Computer Vocabulary 5 Flashcards

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1024 bytes
to turn on
to increase font size
Megabyte: a million bytes
latch with a clock (really?)
The capacity of the transformation
(GHz) one billion cycles per second.
Load data from websites
use readurl function
1943: first fully electronic computer 5000 characters per second.
31. E-Mail
Electronic Mail. Private messages sent between users on different computers, either over a network or via a modem connection to an on-line service or BBS.
Common multimedia format often used for saving movies and other video files
a programming language that uses English words, punctuation, and algebraic notation to facilitate communication between the operator and the computer
Parallel (Port)
Connects parallel devices such as printers to your computer.
el monitor, el pantalla
the monitor, computer screen
K map
list possibilites, list the ones, make mapFor more than 16 entries, make two maps
a section of a divided window
Windows Explorer is an example
Joint Photographic Experts Group is a graphic file format that has a sophisticated technique for compressing full-color bit mapped graphics, such as photographs.
MPEG is an international standard for video compression and desktop movie presentation.
Database locking protocol used when transactions are not going to alter a data item
Shared Lock
giving a clear and effective picture; vivid:
Stands for "Random Access Memory." RAM is made up of small memory chips that are connected to the motherboard of your computer (CPU) Every time you open a program, it gets loaded from the hard drive into the RAM.
used by large corporations such as the banking industry; second fastest computers after supercomputers.
Deviation/Anomaly detection Applications
credit card fraud and network intrusion detection.
assignment statement
stores the rusult of any calculation performed on its right side to the named location on its left side
Laser Printer
Although a number of devices employ laser technology to print images, this normally refers to black-and-white desktop printers, which use the dry toner, xerographic printing process.
119. Virus
A program that replicates itself from one file or disk to another without your consent. They are spread through floppy disks, networks, and on-line services and can go undetected (unless you have an antiviral utility) until something goes wrong. Some viruses deliberately destroy data, and even those designed to be benign can cause crashes, slowdowns, and file corruption.
An area of RAM reserved for data recently read from disk, which allows the processer to quickly retrieve it if it’s needed again.
Collection of the location, size, and orientation of objects within a scene, as well as links to special objects representing light sources, as well as a particular object representing the camera
Scene Graph
copy paste
duplicates keeps origonal copy and makes a relpicia of the text
Which Operating System Chooser file would you update to present the technician installing Windows XP from an image with a list of available XP languages to choose from?

The file Multilng.osc can be used as a template for the updates to Welcome.osc. Welcome.osc will then display a welcome screen to the user with the list of languages supported.
big endian
if the most significant byte is on the left
Binary Number System
A counting system used in computers consisting of only 1’s and 0’s (zeros)
As the appearance of each pixel is determined, the results are stored collectively as a bit map representation of the image in a storage area called the:
frame buffer
Web site
a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web maintained by one person or organization, devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics
Types of sampling: stratified sampling
split the data into several partitions; then draw random samples from each parition
Scroll Bar
The bar that appears at the right side or the bottom of a window that contains more information that can be displayed.
What does input do?
It acts as many different controls on a web page, depending on the attribute used.
multi-purpose word processing system
a system that is equipped to handle a wide variety of processing tasks
The UGA email system uses a filtering heuristic to attempt to detect junk email. If the mail system thinks that a particular message is junk mail, it will
move the message to a special junk folder and delete it after nine days
Floppy disk
boca abajo
face down
to cut selective text
les liens (m.)
the links (Internet)
GB, Gbytes, Gigabytes
1 billion bytes
1,024 megabytes, or 1,048,576 kilobytes of digital data.
"Nanotechnology has given is the tools... to play with the ultimate toy box of nature-atoms and molecules. Everything is made from it... the possibilities to create new things appear limitless."
Nanotechnology is, broadly speaking, the art and science of manipulating and  rearranging individual atoms and melecules to create useful materials, devices, and systems
refers to modification of original values (static on television)
measures how many pixels it contains
112. Spreadsheet
A number-related document whereby calculations and formulas are applied to the data organized in rows and columns of cells.
portable document format file: Adobe Reader
self-contained and able to operate without other hardware or software
Very few people know about another spreadsheet program called open office.
use GET
for requests that might be bookmarked
Move by byte. Faciliate the retrival of information
logical errors
occur when incorrect instructions are performed, or when instructions are performed in the wrong order
A graphical pattern displayed on the desktop.
A piece of software that an application uses for file-format conversion or special effects.
Building blocks out of which computer programs can be built; containing constructs and their meanings
object code
the machine-language output of a compiler or assembler that is ready for execution
Storage Device
records and/or retrieves items to and from storage media.
an indication or outline of policy or conduct
internal storage
is called memory, main memory, or primary memory
4. A\V (Audio Visual)
AV Macintosh models have video- capture hardware and have sophisticated sound (and video) recording capabilities!
A problem that causes a program to unexpectedly stop working.
An identifier that refers to a memory location whose value can be changed
a workstation on a network that gains access to central data files, programs, and peripheral devices through a server
the method attribute
contains the method of sending the form data GET or Post
D cable
The data bus? To transfer values to storage, get a value from itnumber of wires is the same as addressability number
A term used to refer to the electronic universe of information available through the Internet.
Associates pixel positions with points in scene
Scan Conversion or Rasterization
to move text up, down or across a display screen, with new text appearing on the screen as old text disappears
Reading custom file types
use fopen, fclose, fgetl, fget for text filesuse fread, fwrite, fseek, ftell for binary files
upgrading software
users can upgrade a program to a new version, often by paying a fee. Usually fixes problems from previous versions
Types of sampling: simple random sampling
there's an equal probability of selecting any particular item
Oh là là! Rien ne marche aujourd'hui!
Oh my gosh! Nothing is working today!
An exclamation point within a triangle appears in the color picker window.
How do you know when an out of gamut color is chosen?
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