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Terms Definitions
holy books
pure enlightenment
tibetian buddhism
practicing beggary
the seer
Loving-kindness meditation
Wheel of existence/becoming
equality toward others
teaching (or law)
vital cosmic energy
Mindfulness of breathing
Right Intention
2 8 fold
trying to convert people
Nirvana v. Heaven
480 B.C.
year Gautama died
The embodiment of evil
Introduction to Emptiness
Guy Newland
Divinely inspired revelations and scriptures in Hinduism
Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, usually a high lama such as a Dalai Lama or the Rinpoche Lama who is acknowledged to have the ability to control rebirth. The difference of this rebirth and others is the soul remains in tac instead of being splinted off and joined with the collective consciousness. This means the current Dalai is in fact the 14th reincarnation in the truest sense.
6 perfections
diligence, meditation, giving, patience, morality, wisdom
dalai lama
secular and religious leader
where Buddha achieved enlightenment, now a site of religious significance and pilgrimage
Buddha has been compared to
"earth will be my witness"
visual aids to concentration and illumination
funerary mounds where buddhas ashes were enshrined
Buddha's son, become mendicant after his father begged for alms at his door.
enlightened being. Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones entering nirvana it to help others
choreographed hand movemens used in the rituals of Vajrayana Buddhism
life means constant change; nothing remains the same; change is natural that should be accepted.
prayed to for fertility female bodhisattva
the elimination of ignorance, which completely clears the mind to see reality as it truly is
Siddartha Gautama's cousin who became his favorite disciple and personal attendant
Self-denial for religious purposes or for spiritual enrichment
Theravada community
centered around monastic community; the two groups (monastic and lay people) are dependent on each other; monastery is in the center of town; monks play roles in ceremonies of regular life; monks establish charities for the community
the Religious texts of the Aryans
First Jhana
Passions, desires, and unwholesome thoughts are released
the Buddhist doctrine that all existent things are constantly changing
Novice of ordination. Trained to be mindful of every action.
Four Noble Truths
Created by Siddartha/Buddha. Explain why suffering occurs and how we can be freed from it.
meaning 'Land of Bliss'; most famous buddha-field to want to be born into
one who has become enlightened; the ideal type for Theravada Buddhism
a japanese monk who brought the magical aspect to Shingon Buddhism
one who has 'awakened,' ended karmic bondage, and will not be reborn
2 accounts of insight meditation. More room for though than samatha. Practice self transformation through self observation and introspection
Prayer Flag
Buddhist scriptures and chants are written on them and hung and the wind blows through them
makes positive assertions of the true nature of reality rather than just negating the flawed views
- phrases or syllables chanted to evoke a deity or to enhance meditation; used in Hinduism and Buddhism, especially in Vajrayana
Three Poisons
Lobha (greed), Dosa (hate), Moha (delusion)
where they keep the Buddha's wise sayings and teachings, the 3 baskets
raise from the dead in a new body
Gods Realm
live thousands of years, exhaust all good karma, start to smell and are alienated at end of existence.
The Rinpoche Lama is the Dalai Lama's second in command and responsible to find the Dalai Lama in his future reincarnations.
the little cushion you sit on for zazen
the only one who understood the flower sermon; Buddha's successor
Dogen (1200-1258)
was a Japanese Zen Buddhist teacher who founded Soto school in Japan.
According to Buddhism, it is this, in regard to pleasant things, that causes much of our suffering
The rights of....(8 of them)
mindfulness, understanding, speech, thoughts, meditation, effort, action, livelihood,
4 signs
old man, sick man, corpse, wandering renouncer
state of deep awareness, the result of intensive meditation
Earthly Buddha
Maitreya: Buddha of the future; he will establish an age of peace and harmony. Chinese=Mi-lo-fo "the laughing Buddha"
Eightfold Path
In Buddhism, the basic rules of behavior and belief leading to an end of suffering
had no views, just pointed out the absurdity of the students' views
Future Buddhas. As the ideal tyes for Mahayana Buddhism, beings who have experienced enlightenment, but motivated by compassion, stop short of entering nirvana so as to help others achieve it.
Sunyata (Awareness Approach)
Emptiness is understood as a description of the sublime lightness of experience and can be accessed by using meditative awareness training to fully disentangle the mind
Middle Way
a basic Buddhist teaching that rejects both the pleasures of senual indulgence and the self-denial of asceticism
one who enters a religious group or order, but has not taken final vows
Link Four
Mind and body, body as vehicle for previous links.
The Buddha who is expected to come in the future, known to all schools of Buddhism. He is worshiped as a being who guides those who confess their wrongs, and teachers who become discouraged. He represents all-encompassing love.
Three Jewels of Buddhism
The Buddha, The Dharma, The Sangha
historicity of jesus and buddha
yeah, hell. you know this.
The four noble truths
1. Suffering (the disease): our existence as a whole is suffering
2. The origin of suffering (the cause): craving
3. The cessation of suffering (the cure): releasing our cravings
4. The path that leads to #3 (the medicine): the 8 fold path
first 7 weeks after enlightenment
the buddha wandered (bardo state?)
Buddhist practices or items
Japanese tea ceremony, prayer flags, prayers wheels, laughing Buddha
Right Concentration
Making the mind steady and calm in order to realize the true nature of things.
4 waves of influence
British occupation of sri lanka (18th cent), opening up of trade with Japan (19th cent), influence of Zen Buddhism on american culture (post WW2), different Buddhist groups immigrated to USA (1960-)
pilgrimage n.
a very long journey or search of great moral significance
Morning Alms Walk
monks will go out carrying bowls and lay people will donate money, food, clothes, medicine, etc. This develops good karma for the lay people.
4 immeasurables are worldly, or
laukika, in contrast with vipasyana, which is lokottara
The noble eightfold path
The fourth of the Noble Truths; defines the basic practices of Buddhism that lead to nirvana
What are the Three Universal Truths?
everything in life is impermanent, life is imperfect, no eternal soul
the Middle Path
the path where one tries not to seek either pleasure or pain; they live a life of discipline
the rise of doxographic thinking is linked to
bhavaviveka, who distilled a philosophical school down to basic "views"
The Noble Truth of Suffering
4 Nob. Truths, says that suffering is everywhere and we cannot escape it.
number of buddhas permissible per aeon
one (now its sakyamuni, before was dipamkara, and next will be maitreya)
what new theology of the buddha confronted the chinese?
renunciation, idea of how virtue is achieved, why did confucious not speak of the buddhists, india seen as barbaric, and cult of relics disrespects ancestors
what four signs did siddharta see as he traveled through his fathers kingdom?
sick man, poor man, dying man, monk
The Noble Truth of the Cause of Suffering
4 Nob. Truths, says that the desire for pleasure and material things causes you to suffer -> greed and selfishness
how does a belief in self relate to Malcom's writings?
it is a groundless belief that breaks down under examination (cart example)
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