Coaching Theory Exam Flashcards

Terms Definitions
what is sportmanship
good character when participating in sports
what is discipline what what are the three major components
What word did john wooden use instead of winning
What are six skills to teach through games skills approach.
what are 3 main dimensions of communication
Listening..verbal and nonverbal...content and emotion
what is the number one objective coaches should have when applying a winning philosophy?
Athletes first...winning second
How should a coach approach cultural differences
treat everyone equally
what are two major main categories of disibilities
physical and mental
Know 6 benefits of Planning
Identify the skills your athletes needKnow your athletesAnalyze your situationEstablish prioritiesSelect the methods for teachingPlan your practice
why do people choose to play sports
to have accomplish of the game
what are 2 items that will help a coach gain credibility with his or her team
being knowledge...being reliable
know the definition of sexual harrassment
any unwelcome sexual advance request for sexual favors etc..
what is the difference between Recreational and competitive sports
Reacreational is having fun and learning the game and partcipation is okay....competitive sports is performance and participation at best
What are the 7 principles of practice
Have the right techniquePractice techniques in game like situationKeep Practice short and frequent when teaching new techniquesUse practice time efficientlyMake use of facilities and equipmentMake practice Fun
What are the three stages of learning?
Mental stage-Objective is to understand what to do to perform the techniquePractice Stage-Emphasis on quality of PracticeAutomatic Stage-Through Practice skill becomes automatic
what is the importance of a pep talk
may increase an athletes arousal
what are the 4 items that comprise the self fulfilling prophecy
expectations, communicate expectaions, athletes respond to these cuees.. expectations come true
list at least 2 ways in which to improve your "nonverbal" communication
body you look...
list 2 of the 3 items that are considered sexual harrassment
jokes, comments, gestures, touching
what are three major objectives goals that coaches have?
to have winning have develop players
why are there not many women coaches in our nation
judged constantly and recieve critism
What is the difference between technical and tactical skills (definition of each)
Technical skills is where a person moves there body to peform a task.....Tactical Skills is when a person makes decisions and actions in the game to gain an strategy.
Describe what learning is with athletes for example.
Each performance you take the key points and how you should peform in the future
what are 2 tasks for developing a coaching philosophy
develop greater self awarness and decide what your objective will be
What are two examples of what teenagers this day and age display behavior wise
Lack moral knowledge suxual abuse and foul language
what are the 6 steps of preventative discipline
create the right team culture....hold team meetings....develop team rules...create team routines...conduct exciting practices...catch them doin good
what 3 elements of tactical knowledge should athletes be able to develop
The fulesThe strategic plan for the seasonThe physical playing conditionsThere own strengths and weaknessesThere opponents Strengths and Weaknesses
List two items that fall into reading the situation
Perception the ablility to recognize the situationConcentration- The ablity to sustain ones attention on the cues and not be distracted
Name at least 2 items of how life may effect your coaching philosophy?
Your change or adjust..or certain events occur
What were john woodens two sets of three
1. never lie cheat or steal....dont whine complain or make excuses
What are the 6 Methods for good decision making skills
Teach the tactics as a wholeHave players observe decision making othersHave players observe themselvesControl feedbackAsk Questions
what are 3 questions you should ask yourself of personal reasons for coaching?
why become a coach? you want to help young people? do you coach for the love of the game?
What are a few items that will help you as a coach for Games approach
Make drills more game likeStudy your sport more to identify the tactical principlesBuild in time for athletes to reflect on their actions during practice
what must coaches be able to do once they have a vision
develop a direction and carry out and communicate
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