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Terms Definitions
presidential advisors
addition or change
Which amendment protects discrimination?
a law making body
movement within a country
seperation of races -ILLEGAL
due process =
legal procedures
a written plan of government
a verdict of not guilty
congressional body that approves appointments of the president
anti federalists
opposed the constitutions passage
the enlightened philosopher that advocated seperation of powers
name the amendment: abolished salvery
indictment =
a grand jury trial
What do financial institutions charge for loans?
federal agency responsible for printing and coining money
treasury department
treating people unfairly because they are differernt in some way
government agency that acts as "federal police" for the justice department
article of the constitutionn that addresses the judicial branch
name the amendment: limited the president to 2 terms
this level of governemtn determines the qualifications for voting
name the amendment: granted washington dc residents the right to vote in national elections
the amendment that addresses who becomes the president if the president dies
the person responsible for bringing the accused to justice
executive agency in charge of regulating and handling the election process
someone who has fled their homeland
the authority to hear a case
The jurisdiction of the accused is what?
What group approves the presidential appointments?
the senate
exclusionary rule
evidence gained without a warrant cannot be used as evidence
in order to search authoorties much have a ____
an organization of citizens who usually have similar ideas on piblic issues and work togrether to put them into gov action
poolitical party
another name for a trail jury
petit jury
a measure of the population taken every 10 years
name the amendment: lowered the voting age to 18
reponsible for guiding party sponsored lefislation throught their respecteive house of congress
floor leader
literacy test
proof of reading skills before voting?
replublic government
people elect represenatives to carry out the work of the government (US)
name the amendment: gave black males the right to vote
organization which began with a group of citizens getting together to support a particular clause
executive department that oversees the issuing of passports and visas
sate department
statement of a political partys stance on certain issues
the art of dealing with foreign nations
maintains armed forces and runes military bases
defense department
intrest group
organizations that try to influence government decisions
womens right to choose abortion
roe v. wade
small minority party, usually needs one of the major parties to adopt their ideas
third party
What are the agencies and the employees of the executive branch called?
Federal Bureaucracy
Where do federal courts start the lawsuits & trials?
District Courts
The necessary and proper clause is what?
probable clause
a person who works for an intrest group and tries to persuade people in legislaters and in the executive offices to pass legislation that promotes their interest
armband case, free expression in schools
tinker v. moye
verified that congress has implied powers interpreted though the necessary and proper clause
mcCullock v. maryland.
special spending projects in a partiular congressmans home state or district added onto a bill in order to get their vote.
pork barrel spending
with 60 votes from the senate, this can end a filibuster
an agreement between the president and another leadere of a country, does not require senate approval
executive agreement
oversees programs such as "no child left behind"
education department
standing committee
a permanent committee in the US congress
powers that are clearly defined in the us constitution
powers not clearly described in the us constitution but are suggested by a particular clause
the process in which an alien becomes a Us citizen
laws passed by the national government will always be over laws passed by the states
supremacy clause
checks and balances
one branch authority over another branch
rodger williams
he was kicked out of massachusetts because his belief in seperation of church and state. he founded rhode island.
when a legeslative body has 2 parts our houses
the first represenative democracy of the new world, it governed virgina
house of burgesses
region known for small farmning and shipbuilding
new england
direct democracy
not a practical form of government (new england town meetings)
thurgood marshall
an important attourney in the brown case in 1954, FIRST BLACK APPOINTED TO THE US SUPREME COURT
What's the most important role of the president
Chief Executive
Subpoena is _________________________________________________.
a document summmoning a witness to court
What is the study of how we make decisions in the world?
A market economy .....................
individuals own the factors of production
How many senators does it take to end a filibuster?
grandfather clause
if your grandpa voted, then you could vote without a literacy test.
legal right to appear before a judge and not be punished without a cause, can be suspended during times of war or an emnergency
habeas corpus
if the government denies people their rights then they must ____ or _____ it.
alter or abolish
rule is in the hands of the people (US)
a justice wioll write this when he agrees with the majority of the justices but for a different reason
concurring opinion
a non citizen that intends to become a citizen
the ability to forgive one person of a crime
house of congress that choose the president if no candidate gets the required number of electoral votes
house of reps.
double jeapordy
cannot be tried for the same crime twice
to support and enemy or enemies of the us
this was passed to limit the presidents ability to wage war
war powers act
power to send job related mail without paying postage (congress right)
franking privledge
olive branch petition
the last attempt to compromise with king george before the revolutionary war broke out.. written by benjamin franklin
the lawyer provided by the state to someone who cannot afford one
public defendor
the power of the president to make a criminal sentence less severe
Be informed, right to a safe, to choose, be heard, and redress are examples of what?
5 consumer rights
What is labor?
Labor is the human effort directed to producing goods
Wants are.................
things that we would like to have but don't hold
speech that the president MUST deliver every year
state of the union
two stages to the admendment process:
1. to propose2. to radify
what are the two types of government that describe the us government
democracy & republic
popular soverginity
the idea that people have the right to rule themselves
open election
any one can participate - dont have to be a member of any particular party
what is the name given to the south and southwest?
the "SunBelt"
5 civic duties:
1. obey laws2. pay tax3. register for the draft4. jury duty5. school til 16
2nd continental congress
the group that had the dec. of independence written
first female to serve on US supreme court
sandra de oconner
Who is the person in charge of the US Senate
Vice President
What is the role that the president is using when he greets foreign leaders?
Head of State
Must be 35 years old, must live in US for 14 years & must be native born qualifies for what?
The President
our 5 responsibilites are:
1. to be informed2. to vote3. to express our opinions4. toleration5. volenteerism
the long term cause of the revolutionary war
the french and indian war
states that each state much respect and regonize the laws of another state
full faith and credit clause
if a present holds a bill for 10 days without signing it and congress was out of session
pocket veto
sons of libery
a group set up in responce to the stamp act, led by samual adams.
affirmative action, denied to get into school because of color
bakke v. uni. of cali
What is the Federal Reserve System?
The central bank or the bankers bank
what is the highest court and what is its type of jurisdiction?
supreme courtappellate and original
what is one thing a naturilized citizen cannot do that a natural born citizen can?
run of president or vice president.
What is the job of an appeals court?
the people hear appeals courts only
how long can a federal judge serve on court and can a state judge
life (federal), 8 years (state)
What does it mean when a committee pigeonholes a bill?
goes into a mailbox, stuck there/ ignore it
the three rights that are unchangeable in the dec. of independence
1. life2. liberty3. and the pursuit of happiness.
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