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Pope Pius XII
Terms Definitions
Combining formstreptococci
Max Landing Weight
Fifth Marian Dogma
Max Zero Fuel Weight
Fourth Marian Dogma
The Assumption
Our Lady of Fatima
Minimum T/O & Land Temperature
Purification of Mary (date)
mild and refreshing; soft; soothing:
Identification of eggs in feces( adults remain attached to intestine) and hypochromic, microcytic anemia
The location of sporangiophores in relation to rhizoids is the major clue in the differentiation between rhizopus from
A global network connecting millions of computers.
Her physical virginity is reflective of her ______ virginity
Our Lady of Knock (date)
Irish nationalist and martyr for independence.
shùn lì smoothly / without a hitch
P. malariae
Infected RBC are smaller; Schuffners dots not usually present(Ziemanns dots if present), organism tends to be compact not spread out. Merozoites: mature schizont has 6-12 merozoites Band form(trophozoite stretched across cell)
Via Sacra
-The “sacred way”
-Path through which triumphal processions took place
-From the top of the Capitoline Hill to the Forum to the Colosseum
At the time of diagnosis, the peripheral blood film of a patient with multiple myeloma typically shows
Lumbar puncture for CSF analysis is most essential to diagnose what condition?
It means that human dignity is naturally associated with a person or thing, as an essential characteristic.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help (date)
Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces (date)
A community of Persons: serving life through procreation & education of offspring TorF
What does WOC stand for?
wing operation center
Factor II
Made in liver
One of Magic 4 (II,VII,IX,X)
Vit K dependant
Activated by "Prothrombinase complex"
Active form is thrombin
Responsible for conv of Fbg to Fibrin
Hookworm-Morphology Egg
Identical for both genera smooth thin shell
-Lived from 106 – 43 B.C.E.
- A “new man” (a plebeian who worked through the political ranks to become consul)
-Consul in 63 B.C.E.
-Gained his position through oratory skills
-Justified Rome’s use of an aristocracy as one that balanced power between a monarchy and mob rule.
-Cicero’s public writings in praise of the aristocracy were a way to praise the system which brought him fame and he even said that aristocracies “rewards the best people”
-Brought major Greek philosophies to Rome
The wavelengths in the ultraviolet region are:
below 400 nm
Coxsackie virus can be cultured primarily in:
monkey kidney cells
“In the light of death, life has no real meaning. It is a joke, the tale of an idiot signifying nothing.”
Feast of the Most Holy Rosary (date)
The title perpetual virgin was authorized at the council of ephesus in 431 commemorating the Virgins role in the incarnation of Jesus as the Word of God. True or False
False, Divine Motherhood
a word opposite in meaning to another. Fast is an antonym of slow.
Why is Dionysus called "Bromius"?
its his epithet, meaning thundering
Ascaris lumbricoides pathogenicity related to hosts immune repose, larval migration effects and mechanical effect of adult worms and nutritional problems
Clinical signs from larvae lung involvement due to hypersensitivity-Occasional death from repiratory failure.
Important diagnostic information may be provided by the accurate identification of tape worm proglottids found in stool specimens. What describes Taenia saginata?
15-30 uterine branches, proglottids may not be gravid, scolex have 4 suckers but no hooks, cysticercus larvae
The best direct diagnosis of Echinococcus granulosus infection in man is:
hydatid cysts in tissues
Our Lady of Good Health, Our Lady of Charity (date)
In the salvation, the divine person of God the Son took on a human nature in addition to his divine nature, and it is through Mary that this takes place. True or False
False, Incarnation
In what form was Myrrha when she produced Adonis?
a myrrh tree
Ancylostoma braziliensis
Found in dogs and cats as well as other species.Found in tropics and subtropics, but also in the SE part of USA. Source of most infections are from sandy soil, sand boxes and beaches
Describe the process of cast formation
1. aggregation of Tamm-Horshass protein into individual protein fibrils2. interweaving of the fibrils forms loose fibril network-this is when other constituents can get trapped3. more protein network interweaving forming a solid structure4. attachment of urinary stuff to solid matrix5. detachment of fibrils from the RTE6. Excretion
What are components of gastric secretions?
hydrochloric acid, intrinsic factor, and pepsinogen
Life begins with satisfying the bodily needs toward becoming self-actualized persons. All of man’s needs are in a pyramid form
The JAOC is so critical to Air Force war-fighting success, it is actually considered a ______.
weapons system
in the temple of Demeter, initiates saw a dramatic reenactment. what was being reenacted?
demeter was searching for persephone
What is the purpose for the Sternheimer-Malbin stain for examination of urinary sediment
Delineates structur and contrasting colors of the nucleus and cytoplasmFunction: Identification of WBC and epi cells and casts
The Hbs that are composed of four gamma-chains (Y4) and four Beta-chains (B4) are, respectively:
Hbs Barts and S
Pope Pius XII
He stated that "at the end of her earthly course, Mary was assumed into heavenly glory, body and soul".
When Apollo is represented as a "kouros", how does he appear?
Ideal young man.
healthy, young, one foot forward, confident, smile, strong looking,
Hb H inclusion bodies may:
make red cells look like "pitted gold balls"
A typical AEF calls for 14 months set aside for ______, ______, ______, and ______.
unit training, maintenance, reconstitution, inspections
What is the recommended method for standardization of specimen centrifugation
** speed and time should be consistent** 5minutes and an RCF of 400 produces optimum amount of sediment with least chance of damaging elements** to correct for diameter cahanges in centrifuge heads RCF should be used:RCF= 1.118x 10^-5 x radius(CM) x RPM^2**calibration should be done routinely** To protect against hazardous aerosols all specimens must be in capped tubes
Plasma progesterone concentration in nonpregnant females:
Increases to a maximum a few days post ovulation
In what forms does Dionysus appear as the irrepressible life force?
sap in the tree
juice in the grape
blood in a young animal
hard penis
Anti-lectin is from the extract of the ulex europaeus plant. It is used to distinguish:
persons of the Oh Bombay blood group
The purpose of a flame in atomic absorption measurement is to:
convert the element of interest to an atomic state in a vapor
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