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Commercial Computers
Unable to see.
individual differences- specific beliefs, buying habits, etc.- This data is much more difficult to acquire - Can’t be obtained by looking at a survey’s or other forms of comm.- Allows companies to do a better job marketing
vocabulary which consists of meaningful words in a language
Classic Management
metaphor= machine
-division of labor
-employees work: logs, replaceable, low job security
-mechanistic approach
The understanding of one’s unique characteristics as well as the similarities to, and differences from, others
The lowest (quietest) presentation level (measured in decibels) at which a person can barely detect a stimulus 50 percent of the time it is presented
If the doctor's perceived caringness and competency are high the patient will feel this for the doctor.
body position and body motions, including those of the face, that may be used to communicate or may be interpretd as communicating
mental pattern recognition plans that "help us identify and organize incoming information"
nonverbal behaviors that accompany a verbal message and either contradict, accent, or complement it
The mechanics of public speaking, including proper pronunciation, posture, and grammar
the intended target of a message
A communication of ideas energetically pursued to
Douglas Kellner uses Barthes' approach to support his claim that Madonna's media image perpetuates negative stereotypes of women.
bias for action
fast decisions, no time wasting
Self talk
The internal conversations we have with ourselves
closed-ended questions
questions that offer alternatives from which to choose, such as true/false, agree/disagree, or multiple choice questions
Which step in the diffusion process occurs when people determine the individual weighs and advantages of an innovation?
process of choosing one sound while sorting through various sounds competing for your attention
the pairing of opposites within a speech, often to suggest a choice between them
process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among members of a social system
positive halo
occurs when we place positive qualities
perceptual process
the process of changing objective reality into subjective reality
reports are always written in _____
past tense
Inclusive language
language that does not stereotype, demean, or patronize people on the basis of gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or other factors
of a speech sound characterized by audible friction produced by forcing the breath through a constricted or partially obstructed passage in the vocal tract; spirantal; spirant.
Map Key
Tells what the colors, pictures and lines on a map mean
relational devaluation
realization that our partners do not love and respect us as much as we thought they did
what the sender says and does, verbal and nonverbal, during a communication episode
Frame of Reference
What you think about something. Everybody has/can have different frame of reference.
the attack or defense of a challenged statement or claim
Extrinsic Rewards
rewards given my another person , typically a
supervisor, such as pay increase and promotions
What was the first speech we gave?
introductory speech
What is defined as a specialized or technical language of a trade, a profession, or a group of people?
Critical Perspectives on contents
Critical analysis of mediaMarxist approaches
Taking the role og the other means placing yourself in another persons position and viewing the world as you believe he or she would view it.
How many ads does a person see on average per day?
when i self disclose to you, you will return the favor
intercultural communication competence
ability to adapt one's behavior toward another in ways that are appropriate to the other person's culture
altruistic lies
harmless, or even helpful, to help the person whom they are told: white lies
What is dialectic?
-One on one discussion (2-4 at most)
-Search for truth
-Philosophical ?'s ("What is human nature?")
-Outcome = Certainty
Pairing or Blocking
means exposing similar (or the same) individuals to both the treatment or control-makes estimates more accurate
control unit
an employee, often an officer, of a business firm who checks expenditures, finances, etc.; comptroller.
Protective Face
This type of face taps into our need to be seen as INDEPENDENT and self directed and need for freedom of action. It is negative.
5 Individual Differences that can influence outcome of exposure to advertising (consumer characteristics)
1) Attitudes toward the medium
2) Uses of the medium
3) Involvement while using medium
4) Mood states affecting media usage
5) Interactivity of the medium
How much did the Contemporary generate in 2004?
$34 billion global sales
corrective advertising
new set of ads must be produced by the offender that corrects the original misleading effort
Early Majority (adopter categories of DoI)
-3rd to adopt
-about 34% of population
-deliberate over adoption of the innovation
-have many informal social contacts
interpersonal communication is purposeful
to learn, to relate, to influence, to play, and to help
What is Initiation, and what part of the patient interview is it?
The medical assistant introduces themself, and asks for the purpose of the visit. This is the begining of the interview.
The me aspect of a persons self is
developed through discourse with others
When and who invented the gramophone?
Emile Berliner in 1887: beat out the phonograph because it was disk, not cylinder and could be duplicated
tell me some things about the grapevine...
-75-85% of what you hear is true
-it is healthy for the company
-it is office gossip
-it is very fast and accurate
El teatro
Touching behaviors
people who criticize
el servicio social
social service
La estación del metro
subway station
words, images, gestures, drawsings, sounds
Common Propaganda Techniques
-Word games
-False connections
-Special appeals
effects of reading about crimes
worldwide cd sales dropped ____ percent in 2007
interpersonal relationships
emotional, mental, and physical involvements that you forge with others through communication
summative research
Measuring satisfaction levels is the role of what sort of research?
traditional couples
married partners who are interdependent and who exhibit a lot of sharing and companionship
Communication that is used to influence the attitudes or behaviors of others, the art of persuasion
Casual Reasoning

The relationship between 2 or more events lads you to conclude that one or more of the events caused the others 

Since I've started taking vitamins, I've had so much more energy
Where PSA's go?
-determine target audience-compile media list-contact community service or advertising department at a publication
a perceived role relationship that affects self-image and attitudes' based on attractiveness of the role model and sustained if the relationship remains salient
A la derecha de
to the right of
Goal oriented actions that we can master and repeat in appropriate situations
one empathizes about why they oppose each other.
symmetrical escalation
a relationship in which individuals compete for control
linguistic relativity
theory that each language includes some unique features that are not found in other languages
within a larger audience, those individuals whom a speaker especially wants to address, usually people whose response will determine whether the speech succeeds
target audience
factors that distinguish qualitatively interpersonal communication from less personal exchanges
uniqueness, irreplaceibility, interdependence, disclosure of personal info, intrinsic rewards
interpreting is influenced by:
relational history, personal expectations, and knowledge of the self and other.
organizational noise
the organization of one's argument could be all wrong
Low Self-esteem:
Generally, these people feel poor about themselves. They feel as if they are bad and will never succeed at anything they do. This occurs often in teenage girls.
Expert testimony
Testimony from people who are recognized experts in their field, use as a student, to establish credibility, controversial topics, if the audience is skeptical about your point of view.
into separate parts; in or into pieces:
over time heave use of media may decrease differences amongst its users
avoidant family
type of family that manages conflict by pretending that family disagreements don't exist
The use of language as a powerful persuasive technique - E.g., Metaphor, simile, antithesis
connotative meaning
personal and subjective meaning of a word
brief periods of practice spread over time
distributed practice
the belief that your own group or culture is superior to other groups or cultures
explains how something works or how it is constructed/operated-best suited to simplify and clarify complicated procedures, explanations, and operations-map
A team member who relates well to others, responds appropriately as the situation requires, and takes an interest in what others say and do is said to be:
What do we measure in social science research?
public speaking
one speaker to an audience of many
unique selling proposition
USP, highlighting the aspect of a product that sets it apart from other brands in the same product category
douglas waples
added "under what conditions" to the 5 questions
Narrative Coherence (probability)
Our tendency to evaluate a narrative as a story (structure, characters, details)
Trends Leading to Change in Modern Society
Industrialization, Urbanization, Modernization.
	Pre 18th Century: Western Society was traditional (agrarian)
	By End of 18th Century: Major change altered social life.
		Mass Communication lead to industrialization.
Educational Theories:
Critical theory
suggests that learning is an ongoing dialogue
The nurse is working in a small rural community. For the last 12 months the community's population has experienced outbreaks of various gastrointestinal diseases. This example best describes a/an:
piece by piece; one piece at a time; gradually:
What are operational definitions?
These are statements of how a construct will be measured.
the part that finishes the presentation by fulfilling the four functions of an ending
four function of an ending
What should officers provide when requesting information on a wanted or missing person?
all identification data available, such as name,race,sex, date of birth, hysical features, approx. height and weight, etc.
what does one byte do
stores one character such as the letter A
5 categories central to the media-society debate
1. ownership: should be plurality2. order: should assist in the maintenance3. expectations: should be fair, accurate and complete4. values: should support dominant values of society5. rights: should respect the rights of individuals
What is the difference between advertising and public relations
Advertising pays for space; PR doesn't
How good listening effects leaders and followers
Leaders can identify strategic themes and
understand how to influence others to achieve desired outcomes Helps create an open communication climate

Bill Haley and his Commets
Who sung the number one jukebox hit of the 1950s "Rock Around the Clock?"
VIRULENCE - the ability of an agent to ??
induce SEVERE disease or death

Is the use of fear in communications effective?
When used Moderately, YES; When used Strongly NO
epilepsy,seizures,bipolar disorder
Movie theater
att förklara
to explain
Who made analog records
Casual Fallacy

Faulty cause-effect connection between 2 events
If you have this lucky penny, you will get an A on your exam
to mix up or confuse
items that reserve one's space
Two one-up messages create complementary communication.
Enviar una carta
to mail a letter
vast collection of hundreds of thousands of computers accessible to millions of people all over the world
remarks which diminish a statement's importance
critical listening
listening to evaluate the quality/value/appropriatness/importance of the info you hear
communication is a dynamic process that the participants create through their interaction with one another
Chairpersons post-Meeting 299
Evaluate the meetingDistribute minutesMonitor assigned tasks
society influences media content & media content influences society
harsh discordance of sound; a meaningless mixture of sounds without pattern
The area covered by a particular satellite
primary emotions
emotions that involve unique and consistent behavioral displays across cultures; six primary emotions are: joy, surprise, disgust, anger, fear, and sadness
softness or loudness of a speaker's voice
negative feedback
a response that extinguishes behavior in process
David Sarnoff
Founded and ran NBC and RCA
Categories people develop to help them organize information. (loving every different kind of music creatives a very complex situation becuase your constantly comparing the different kinds of music to each other)
also known as co-orientation, the degree to which the speaker's values beliefs attitudes and interests are shared with the audience an aspect of credibility
sleeper effect
range of sound from high to low
a website with dated entries, usually by a single author
education to prevent further problems in this group of clients, with their current health status, would be what kind of prevention
secondary prevention.
media effects
Direct effects- message effects would be widespread; affect many people in the same way Indirect effects- peoples perceptions are selective: responses to messages vary
Peters & Waterman
bias for action, close customer relations, autonomy/entrepreneureship, productivity through people, stick to the knitting, simple form/lean staff, simultaneous loose-tight properties
Facial expressions
The arrangement of facial muscles to communicate emotional states or reactions to messages
Who is advocated the ideal of "copia" or abundance as a strategy for cultivating inventional abilities
selective perception
only seeing and hearing what we choose
Approaches to studying persuasionLogic/Cognition
effortful thinking) - Big decisions are often thought a lot about- example: where to go for college- Computational Theory: human beings can be like computers; we process all the information and spit out a decision
Standards of what is right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral. Communication Ethics - Describes the standards of right and wrong that one applies to messages that are sent and received. (what should or shouldn't be included in the message, and assessing the benefit or harm that the message could deliver to the receiver)
statements made by someone who has special knowledge or expertise about an issue or ideas
celebrity testimony
the second most common cancer among men in the United States; sometimes hard to diagnosis because of lack of symptoms.
prostate cancer
Pitfalls of media tours
-time constraints-expensive-a lot of planning and manpower
intellectual benefits
something we do everyday. Talk to coworkers, use instant messaging, apply for jobs, give directions and break of relationships.
pertaining to a sense of the beautiful or to the science of aesthetics.
Word processing software
used to create, edit, format, and print documents.
Complimentary Interaction
A type of interaction where one person is controlling and one is deferring. Does not always have to be the same person in both spots.
interpersonal power
ability to get what you want, to influence one in the wanted direction
a method of organization in which the presenter first explains the causes of an event, a problem, or an issue and then discusses its consequences, results, or effects
problem/solution pattern
A person who guides the team is called the team:
The extent to which a speaker looks directly at audience members.
Eye Contact
ritualized media use
media use that we use out of habit
Parkinson's law
a task will expand to fill the time available for its completion.
Spontaneous Decision Maker 242
Impulsive and make decisions at the spur of the moment
Nominal variables
variables we can put in a category but do not have a logical ordering(ex: gender, coded as 1 for male or 0 for female)
Characteristics of modern advertising- Denial of influence
we deny the influence on ourselves, and the people we know, but an affect that it influences on people we dont know
You should employ supporting materials in a speech to?
Build crediblity, vivid pictures ans reinforces the topic.
portable storage medium means:
u can remove the medium from one pc and carry it store it to another pc
The nervous system is broken into what two divisions?
The central nervous system
The peripheral system
what are the 2 major perspectives in mass communication?
social scientific and the culturalist. culturalist perspective: focuses on construction of meaning from texts
principles of emotions and emotional messages
- emotions may be primary or blended
- emotions are influenced by body, mind, and culture
- emotions may be adaptive and maladaptive
- emotions are communicated verbally and nonverbally
- emotional expression is governed by display rules
- emotions are contagious
What is the significance of the War of the Worlds broadcast?
media made people believe event that didn't happen12 million heard broadcast, 2 million reacted/believed it
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