Cracking AP Gov/Pol Flashcards

President of the United States
Terms Definitions
Cost of living adjustments
stress that individuals should be responsible for their own well-being and should not rely on government assistance
the slow, step-by-step approach to making policy
How many states hold primary elections?
was a fraudulent, private construction company that fleexd the US government by padding federal contracts and skimming off profits of the Union Pacific Railroad (involved Grant's vice prez)
Credit Mobilier
independent agencies who have the responsibility for filling in these gaps and writing rules
quasi-legislative agencies
required that 10 percent of those voters who had voted in the 1860 election sweat an oath of allegience to the Union and accept the 13th amendment
Ten-Percent Plan
national insurance programs into which employers and employees pay taxes
social insurance programs
What do subcommittees often determine?
How money is spent
after being indicted, has the option to agree to a less serious crime and sentence
plea bargaining
rise in public approval after a national convention
post-convention bump
What are the difference between ideology in race/ethnicity?
African/Hispanic - liberal
Cuban American - conservative
was a group of distillers who bribed federal officials and tax collectors to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes on their product
Whiskey Ring
Who has the power to declare war? Make war?
assists the president in formulating policies relating to energy, education, agriculture, national resources, economic affairs, health and human resources, welfare reform , drug abuse, and crime
The Domestic Policy Council
whoever introduces a bill is called
sponsor of the bill
Examples of select committees
Made during the Nixon era:

House Watergate Committee
Senate Select Committee on Unfair Campaign Practices
What do liberals believe in?
tend to support government regulation of the economy
The period after the Civil War is known as
"The Gilded Age"
Why is NAFTA controversial?
-opposed by labor unions because of loss of jobs
-industrial capacit will be damaged due to moving of companies
Give some examples as to what trade agreements the US Trade Representative deals with
kind of due process that deals with whether laws are fair
substantive due process
Provisions of the Compromise of 1877
-Rutherford B. Hayes would become president
-Democrats could take back control of states
program to help disabled and the aged who are living at or near the poverty level
Supplemental public assistance programs (SSI)
What are four functions of The Department of Homeland Security?
-protect the borders
-support local agencies and fire departments
-detect chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons
-analyze intelligence
Two facts about the incumbent advantage
- representatives who run for reelection win 90% of the time
- House incumbents have a greater advantage than Senate incumbents
What are the differences in ideology in terms of income level?
Higher paid Americans are liberal about everything except social welfare
Lower paid Americans are the opposite
What was the largest and most controversial welfare program?
Aid to Families with Dependent Children
Was the cabinet created by the Constitution?
No. Created by custom and usage
What was the ruling of the Slaughter-house cases?
14th amendment only applied to federal government
Name an example of how a convention has negatively affected a candidate
1968, rioting outside a Democratic convention, as contrasted to a dignified Republican convention
1992, ultraconservatives created a riot that hurt Bush Sr.
What was Lincoln's intention with the South after the Civil War?
Didn't want to punish them, wanted a quick and painless reunion
How long are the terms for the Federal Reserve Board?
14 yrs but head serves 4 yrs
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