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naval stores
supplies for warships.
Jonathan Edwards
Congregationalist minister who preached the severe, predeterministic doctrines of Calvinism and became famous for his graphic depictions of hell; "Sinners int he Hands of an Angry God"
important non-english group that weren't irish in fact they were scot that were relocated to ireland but were hated by the Irish catholics so they moved to the New World.
term for tax-supported condition of congregational and anglican churches, but not of baptists, quakers, and roman catholics
George Whitefield
Methodist preacher who preached Christianity based on emotionalism and spirituality
Rebellious movement of frontiersmen in the southern colonies that included future President Andrew Jackson
The Great Awakening
spectactular, emotional religious revival if the 1730s and 1740s
in religion, a movement of renewed enthusiasm and commitment, often accompanied by special meetings or evangelical activity.
Zenger case
the case that established the precedent that true statements about public officials cold not be prosecuted as libel
These were vigilante groups active in the 1760s and 1770s in the western parts of North and South Carolina. They violently protested high taxes and insufficient representation in the colonial legislature.
Peter Zenger
1734-1735 a newspaper printer who assailed corrupt royal government, charged with seditious libel
John S. Copley
Famous revolutionary painter. Loyalist during Revolutionary War. (1738-1815)
The primary source of livelihood for most colonial Americans was
"new lights"
ministers who supported the Great Awakening against the "old light" clergy for rejected it
town-meeting government
eligible citizens who attend meetings act as the legislative body. Used in many Southern states. This form of government consisted of open dicussion and open voting.
john trumbull
U.S. painter (son of Jonathan Trumbull).
Ben Franklin
A renowned printer and scientist, he complied many works such as "Poor Richard's Almanac" and was famous for his inventions such as bifocals, an efficient stove named after him, and lightning rods.
leading city of he colonies; home of Benjamin Franklin
Molasses Act
tax on imported molasses passed by Parliament in an effort to squelch the North Americans from trade with the French West Indies. It proved largles ineffective due to widespeard smuggling
triangular trade
small but proftiable trade route that linked New England, Africa, and the West Indies
"praying towns"
Towns in New England where Indians gathered to be Christianized.
related in origin to and in communion with the Church of England, as various Episcopal churches in other parts of the world.
war or military supply
Activity in which many colonial merchant princess made fortunes that aroused fears of "Europeanization"
Charles W. Peale
1741-127 best known for portraits of George Washington, ran a museum, stuffed birds, practiced dentistry
Besides offering rest and refreshment, colonial taverns served an important fuction as centers of
news and political opinion
Pennsylvania Dutch
Corruption of a German word used as a term for German immigrants in Pennsylvania
Phillis Wheatley
Former slave who became a poet at an early age
American merchants' search for non-British markets
was met by British attempts to restrict colonial trade (molasses act)
Indians and African Americans shared in the common American experience of...
creating new cultures and societies out of the mingling of diverse ethnic groups
dry over-intellectualism and loss of religious commitment
created the conditions for the Great awakening to erupt in the early eighteenth century
The primary reason for the spectacular growth of America's population in the 18th century was...
the natural fertility of the population
"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?"
sermon by Jonathon Edwards. Most famous of all of his sermons
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