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is driven
concrete masonry unit
manufactured in different density ranges and is made up of smaller wood particles than Osb that are compressed and bonded up panels. It is also used an under layment panel.
Is 10%-15% harder than oak
pattern which masonry is laid
drilled into ground for stability
The Filipino term for rabbet
Masonry Tool
Tin shear is a
ability to retain its structural properties under the varying conditions that may occur during the lifetime of the building
vertical brick with viewable core holes
DesignBuild process
one entity ultimately assumes responsibility for both design and construction. A design build project begins with the owner developing a conceptual design or program that describes the functional or performance requirements of the proposed facility but does not detail its form or construction.
The Filipino term for rafter is
Wallboards or plywood maybe applied over studs. They can also be applied over CHB masonry wall by using
Wall partition wooden framing is called
Standard concrete mix for beams, girders, slabs, stairs and columns is
The Filipino term for eave is
Atmospheric Pressure
Pressure exerted against the underground portion of a building created by the presence of water in the soil is known as
Symphony brick
has no color dusted onto it
tangential shrinking is when wood is milled from the outside of the tree circle
Dead load
Total weight of a building, permanent
the part of the building above ground
has two jobs spread load throughout the ground and to anchor the structure.
Wood Siding
The term stone-cut refers to a
The Filipino term for bottom chord is
A climatic factor that is considered in the structural and architectural design of tall buildings
The Filipino term for plastered course is
Acrylic Paint
The paint finishing material of long-span pre-painted roofing sheet is
The Filipino term for plumb line is
2 years
The complete records of test conduction (slump, compression test, etc.) shall be preserved and made available for inspection for a period of not less than
Post Tensioning
The stressing of unbounded tendons after concrete has cured is
Tyrolean Finish
Rough plaster finish obtained by flinging plaster on a wall with a hand operated machine is
A typical block or panel type insulating material used in flat roof of commercial or industrial building
The Filipino term for floor joist is
Staple Wire
What hardware/material is needed to fasten an asphalt strip roof shingle on wooden sheets/planks
International Residential Code (IRC)
simplified model code specifically addressing the construction of a detached one and two family homes and townhouses of limited size.
(concrete wall) to hold up around the area's site; streets, earth.
Green building
s the practice of sustainable design and construction.
No uniform shrinkage-Splits, checks, crooking, twisting, cupping all occur because of thisStructural grading
visually(trained inspectors examine each piece) or by machine
are used when the excavation is too wide for crosslot bracing and bear against heel blocks or other temporary footings
Braced framing
uses less large timbers than cruck framing with long studs and short studs braced by diagonal studs
Composite panels
have two parallel face veneers bonded to a core of reconstituted wood fibers.
to support the building * spread the load of building to ground. Ex: tree roots hold down a tree "anchor" a building. Ex: tower of the Americas (base of roots extent the same distance as tree canopy)
The vertical surface on face of a stair step is called
A building stone of igneous origin and composed of quartz, hornblende and mica is a
7 & 6 Wood Planks
Wood flooring finishing material
Door Jamb
The finished frame surrounding a door is a
Nickel Steel
A ferrous metal that offers great resistance to abrassion and finds important use in the cutting edges of heavy digging tools is a
A continuous recess built into a wall to receive pipes, ducts, etc. is called
Construction Joint
A joint where two successive placement of concrete meet is called
a composition of two or more metals fused together usually to obtain a desired property
The distance from the first to the last riser of a stair flight is called
Cast Iron
An iron alloy usually including carbon and silicon which has high compressive strength but low tensile strength is
Bay Window
A window which projects outside the main line of a building and the compartment in which it is located extends to the floor is known as
2 1/2 Corr.
Standard size overlap for corrugated G.I. roofing is
Foundation Wall
That part of the building foundation which forms the permanent retaining wall of the structure below grade is a
Lap Seam
A joint formed by overlapping the edges of metal sheet or plated and joining them by riveting, soldering or brazing is a
1 1/2
How many corrugation is required as the minimum side lap of an ordinary standard G.I. sheet roofing?
Inflection Point
The section of which the moment changes from positive to negative is called
G.I. Sheets
The most common materials used for roofing of urban residential houses
Wrought Iron
A commercially pure iron of fibrous nature, valued for its corrosion resistance and ductility is
Dutch Door
A door consisting of two separate leaves, one above the other, this leaves may operate independently or together is a
Carbon neutral
building is one that causes no net increase in the emission of carbon dioxide
Janka Rating
determine the density of the wood by the amount of pressure it takes to press a ball bearing half way into the wood.
beams that span across the face of the sheeting
a white powdery deposit on the face of a structure of masonry or concrete caused by the leaching of chemical salts by water migrating from within the structure to the surface
Plastic Hose with Water
One method of leveling batterboards without the transit is the use of
Western Framing
A system of framing a building on which floor joists of each storey rest on the top plates of the storey below and the bearing walls and partitions rest on the subfloor of each storey is known as
Cantilever Beam
A beam that projects beyond one or both its support
Acrylic Latex Paint
What is the appropriate paint material for G.I. sheet roofing?
Gluing / Pasting
A modern method of installing wood parquet flooring on wooden boards sub-flooring is by
Cold Joint
A joint formed when a concrete surface hardens before the next batch of concrete is placed against it
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
make accessibility to public buildings a civil right; the fair housing act does the same for multifamily housing. These are regulated by Access Standards
Oriented strand board
is made of long shred of wood compressed and glued into three to five layers.
Net zero energy
building is one that consumes no more energy then it produces.
Fire code ratings
measured in hours for various parts of buildings in specific divisions, determined by allowable fire resistance ratings per element determined by IBC
Flemish Bond
A form of brick bond in which the course consists of alternate stretchers and headers in known as
24" x 48" x ½"
The dimension of commercial acoustic boards for aluminum T-runners used for dropped-ceiling in offices is
Providing building paper sheathing and space filled
Humidification and condensation in exterior walls can be minimized by
Flat Slab
A type of concrete floor which has no beam is called
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
controls the design of the workplace to minimize hazards to workers health and safety.
Glossy surfaced asphalt saturated paper
A material used to remedy vapor flow
Masonry load bearing building
needs to be thicker at the base than at the top
1" thick V-cut wood boards
The capacity of a wall to hold moisture is important in the design of dwelling units. Select the best material which will reduce moisture in a wall when used
3-4-5 multiples with the use of steel tape measure
A manual method of squaring the corners of building lines in building layout, is the use of
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