Business Communication Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Communication Styles
Types of Cases

Communicates formality, respect, and authority.
Inside address is recipient's full name, title, and address.
unstated and stated norms
Writing Abstracts Checklist

Include following info.
Methods used
Results obtained (informative abstract only)
Recommendations made, if any (informative only)

% of grapevine info true
Should Refer to the Misfortune Sensitively and Offer Assistance.
Description of Process
Situation (5 minutes)

Questions (15 minutes)
Hypothesis (45 minutes)
Proof and Action (40 minutes)
Alternatives (15 minutes)
study of the meaning of words
mindless, everyday exchanges ie "how are you?" "good, how are you?" "great"
It's out of the question.
Es imposible.
Case Analysis Process
Goal of Analysis
Point of View
International Correspondence

Determine whether to use English only or include a translated version.
Adjust for cultural preferences in pacing and organizing ideas.
Consider the decision-making style of your recipient’s culture.
Avoid using humor and slang.
Read the letter aloud for ambiguity and confusing sentence structure.
Check for appropriate forms of dates, times, and measurements.

upward communication
encouraging employees to share their feelings and ideas with management
Communication myths
1. Can have "perfect" communication2. Cant "take back" what you say3. Communication can solveall problems4. More communication is always better'5. Meanings in the words: way words are interpreted6. A single person or even causes another reaction
Is Mr. smith in?
Esta el Sr. Smith?
Descriptive Abstract
includes info about the purpose, scope and methods used to arrive at the findings contained in the report.
Polychromic Cultures-Time orientation
"treats time as an infinite resource"Time is fluidLATIN AMERICA, ARAB PARTS OF MIDDLE EAST, SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA
The CCCD process
1. Choose a communication goal2. Create your message3. Coordinate a communication event4. Deliver message
I will call back later.
Llamaré nuevamente mas tarde.
The Importance of Tone
Avoid Sounding Preachy or Parental, Don't Pull Rank, Avoid Making Threats, Soften Your Words When Persuading Upward, Be Enthusiastic, Be Positive and Likeable
Guidelines for Drawings

show the equipment from the point of view of the person who will use it
when illustrating part of a system, show its relationship to the larger system of which it is a part
draw the diff parts of an object in proportion to one another
for drawings used to illustrate a process, arrange them from left to right and from top to bottom
label important parts of each drawing so that text references to them are clear and consistent

 try to label the parts themselves.
Theory Y
Work is as natural as play and rest
The barriers of effective intercultural communication
1. Culture Shock (reverse)2. Emphasizing difference over similarities3. Assuming similarities4. Over generalizing5. Viewing culture Norms as static6. Viewing culture through an ethnocentric lens
In high-context cultures,
most of the information is inferred from the context of a message; little is explicitly conveyed.
Persuasive Messages Flowing Upward
Sell an idea to management, generally successful when a case is made for saving money, use "suggest or recommend" to avoid a pushy tone
Transmittal Letter or Memo

When you submit a formal report, include with it a brief transmittal (or cover) letter or memo that identifies the report topic and explains why the report was prepared.
Ways to improve your interpersonal competence
1. Knowledge: -Seek information-Ask questions & listen-Develop a third culture2. Motivation-Tolerable ambiguity-Avoid negative judgement (ethnocentrism)3. Skill-Become other-orientated-Empathize-Platinum Rule: 'treat others how they want to be treated"-Adapt to others
May I leave a message for him?
Podria dejarle un mensaje?
Three Elements of creating a culture of learning

Organizations are constituted on communication
Every instance of Communication can conform or critique organizational structure.
If we attend to the process of communication then we get more effective solutions and create greater organizational learning.

Letter that's DIRECT& 2 THE POINT uses what approach?
-Starts with "good news--YES letter"
-Prepared for recurring situations..only date/name nd 2 b changed
-Written n striaghtforward manner
-Tells reader what they want 2 hear
-Gets directly 2 the p
Mst valuable rule 2 follow when writin Lst ppg of Persuasive Letter is 
-Make courteous, specific requests 4 action
-Make it easy 4 receiver to say "yes"
A sender goes through the following steps: transmitting the message through a .
perception, interpretation, choice or selection, encoding, channel
Dimensional-column Graphs

give data a solid, 3D, building block appearance
does not show trends of expenditures accurately
When using standard punctuation, the Salutation is followed by a__________?
*A colon
An Informal Note is used when?
*Brief informal notes r prepared quickly, often written on sm note pads (sm employers hv notepads printed) or plain paper or sticky notes. 
*Usually hndwritten but can be keyed
*Sign & Date
*Left 4 immediate attn-It's often seen b4 an Email
Informative and positive messages normally use the following pattern of organization:
Give any good news and summarize the main points. Give details, clarification, and background. Present any negative elements—as positively as possible. Explain any reader benefits. Use a goodwill ending: positive, personal, a forward-looking.
Give an example of an Heroic Manager?
Manager who believes he should know everything that is going on at all times
The # of blank lines between the heading & the body of an Interoffice Memo us__________?
*2 lines...double space
The correct Salutation for an Inside Address is______?
*a colon
Which of the following sld u not b able 2 research on the internet?
*Info from your place of employment
A Fax Cover Sheet sld include what_______?
*Recipients name, dept, co, fax #
*Senders name, dept, co, fax #
*Phone #
*Date sent
*# of pgs including cover sheet
*Phone # 2 call n case of emergency
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