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Excluding Enterobacteriaceae, name the second most common gram-negative bacilli encountered in clinical specimens.A. PseudomonasB. BurkholderiaC. RalstoniaD. Vibrio
A. Pseudomonas
Suspect spore-forming gram-positive bacilli that are nonhemolytic, nonmotile and penicillin-susceptible and that produce a wide zone of lecithinase on egg yolk agar can be identified as:A. Corynebacterium dephtheriaeB. Bacillus anthracisC. Bacillus cereus
B. Bacillus anthracis
Increased serum albumin concentrations are seen in which of the following conditions?A. Nephrotic syndromeB. Acute hepatitisC. Chronic inflammationD. Dehydration
D. Dehydration
Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections can sometimes be associated with:A. Anti-i antibodiesB. Anti-P antibodiesC. Anti-M antibodiesD. Anti-I antibodies
D. Anti-I antibodies
The swarming gram-negative bacillus that can be presumptively identified based on a positive indole test is:A. Klebsiella pneumoniaeB. Proteus vulgarisC. Enterobacter aerogenesD. Escherichia coli
B. Proteus vulgaris
What reagent contains antibodies to multiple antigenic epitopes?A. Heterophile antibody-basedB. Monoclonal-basedC. Alloantibody-basedD. Polyclonal-based
D. Polyclonal-based
The resident human flora staphylococcus that is more likely to cause infections in compromised hosts such as cancer patients is:A. Staphylococcus saprophyticusB. Staphylococcus aureusC. Staphylococcus epidermidisD. Staphylococcus intermedius
C. Staphylococcus epidermidis
Which of the following transfusion reactions has the highest incidence?A. Transfusion-related acute lung injuryB. Graft-versus-host diseaseC. Hemolytic reactions due to ABO incompatibilityD. Urticarial
D. Urticarial
The most appropriate screening test for hereditary spherocytosis is:A. Heat instability testB. Sucrose hemolysisC. Osmotic fragilityD. Kleihauer-Betke
C. Osmotic fragility
A physician suspects his patient has pancreatitis. Which test would be most indicative of this disease?A. CreatinineB. ID isoenzymesC. GlucoseD. Amylase
D. Amylase
The most critical distinction between Staph aureus and other staphylococci is:A. Phosphatase reactionB. DNA productionC. Coagulase productionD. Hemolysis
C. Coagulase production
An antibody that is typically enhanced by treatment with proteolytic enzymes is:A. KiddB. DuffyC. MD. N
A. Kidd
In respiratory acidosis, a compensatory mechanism is the increase in:A. Respiration rateB. Ammonia formationC. Blood PCO2D. Plasma bicarbonate concentration
D. Plasma bicarbonate concentration
The conversion of glucose or other hexoses to lactate or pyruvate is called:A. GlycogenesisB. GlycogenolysisC. GluconeogenesisD. Glycolysis
D. Glycolysis
A reciprocal relationship exists between:A. Sodium and potassiumB. Calcium and phosphateC. Chloride and CO2D. Calcium and magnesium
B. Calcium and phosphate
A group O patient was crossmatched with group B red blood cells. What phase of the crossmatch will first etect this incompatibility?A. Indirect antiglobulinB. Immediate spinC. None of them, unit is compatibleD. 37 C low-ionic strength solution
B. Immediate spin
How would you interpret the results if both the anti-D reagent and the Rh control were 2+ agglutination reactions?A. D-positiveB. D-negativeC. InvalidD. Depends on whether the sample was from a patient or blood donor
C. Invalid
What is the last erythrocyte precursor capable of cell division?A. Orthochromic normoblastB. ReticulocyteC. Basophilic normoblastD. Polychromatic normoblast
D. Polychromatic normoblast
Which of the following is a significant feature of erythroleukemia (Di Guglielmo's syndrome)A. Persistantly increased M:E ratioB. Megaloblastoid erythropoiesisC. Marked thrombocytosisD. Decreased stainable iron in the marrow
B. Megaloblastoid erythropoiesis
Absorption of vitamin B12 in the stomach and gut requires the presence of:A. GastrinB. Intrinsic factorC. SecretinD. Folic acid
B. Intrinsic factor
In a specimen collected for plasma glucose analysis, sodium fluoride:A. Serves as a coenzyme of hexokinaseB. Prevents reactivity of non-glucose reducing substancesC. Precipitates proteinsD. Inhibits glycolysis
D. Inhibit glycolysis
In healthy individuals, the red cells can be described as:A. Microcytic hypochromicB. Macrocytic normochromicC. Normocytic normochromicD. Normocytic hypochromic
C. Normocytic normochromic
Serum anion gap is increased in patients with:A. Renal tubular acidosisB. Diabetic alkalosisC. Metabolic acidosis due to diarrheaD. Lactic acidosis
D. Lactic acidosis
Anti L-W reacts strongest with which cell?A. C positiveB. D positiveC. D negativeD. E positive
B. D positive
The antigens of the Cartwright blood group system are:A. Coa and CobB. Doa and DobC. Dia and DibD. Yta and Ytb
D. Yta and Ytb
A cardiac glycoside tat is used in the treatment of congenital heart failure and arrhythmias by increasing the force and velocity of myocardial contraction is:A. DigoxinB. AcetaminophenC. LithiumD. Phenytoin
A. Digoxin
The slide coagulase test is a rapid screening test for the production of:A. Clumping factorB. Free coagulaseC. Extracellular coagulaseD. Catalase
A. Clumping factor
What is the proper pH for the buffered solution used to perform serum protein electrophoresis?A. 5.6B. 7.6C. 8.6D. 9.6
C. 8.6
Rh system antibodies characteristically give:A. Reactions that are enhanced with enzymesB. Weak reactions with panel cellsC. Mixed-field reactions on panelsD. Strong reactions with panel cells when read at immediate spin phase
A. Reactions that are enhanced with enzymes
Gastrin:A. Is secreted by the liver and stomachB. Is secreted when gastric fluid pH is lowC. Stimulates gastric acid secretionD. Inhibits section of instrinsic factor
C. Stimulates gastric acid secretion
A patient as a platelet count of 1200 x 10/L. Many platelets are giant and have abnormal shapes. A mild anemia is present. The bone marrow has increased megakaryocytes in clusters, iron stores are present. Which of the following is most likely?A. Essentia
A. Essential thrombocythemia
What is the most important buffer pair in plasma:A. Phosphate/biphosphate pairB. Hemoglobin/imidazole pairC. Bicarbonate/carbonic acid pairD. Sulfate/bisulfate
C. Bicarbonate/carbonic acid pair
In laser flow cytometry, histograms combining the data from forward light scatter with the data from right angle scatter permit the operator to:A. Quantitate cell surface proteinB. Determine absolute cell sizeC. Distinguish internal cell structuresD. Diff
D. Differentiate cell populations from one another
How often can a person donate a unit of whole blood for a directed donation?A. 2 weeksB. 8 weeksC. 48 hoursD. 24 hours
B. 8 weeks
What is the major morphologic difference between Hodgkin and other B cell lymphomas?A. The extent of hte lymph node involvementB. The presence of numerous reactive lymphocytes and only a few malignant cells in Hodgkin lymphomaC. The presence of numerous t
B. The presence of numerous reactive lymphocytes and only a few malignant cells in Hodgkin lymphoma
Proper storage of CSF sent to the laboratory for bacterial culture includes:A. Refrigeration for up to 23 hoursB. Freezing at 70 CC. Incubation at 35 CD. Freezing at temperatures above 70 C
C. Incubation at 35 C
Which of the following is used in the treatment of hemophilia B?A. Factor VIII concentrateB. Fresh frozen plasmaC. PlateletsD. Factor XIII concentrate
A. Factor VIII concentrate
When compared to mature erythrocytes, reticulocytes:A. Are larger and bluer on Wright stain from remnant RNAB. Are large and have more vacuoles on Wright stain from remnant DNAC. Stain pinker with new methylene blueD. Still have a nucleus
A. Are larger and bluer on Wright stain from remnant RNA
The temperature of a shipment of red blood cell units that were received from the local blood center was recorded at 8 C. The correct course of action is to:A. Place the units in inventory because the temperature is acceptableB. Have the units tested for
A. Place the units in inventory because the temperature is acceptable
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