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Terms Definitions
to free
pain killer
Someone against slavery.
Battle of Vicksburg
year Civil War ended
Uncle Tom's Cabin published
withdrawing from the Union
Abolitionist keeping slavery from developing
Border States
Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia (1863)
Washington DC
became a significant civilian leadership, military headquarters, and logistics center during the American Civil War
where battle of Gettysburg was fought
Washington D.C.
capital of the United States
Battle of Antietam
September 1862; Virginia; Neither
Spy for the Confederate Army
Belle Boyd
Lincoln's assasination
where: Ford's Theater
who: John WIlkes Booth
when: April 15, 1865 at 10:20 p.m.
what: President Linoln is assasinated
how: Booth fired a pistol shot into Lincoln's skull in close range while he watched a play in a special box
why: He did it for his country.
man who said "War is Hell"
How many died at Gettysburg?
Almost 50,00
John Brown
• Lead anti-slavery act in Kansas
• Hacked five slave-owning men to death with swords
An Armored navel vessel (an iron plated ship)
rebuilding of the south after the civil war
The process of instructin recruits how to march and practice the militar arts as as unit.
Henry Clay
Senator from Kentucky that proposed that California enter the union as a free state
George Custer
vain general, battle of little bighorn
13th Amendment
Freed the slaves; slavery now illegal
Union - blue Confederate - grey (butternut)
a negative term given to Northerners who migrate South looking for business and economic opportunities; generally had all their stuff packed into a cheap suitcase or "carpetbag"
system in which landowners leased a few acres of land to farmworkers in return for a portion of their crops
Western part of Virginia that broke away and said they did not want to succeed.
a continuous rise in the price of goods and services
to sign up to save in the military
Peninsular Campaign
In the American Civil War, large-scale but unsuccessful Union effort to capture the Confederate capital at Richmond, Va.,
souths plan
fight a defensive war until north gives up. stress how the 13 colonies seceded from england
Charles Schenck
Prosecuted under the Sedition Act for mailing pamphlets about war. He was about peaceful protest. First to protest and say it was unconstitutional. He lost.
Robert E. Lee
was the CSA General who surrendered
Elizabeth Van Lew
Nicknamed "Crazy Beth," considered one of the most sucessful spies of the Union
Jan 9th
Mississippi secedes with 85 votes to 15 (no referendum).
clara barton
Nurse during the Civil War; started the American Red Cross
Henry "Box" Brown
Runaway slave famous for mailing himself in a box to Philadelphia
Emancipation Proclamation
issued by Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862, it declared that all slaves in the rebellious Confederate states would be free
Habeas Corpus
issued by some Southern states to protect citizens of arbitrary arrest by the Confederate government if they refuse the army draft
who did the picketts charge?
morth to the south
Frederick Douglass
Former slave who became a prominent black abolitionist.Urged Lincoln to recruit former slaves to fight in the Union army.
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States of America
What State was formed from Virginia during this conflict?
West Virginia
Winfield Scott
United States general who was a hero of the War of 1812 and who defeated Santa Anna in the Mexican War (1786-1866)
James Longstreet
led Pickett's charge on the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, Confederate hero at Chickamauga
Income Tax
Tax paid to the state, federal, and local governments based on income earned over the past year.
underground railroad
A system of secret escape routes that led slaves to free land
fear of losing-hesitant to attack
McClellan's downfall as a general?
Napoleon the third
the first President of the French Republic and the only emperor of the Second French Empire. He holds the unusual distinction of being both the first titular president and the last monarch of France.
George Pickett
He led the final charge for the Confederates at Gettysburg
At the 1st battle of Bull Run Jackson earned his nick name when he and his brigade stood "like a stone wall." Serving under Lee, Jackson flanked the Union army to set up the Confederate victory at the second battle of Bull Run. At Chancellorsville Jackson again flanked the Union army but was mortally wounded by his own troops.
abraham lincoln
16th president of the union. years in office: 1861-1865, during the civil war.
North Advantages
The North had a stroger economy. Its army and navy were bigger and better equipped.
George McClellan
General who was the new commander of the Union army in the East, who insisted that the troops be given a long period of training and discipline before going into battle; attacked VA in March 1862, and was stopped as a result of brilliant tactical moves by Confederate General Robert E. Lee (became South commander of Eastern forces); forced McClellan to retreat and was replaced with General John Pope
Confederate States of America
The southern states that seceded from the United States in 1860 and 1861.
Effects of the Civil War
Northern economy slowly grew, better weapons, inflation, laid the basis for aspects of modern civilization, changed role of women. War sped up mechanization of production, the growth of large corporations, the creation of a better banking system. Slavery was over, people see US as single nation, heartened republican government and democracy- possible. Better integrated society, more technically advanced, more productive economic system. Examples of charity, devotion to duty, and self-sacrifice. Property losses, corruption. Thousands of deaths, Southern economy and trade with Britain destroyed.
Who was the 18th president of the U.S. (after Lincoln)
US Grant
dred scott decision
A Missouri slave sued for his freedom, claiming that his four year stay in the northern portion of the Louisiana Territory made free land by the Missouri Compromise had made him a free man. The U.S, Supreme Court decided he couldn't sue in federal court because he was property, not a citizen.
Wilmot Proviso
Banned Slavery in the new lands to the west (taken from Mexico) which caused tension between the North and the South.
what was the gettysburg address?
the gettysburg address was a memorial to mourn the men who died in the war 3 minutes long (speech)
martial law
this is a type of rule in which the military is in charge and citizens' rights are suspended
What was the name of the book written by Harriet Breecher Stone?
Uncle Tom's Cabin
PGT Beauregard-opens fire-south attacks
the South's reaction ( and who led the South)
the north had more factories
What was the #2 advantage of the North?
What was significant about the Emancipation Proclamation?
It stated that all states must come back to the union or he would free al the slaves or band slavery by a certain date.
why did the EP not free border state slaves?
because they couldnt risk losing maryland and virginia
what happens to the assassin and his co conspirators
the assassin kills linconn and thhe co consoirators plan never works
to wit
Thirteenth Amendment passed
june 4, july 1863
Texas general killed at Shiloh
When slaves were made free.
Yank, Blue, Federals, Billy Yank
When did the civil war began?
CSA commander of Antietam
Robert E. Lee
the ordinary members of an organization (such as the enlisted soldiers of an army)
A soldier that fought against the north
Missouri Compromise
An agreement in 1820 between pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions in the United States concerning the extension of slavery into new territories
Is a military obstacle that prevents movement in and out of a place.
ships heavily armored with iron. vast improvementover wooden ships
what compromise ended slave trade in d.c.
Jeb Stuart
Dashing Southern cavalry officer who spied on McClellan's movements in Virginia
an iron-clad vessel built by the Confederate forces in the hope of breaking the blockade imposed by the North
large farms that used slave labor to plant and harvest crops
Fort Sumpter
First shots taken at this Charleston federal fort
total war
Targeting civilian as well as military resources to destroy an opponent's economy and ability to fight
Appomattox, VA
where Gen. Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant in April 1865, ending the Civil War
free state
historical before the civil war a state of the U.S in which slavery was illegal
Even though he had Lee's battle plans, McClellan hesitated to attack in this Maryland battle, leading to an unconvincing Union victory. The win was important, however, as it stopped the Confederate invasion of the North and gave Lincoln the victory he was waiting for to act on slavery.
Gen. Winfield Scott
Wanted to use economic sanctions against the south, Lincon said the only way to win was military.
_______ helped more than 300 slave safely flee the south by using a series of safe houses to hide along the route.
harriet tubman
Stonewall Jackson
general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War whose troops at the first Battle of Bull Run stood like a stone wall (1824-1863)
10)Farragut captures New Orleans
North has control over New orleans
Emanicipation Proclamation
Jan 1, 1863 and declared that slaves in the Confederacy were free. Did NOT end slavery in the border states. Confederates ignored the new law. Civil war started as a war to save the Union but changed as a war to end slavery in South. ***By freeing the enslaved people, the Confederacy would weaken. Hoped that freed slaves would join the union army
Gettysburg Address
Lincoln's brief speech in honor of the war dead is known as the _________________
Fort Sumter
A federal fort located in the harbor of Charleston, SC; the Southern attack on Fort Sumter marked the beginning of the Civil War.
15th Amendment
citizens cannot be denied the right to vote because of race, color , or precious condition of servitude
lee's surrender
lee surrendered to grant at the town of appomattox courthouse
bull run 1st manasses
1st official battle of the civil war
North mcuellen
south beauregard
came out even
ppl realized that war was not going to be easy
afternoon as many casualities as entire mexican war\
there is general jackson standing like a stone wall
Special Field Order 15
William Sherman's order to issue 40 acres and a mule to freed slaves
April 9, 1865
Palm Sunday; day the Civil War finally ends
**Gettysburg (TURNING POINT OF THE WAR!!!!!)
army of potomac defeats lee's army
gettysburg july 1-3, 1863
union victory turning point of the was and when
In which battle did John Pope get destroyed by Lee?
Second Bull Run (Manassas)
Compromise of 1850:Benefits for the South
No more laws passed about slavery gained for Mexico:people in those territores could vote for slavery if they wanted, law would be passed to help slave owners recapture runaway slaves.
What is the significance of Fort Donelson and Fort Henry?
It was the first major battle the Union won, Grant had gunboats and the goal was to bomb the forts, once they were bombed then soldiers that were on the beach they would go and attack the forts.
underwater mine
Ft. Sumter
April 1861
capital of confederacy
richmond, virginia
Northerners against the war
Winfield Scott & Anaconda Plan
David G. Farragut
David G. Farragut
northern democrat who advocated making peace with the Confederacy during the Civil War
farrugut attacks mobile
sealed off bay, torpedoes
Ammendment 15
gave slaves right to vote
fort wagner
most celebrated, unsuccessful but heroic assault by black troops
Place where the South surrenders to the North
Winfield Scott's plan for Union victory
a draft that would force certain members of pop. to join army
escaped or captured slaves taken in by the Union army during the Civil War
a smaller river that flows into a larger river
Marbury v. Madison
This case establishes the Supreme Court's power of Judicial Review
The south states in the Civil War. They were for slavery.
Radical Republicans
members of congress who advocated full citizenship rights for African Americans along with harsh Reconstruction policy towards the South
ulysses s. grant
Union military commander who won victories when others had failed and defeated Lee
Lee splits army, Union routed and huge victory for Lee. Jackson shot by own men and dies
54th Massachusetts Regiment
one of the first African-American regiments organzied to fight for the union in the Civil War
Civil War
war between the Union states of the North and the Confederate states of the South; fought from 1861 to 1865
a large estate run by owner or manager and farmed by the laborers that live there
how did butler help NO
opened international trade; asked soldiers to respect private homes and property
Jim crow
A crowbar fitted with a claw for pulling nails.
Pacific Railroad Act of 1862
Legislation that allowed the federal government to offer public land and money to companies for construction of a transcontinental railroad
Emancipation Proclamation was ordered after
Antietam because Lincoln wanted to look strong
Uncle Tom's cabin
Uncle Tom's Cabin was a book by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It was about slaves as individuals, than a group. Her book described some of the worst things about slavery. It was a book about how slaves were mistreated. Northerners grew to hate slavery.
Missouri Compromise of 1820
Was nullified by the Kansas - Nebraska Act, slavery can exist anywhere with popular sovereignty.
Union Wants Kentucky For:
Horses, highway to the lower south and rivers
Southern Slaves escaped when they heard union troops were nearby
What happened after Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclomation?
in 1856 what did sumner do
gave a speech called the crime against kansas
How did the Civil War effect the African Americans?
They fought in both the Confederate & Union armies, the Confederacy often used slaves as naval crew members & soldiers, the Union moved to enlist them sailors in early war, African American soldiers were paid less thanwhite soldiers, African American soldiers were discrimiated against & served in segregated units under the command of white officers.
lincoln elected
To leave
Define Secession.
a runaway slave
state insincerely, to declare
16)Vicksburg surrenders
southern armies are surrendering
Civil Rights Act of 1875
John C. Pemberton
John C. Pemberton
captured by Grant July 4, 1863
What percentage of Texas owned slaves?
may 1861
month/year- upper south (virginia, north carolina, arkansas, tennesse) secede from union
The standard infantry weapon used in the war
in 1849-50 congress was thrown into turmoil by the statehood application of ____________.
restriction of interest to a narrow sphere: under-due concern with local interests or pretty distinctions at the expense of general well-being
Henry David Thoreau
American transcendentalist who was against a government that supported slavery. He wrote down his beliefs in Walden. He started the movement of civil-disobedience when he refused to pay the toll-tax to support him Mexican War.
choosing or taking a person for service in the armed forces
irving McDowell
general ____ ______: commander of Union troops warned Lincoln his troops were not ready for the 1st battle of bull run.
Which 1863 battle was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War for Indiana?
Emancipation Proclamation - Short Answer
Find details for worksheet
NORTH: who where the wealthy people?
the factory owners.
Battle of ________ was one of the Union's worst defeats and it was a victory for Lee's troops in Virginia
Appomattox Courthouse, VA
(459) sight where Confederate states surrendered to Union
Siege of Vicksburg
important battle during which Grant's troops cut off the city of Vicksburg
what percent of the votes did lincoln get
reallys shows what is happening in the war, gives the people a reality check about what war really is
Problem of Labor
whites were worried that freed-slaves would create more competition in the north for jobs.
Anaconda Plan
Unions plan to surround the south and defeat it
(required taking the Mississippi River and splitting confederacy)
the surrounding of a place by an army in order to capture it.
California Gold Rush
Migration of thousands of people to California (in 1849) after gold was discovered there.
Stonewall Jackson's death
Lee starts to mess up after when?
Battle of Bull Run
First official battle; no clear winner; both team's soldiers needed training
What were some Union Advantages?
Industry, Money, Political leadership, An exisiting Navy, an Exisiting government, a powerful central government, food production
Emancipation Proclamation Cons
did not give president power to free slaves in the Union. freeing south slaves weakened the confederacy
Surrender at Appomattox
Surrender at the end of the civil war.
Economical, social, and polital atvantages/dis. of the north and south
South: country people, not much manufacturing, no navy, good generals, few men, know land
North: city people, lots of manfacturing, strong navy, few leaders, don't know land
How did winning the battle of Galvaston help Texas and the Confederacy
Texas towns were not destroyed
Sherman's March to the Sea
sherman/ some 60000 troops set out to march across Georgia; burnt city and destroyed everything.
Which two leaders met at the Appomattox Court House?
Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant
what was order number 28 by general butler
any woman who shows disrespect to a union soldier would be comsidered a prostitute
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