that necessitate data retransmission.
These are software programs that go out and grab the latest updates of Web material according to your specifications.
allows businesses to store their history in
relational databases
Data Warehousing
infor system elements
hardware, software, data, people, procedures
Using the Routing Recipient command on the Send To submenu, to send a workbook as an e-mail attachment along with a list or recipients to review workbook.
network tapology
the way a network is configured
The frame rate for film is _____ frames per second
Access to a computer can be controlled using a ____ password.
Tables include features such as ____.
captions borders headers
information service unit
basically a miniature IS department attached and directly reporting to a functional area in a large organization.
Competitive Strategy
The creation of new, usually cross- departmental, business practices during informa-tion systems development. Most business process redesign uses technology to enable new, more efficient business processes that require people to work in new ways and to follow different procedures.
What software is the best for creating a newsletter?
A. word processing software
B. desktop publishing software
D. Media Management software
performs tens of thousands of specific tasks
the end‐user needs, like creating a budget for accounting, creating a
resume, or making a professional presentation.
Application Software
factors affecting initial attraction
familiarity; Chinese symbols example remodeling lobby pick symbol they've been exposed to; proximity - tend to like people we come into contact with on a regular basis; reciprocity (we like those who like us); physical attractiveness
An Excel feature that enables you to check the accuracy of the formulas by reviewing the structure and behavior of the formulas in your worksheet.
directed hacker
cracker motivated by greed or politics
MS Visio
a charting tool, widely used in modeling networks, business processes, and special diagrams such as cross-functional flow charts
If a system is giving repeated startup errors or you have just removed several programs, you might want to search through ____ for processes left there by uninstalled or corrupted software that might be giving startup problems.
registry keys
With an e-mail link, the link text used typically is the ____.
e-mail address
are text files sent to a browser and then sent back unchanged by the browser to the originating server. Used for tracking and maintaining specific information.
A ___ is part of the Excel workbook.
Drawing Object
Today most broadband providers and ISPs offer the services of this.
A Web-Based E-mail client
personal paint/image editing software
provides an easy to use interface
a type of sorting algorithm that "grows" a sorted subsection of the list from back to front
selction sort algortihm
is a formal contractually obligated agreement between two parties, usually for systems, defines the work to be done, the time frame, the metrics that will be used to measure the success of the systems development effort, and the costs.
Service level agreement (SLA)
class diagram
represents a detailed view of a single use case, shows the classes that participate in the use case, and documents the relationship among the classes
David Sarnof
_____ _____ was the long time head of RCA
What is a TMP?
TMP files come from un-orderly exit, temporary files
A team formed to address large problems
Group Decision Support System
computer vision syndrome
cause you to be sore, tired, burning, itching, or dry eyes
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Programming language in which Excel macros are written.
Describe the functionality of SQL*Plus.
-Accepts standard SQL with Oracle enhancements-Allows: - the creation and execution of queries - adding rows - modifying data - writing reports
What five forces determine industry structure?
Bargaining power of customers, threat of substitutions, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of new entrants, rivalry
Instead of the traditional model that requires software to be purchases and installed on individual machines or network servers, with this delivery model the application is hosted by the vendor and made available to the customer over the internet.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Hi Tech vs Lo Tech
more work vs less work from computers
How An Array Works
When an array is first defined, you must tell the computer system what type of data will be stored & how many memory cells you would like to use. For ex. in the Java programming language, you create a new array and specify the type and the size of the array by using the "new" keyword. you also specify a name for the array, which is used to access the contents of the cells in the array. Consider this statement:

Java example: int[ ] aGrades = new int[5];

-The “int[ ]” part of the statement tells the computer that the array will hold integer (numeric values). If the array was going to hold character values, it would say char[ ].
- The word “aGrades” is the name of the array, the name by which the memory contents will be accessed.
- The “new” keyword tells the computer that a new array is being created.
- The “int[5]” part of the statement tells the computer to reserve five memory locations to store the numeric (int) values for the array.
- The “=” sign (equals sign, called an assignment operator) takes the newly created array of 5 memory cells and assigns aGrades as the “manager” of those memory cells.
- The “;” (semicolon) tells the computer that the end of statement has been reached
cathoid ray tube (CRT)
a type of monitor that was based on the original desgin of the televsion set and freatues a picutre tube device and screen made up of millions of pixels, or tny dots.
can Hashing result in collisions?
yes b/c The same relative key is generated for more than one original key value

One solution: expand the algorithm to add the sum of the digits of the phone number to the relative key
The sum of the digits in phone number 7025551234 is 34
Original key 1045 + 34 gives 1079
Lessens collisions, but does not eliminate them
Most URLs begin with this and is known as the protocol (or set of rules) that allows files to be transferred form a computer that host the Web site you are requesting (known as the Web server) so that you can see the Web site on your computer by using a b
HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol
What are all operating systems made up of?
All operating systems are made up of a hierarchy of directories (more commonly called Folders)

All operating systems must have File management
What is a repeater in communication systems?
A repeater is a device placed along a communications line that amplifies weak signals in order to transmit them over longer distances.

Attenuation causes the signals to weaken over long distances.
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