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Terms Definitions
System requirement
Business process automation (BPA)
PopUp Blockers
settings to disallow popups
specialized programs that are deposited on your hard disk from web sites you have visited
True or FalseCurrent versions of Windows use DOS as the operating system.
special software required to view certain files
-> Adobe Reader, QuickTime, Flash
Some financial planning applications also coordinate with what?
Tax Software
allows you to display spread sheets
what is autonomy?
ability to operate independently
IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks use a unique and popular pointing device embedded in the keyboard called a ____ or point stick.
In the /etc/inittab script, runlevel 2 is ____.
system implementation
involves creating or acquiring the various system components (hardware, software, databases, etc.)defined in the design step, assembling them, and putting the new system into operation
a program that downloads on your computer when you install a free-ware progrma.
Every software programs has these, which specify the minimum recommended standards for the OS, processor, RAM, and hard drive capacity.
System Requirements
is an electronic method of composing, sending,
storing and receiving messages over electronic communication
storing, systems.
custom software
preforms functions specific to a busines or industry
Programs designed to schedule, plan, and control project resources
Project Managers
buffer overflow
Placing more information in memory than can be handled
online documentation
provides immediate help when users have questions or encounter problems
Intel and AMD both recommend a ____ air guide as part of the case design.
Windows NT allows file names to reach a maximum of ____ characters in length.
Vector Graphics
An image composed of distinct objects, such as lines or shapes, that may be moved or edited independently. 
Each object is described by a complex mathematical formula
a software program that goes out and grabs the latest update of web materials according to your specifications
uses a T3 carrier with 28 T1’s and 672 channels for a data rate of 44.736 Mbps
is a utility that that moves positive and negative charges to
the innermost tracks of a disk which in turn reduce the amount of
time it takes the read/write arm to save or erase data and
information. Fragmented files become defragmented and more
utility programs
allows user to preform maintenece type tasks usually related to managing a computer its devices or its programs
The ____ automatically creates a macro by recording a series of actions as macro commands.
Macro Recorder
what is the biggest threat to distributed performance?
network traffic
unit testing
the testing of an individual program or module. objective is to identify and eliminate execution errors that could cause the program to terminate abnormally, and logic errors that could have been missed during desk checking
Do not use less than ____-LB paper in any type of printer, unless the printer documentation specifically says that a lower weight is satisfactory.
True or False? A wide area network (WAN) is two or more LANs connected together over a wide geographic area
Business Computer Hardware
Tangible or Physical aspect of a computer
Examples: Circuit boards, chipsets, keyboards
Acccess Point
A point in a wireless network that facilitates communication among wireless devices and serves as a point of interconncection between wireless and wired networks.
Because the Internet uses clients and servers it is referred to as this.
A Client/Server Network
Four Basic Components of a Network:
Network Interface
Controller (NIC); protocol, physical cables that connect them together, Hub
What is hardware
it refers to the physical components that a computer is made up of
A text box that is attached to a specific cell in which the user adds an explanation or question about the contents of the cell.
the linked lists such as Queues and stacks are
pointer based
Top down view
take previously built tree, pick ndoe as parent, add leaf
Logical address
Also called an IP address, a series of dotted decimals in a format like that identifies a unique device on a network or internet. With the IPv4 standard, IP addresses have 32 bits. IP addresses are called logical addresses because they can be reassigned from one device to another.
____ is a tool used to perform what-if analysis to determine the effect of changing values in two or more cells, called the ____, on another cell, called the ____.
SolverAdjustable CellTarget Cell
T or F: DSL, Cable, and FiOS are all considered broadband Internet connections.
most common reason for murder
escalation of a trivial argument; insults threaten status
Network Interface Controller (NIC)
Card for each computer. NIC's are plugged into a slot on the motherboard inside of the computer that allows a network cable to be plugged in so it can communicate with other computers.
To convert a FAT32 volume to an NTFS volume, first back up all important data on the drive and then use this command at a command prompt: ____, where D: is the drive to be converted.
convert D: /FS:NTFS
Attempts to slow down or stop a computer system or network
Denial of Service (DoS)
what is an output device
information the computer sends to the outside world
What is the biggest advantage of installing Oracle 10g R2.03 versus keeping Oracle 10g R2.01?
Daylight Savings Time-the recent changes to which dates DST starts and stops are implemented in 10.2.03. In 10.2.01 the database does not function during the weeks where DST is still in effect when it would not have been under the old DST rules.
How many bits are in a Byte?
There are 8 bits in a Byte
Who are the intended users of the Runtime option?
programmers who are developing applications on their own client machines while using a remote database as the connection to the database.
How does being computer literate make you a savvy computer user and consumer?
by understanding how a computer is consturcted and how its cvarious parts function. Be able to avoid hackers, viruses and internaet headaches.
Which two places are most appropriate to use UTP cabling?
in a home office network inside a school building
Which ISP network support systems team will typically contact the customer once a new circuit is ready and guide the Customer in setting up passwords and other account information?
*the average time it takes a packet to reach the destination and for the response to return to the source*whether or not the destination device is reachable through the network
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