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Terms Definitions
This is an almond-flavored cordial.
Black Haus
This is made from blackberries.
This is a Dutch minted-chocolate liqueur.
This produces a complete line of flavored brandies and cordials.
Creme de Framboise
This is a raspberry-flavored liqueur.
DeKuyper Schnapps
This comes in several flavors including blueberry, ButterShots, HotDamn, Key Largo, Old Tavern Rootbeer, Peachtree, Peppermint, Sour Apple, Tropical, Spearmint and WilderBerry.
This is an 87-proof cinnamon schnapps liqueur imported from Switzerland. It features real flakes of 24 karat gold.
This is an Israeli chocolate orange liqueur originally made in the 1960's from the sabra cactus that grows in Israel and around the south and eastern Mediterranean. There is also a coffee version.
Nassau Royale
This is predominantly citrus flavored with undertones of coffee.
This is a blend of Cognac, triple-distilled vodka and natural tropical juices.
This is made from two main ingredients, witch elderbush (sambucus nigra, hence the name of the drink) and licorice which gives this liqueur its dominant taste. It is related to the licorice-flavored anise and pastis drinks of France, Ouzo of Greece, Mastika of the Balkans and the Raki of Turkey.
Rumple Minze
This is peppermint schnapps imported from Germany.
This is an outstanding Dutch chocolate cream liqueur.
99 Bananas
A rich flavored 99 proof banana cordial. Also available as 99 Apples, 99 Oranges and 99 Blackberries.
Godiva Liqueur
This is flavored with the same chocolate used in the brand's chocolate.
This is distilled from the mash of apples and is the best known and most typical fruit brandy in the US.
This gets its name from the aniseed which imparts its rich licorice-like flavor to this cordial. Practically every Mediterranean country has a variation of the anise liqueur such as Sambuca in Italy, Ouzo in Greece and so on.
This is a blend of passion fruit juices and cognac. It is available in several varieties.
This is an aged brandy flavored with orange and other fruits and botanicals indigenous to the Tuscan region of Italy.
Lile Supreme
This combines tropical rum with an assortment of fruits including orange, lychee, mago, lime and goyavier.
This is made from coffee and the alcohol distilled from cane sugar. People also discern a chocolate flavor but the recipe contains no chocolate. Its origin is a mystery; some say Arabia while others say Turkey or Moracco. Today, as indicated by the sombrero on the label, it's made in Mexico using Mexican coffee beans.
This is a product from France that is similar in flavor to Absinthebut without the bad reputation or toxic side effects.
Bunratty Meade
This is a blend of honey, selected herbs and wine.
Pucker & Rye
This is and old-time American favorite made with a special blend of aged rye whiskies and fresh fruit juices.
Mozart Chocolate Liqueur
This is made from praline-nougat and milk chocolate blended with kirsch.
Creme de Cacao
This is made from vanilla and cacao beans. It comes in white and brown varieties.
Bailey's Irish Cream
This is made from fresh dairy cream, Irish whiskey and natural flavorings. The Irish whiskey acts as a preservative for the cream whici is why Bailey's doesn't need to be refrigerated. It also comes in caramel and mint chocolate flavors.
Creme de Menthe
This is made from mint and spearmint. It comes in green and white (clear) varieties.
Barenjager Honey Liqueur
This is a honey liqueur made in Germany.
Tequila Rose Cocoa Cream
This adds the taste of trsh strawberries and chocolate to the cream of Tequila Rose.
Orange Curacao
This is made from the peel of the bittersweet Curacao orange which grows on the Dutch island of Curacao in the West Indies.
Illy Espresson Liqueur
This is an espresso liqueur made in Italy.
Agavero Tequila Liqueur
This is a blend of blue Anejo and Reposada tequilas with natural damiana flower.
Passoa Passion Fruit Liqueuer
This is a blend of Brazilian maracuja (or yellow passionfruit) with red berries and citrus and tropical fruits.
Godet Belgian White Chocolate Liqueur
This is a blend of Belgian white chocolate and aged cognac
What could the name of a cordial/liqueur tell you about that drink?
Within the cordial category there are cremes and fruit-flavored brandies. Cremes have a high sugar content which makes them creamy. Usually the name of a cordial/liqueur indicates what it tastes like. For example, creme de banana tastes like bananas and apricot brandy tastes like apricots.
Tequia Rose Strawberry Flavor Cream Liqueuer and Tequila
This is a blend of strawberry, cream and a hint of tequila.
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