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High school
att ignorera
to ignore
attractive artful business cards
moral character-speechmaking should emphasize quality and impact of ideas
a joyful gathering for celebration
A reciprocal communication process whereby two or more parties to a dispute examine specific issues, explain their positions, and exchange offers and counteroffers to reach agreement or achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
Content-Oriented Listener
Prefers facts and reasoing
German philosopher Georg Hegel's analysis of the master-slave relationship demonstrated that what people "know" depends upon what group they are in.
any discrete event that removes organisms in a community and opens space for colonization by the same or different organisms.
art and science of teaching children
fixed-feature space
space which contains relatively permanent objects
nonverbal cues w/ specific, generally understood meaning
Virtual team
made up of geographically dispersed members who share a common purpose and are
linked primarily through advanced information technologies
evaluating problems and establishing priorities according to predetermined criteria.
problem prioritizing
Critical analysis
-ability to fulfill intended functions-domination of media establishment
an agency of oppression, subjection, servitude, etc.
Interpretive Approach
Linguistic work of assigning meaning or value to communicative texts, assumes that multiple truths or meanings are possible
an exclusive right to a particular expression of an idea
process of changing or reinforcing a listener's attitudes, beliefs, values, or behaviors
Toulman's Model:
Claim - provable issueData/Reasons - support for claimWarrent - underlying belief behind data and claim
Clarifies key issues for the medical assistant and the patient.
Any stimulus that can interfere with, or degrade, the quality of a message. (any external signals such as loud music or voices, AC, or even a bizarre hair style)
identifying the uniqueness of objects, events, and people
cultural competence
more than 2 points to adequately explain problem and to substantiate the recommended solution
cyber stalking
following or harassing others using electronic devices
What communicable disease has been completely eradicated from the world?
small pox
aarp the magazine
specialized magazine for old people
social responsibilty theory
agrees with libertarian theory but doesnt like how it is being practiced-press has responsibility to adress ALL sides
Self monitoring
The internal process of observing and regulating your own behaviors based on your analysis of the situation and others’ responses to you
what are the pros of surveys?
generalizability(participants are observed in natural settings, behaviors are not natural), expedient for providing description
a medium through which a message is sent
What was the early format of radio?
-No Music
Pertaining to the belief that there is a single correct moral standard that holds for everyone, everywhere, any time.
words and phrases specific to a particular region or part of the country
sexist language
a domain of learning that includes memory, recognition, understanding, and application and is divided into a hierarchical classification of behaviors.
cognitive domain
Retainer fees
-fixed monthly base charges paid in advance for a predetermined level of agency availablility
feedback messages
messages sent back to the speaker concerning reactions to what is communicated.
one of a group of ancient Roman officials charged with observing and interpreting omens for guidance in public affairs.
Personal space
The distance you try to maintain when you interact with other people
power distance types (2)
1. decentralized power (low power distance)2. centralized power (high power distance)
Social information processing theory
how you can develop quality relatinships with others via email and other means
a method of organization in which the presenter describes a problem and proposes a solution to that problem
topical-sequence pattern
What is the correct way to write the international time for 12:30 A.M.?
Should be written if the application letter and resume fail to bring a response within a month or so
Follow Up letter
what is a system unit
a case that contains electronic components of the pc used to process data.
self worth (self-esteem)
your evaluation of your worth or value based on your perception of such things as your skills, abilities, talents, and appearance
Uses and Gratification Theory
argues that we consume media because we have certain goals; media fulfills needs and desires-alleviated loneliness-diverts us from the problems-fantasy escape
What did Robert House believe?
he beleieved that managers should compromise and learn to change their leadership style based on the situation.
What is ska music?
A mix of jamaica drumming and dancing with americans rhythm and blues. Begins to define jamaica and who they are
"This place will be known as a house of worship." is a phrase which would appear in?
A speech of dedication.
What is the #1 predictor of relationship failure? What is a good predictor of a healthy future relationship?
Beginning with passionate bliss and short courtship. Stronger relationships develop more slowly and are less passionate in beginning.
To help a disadvantaged student be part of a team, other team members might do what?
volunteer to be a peer tutor
Be able to predict what is going to happen.
Reason #2 of the URT
The looking-self glass is best defined as
The mental image that results from taking the role of the other
When and by who was the printing press invented?
Invented in 1453 by Johann Gutenberg who produced Bible; facilitated literacy, research and "news"
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