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Terms Definitions
Catch Block

		exception thrown, catch block
		begins execution
		to method with parameter
		is the thrown object

jdb command



		that creates buttons

Object-oriented and object-relational databases often use a query language called ____ to manipulate and retrieve data.

in method heading to declare an exception

member data of a class
whatever is typed, submitted,
or transmitted to a computer system
Radio installations typically provide data transport for large corporate networks & as part of the internet backbone.

		you create a new array, all elements, if they are not initialized
		are nulls, but index starts from zero. First element always will
		have index 0, not 1 


source or an output destination

A(n) ____ device authenticates a person's identity by translating a personal characteristic into a digital code tat then is compared with a digital code stored in the computer verifying a physical or behavioral characteristic.
A small, joystick-like nub that enables you to move the cursor with the tip of your finger.
Musical Instrument Digital Interface; a port that allows you to connect electronic musical instruments (such as synthesizers) to your computer; the MIDI is a standard adopted by the music industry that provides for capturing specific data about a sound, such as pitch, duration, and volume.
application server
application software for network workstations
Define Language translators
These programs (assemblers, conmpilers, and interpreters) allow you to write programs in a high-level, user-oriented language, and then execute them
Full Path Name

		a complete path name, starting from the root directory

Data warehouses often use a process called data ____ to find patterns and relationships among data.
A computer _____ is a potentially damaging computer program that affects, or infects, a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works without the user's knowledge or permission.
One of the more popular e-mail encryption programs is called ____, which is freeware for personal, noncommercial users.
A(n) _____ object, an example of which is shown, is any item that must be carried to gain access to a computer or computer facility.
Many software products provide a means to _____, or work online, with other users connected to a server.
A(n) ______ is a navigation system that consists of one or more earth-based receivers that accept and analyze signals sent by satellites in order to determine the reciever's geographic location.
_____ Allows users connected to a network to transfer money from one bank account to another via transmission media.
___ requires a special network card and a  __  modem.
A common output device that creates tangible or hard copies of text and graphics.
Vertical Market Software
Software applications that are tailored to meet the needs of a specific company or industry.
Multimedia Software
Video and audio editing software, animation software, and other special software required to produce computer games.
Technology that uses radio waves to transmit data over short distances.
a program that attempts to travel between systems through network connections to spread infections. worms can run independently of host file execution and are active in spreading themselves.
FTP-File Transfer Protocol
Transfers files between local
and remote host computers
integrated circuit
(computer chip) is a superthin
slice of semi-conducting material packed
with microscopic circuit elements
Dot pitch
measures the image clarity, a smaller
dp means a crisper image. (Dot pitch is actually
the distance between pixels with the same color.)
A helper application is supposed to display files within the browser window.
-g flag for javac

		debug info in .class file

_____ is a set of standards for digital transmission of data over standard copper telehone lines.
_____ is a common data type that consists of lengthy text entries.
A ____ is a mathematical formula that generates a code from the contents of an e-mail message.

When users purchase software, a single-user license agreement like the one shown, permits users to do any of the following.
- Install the software on only one computer
- Make on copy of the software as backup
- Give or sell the software to another individual if the software is removed from the user's computer. 
____ is a common data type that includes letters, numvers, or special characters.
A database ___ is a computer that stores and provides access to a database.
To ____ a program file, a program like the one shown records information such as the file size and the file creation date in a separate file.
Modem Card
A device that provides the computer with a connection to the Internet.
Flash Drive
Drive that plug into a universal serial bus (USB) port on a computer and store data digitally. Also called a USB drive.
Project Management Software
An application program such as Microsoft Project that helps project managers easily create and modify project management scheduling charts.
Database Software
An electronic filing system best used for larger and more complicated groups of data that require more than one table, where it's necessary to group, sort, and retrieve data, and to generate reports.
Optical Media
Portable storage devices that use a laser to read and write data, such as CDs and DVDs.
where a category of information in a database is stored. fields are displayed in columns.
denial-of-service attack
an attack that occurs when legitimate users are denied access to a computer system because a hacker is repeatedly making requests of that computer system to tie up its resources and deny legitimate users access.
Scheduled reports
monthly summaries have a fixed formant and
are produced according to a preset timetable or schedule
DOS (Disk Operating System)
first operating system that many
(older:) people used. It had a command line interface and simple
menus that were controlled by the arrow keys
communications channel
a physical
path or a frequency for signal transmissions
What is an event that begins the execution of use case?
What are paths through a use case called?
Define Actual machine interface
Interaction between the system software and hardware
initialization list
an ordered set of values, separated by commas and contained in { }, that provides initial values for a set of data members
A _______ is a legal agreement that permits users to install software on multiple computers, usually at a volume discount.
Site license
Verifiable information _____.
can be proven as correct or incorrect.
A(n) ____ is a duplicate of a file, program, or disk that can be used if the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed.
Refresh Rate
The number of times per second an electron beam scans the monitor and recharges the illumination of each pixel.
Optical Mouse
A mouse that uses an internal sensor or laser to control the mouse's movement. The sensor sends signals to the computer, telling it where to move the pointer on the screen.
Graphics and Multimedia Software
Programs to design and create attractive documents, images, illustrations, and Web pages, as well as three-dimensional models and drawings.
Megahertz (MHz)
One million Hertz,; Hertz is the unit of measure for processor speed, or machine cycles per second.
management information system
a system that provides timely and accurate information that enables managers to make critical business decisions.
public-key encryption
a procedure in which the key for coding is generally distributed as a public key that may be placed on a website. anyone wishing to send a message codes it using the punlic key. the recipient decodes the message with a private key.
executive information system (EIS)
made to provide senior
managers with information relevant to strategic management
activities like setting policies, planning, and preparing budgets
What is the System concept
product of system analysis phase
List 3 languages
1. Low level
2. High level
3. Natural level
Computer forensics is used by _____.
- Military intelligence
- Insurance agencies
- Law enforcement 
Network Interface Card (NIC)
An expansion (or adapter) card that enables a computer to connect with a network.
Personal Information Manager (PIM) Software
Programs such as Microsoft Outlookor Lotus Organizer that strive to replace the various management tools found on a traditional desk, such as a calculator, address book, notepad, and to-do lists.
Video Card (Video Adapter)
An expansion card that is installed inside a system unit to translate binary data (the 1s and 0s your computer uses) into the images viewed on the monitor.
a parcel of data that is sent across a computer network
What are the three steps of the analysis phase?
 Understanding As-Is system Identifying improvements Develop concept for To-Be system
A file server is a dedicated server that ____.
Stores and manages files
code-division multipe access (cdma)
a form of multiplexing; used in cell phone technology; cdma is most commonly used now; tdma was preivously used.
For best performance of a communications channel, _____.
bandwidth should be high and latency low
What is the breadth of analysis BPA,BPI, and BPR?
o BPA has very narrow focuso BPI concentrates on only one part of a business processo BPR takes a broad perspective across several business process
To prevent repetitive strain injury, take all of the following precautions.
- Place a wrist rest between the keyboard and the edge of the desk.
- Place the mouse at least six inches from the edge of the desk.
- Minimize the number of switches between the mouse and the keyboard. 
Each networked computer in a house can _____.
- Share a single high-speed Internet connection
- Access files and programs on other computers in the house
- Share peripherals such as a printer, scanner, external hard disk, or DVD drive 
What are the risks of BPA,BPI, and BPR?
o Risk of failure due to inability to design and build system or due to the system’s not providing business valueo BPA and BPI have low to moderate risko BPR has very high risk and about 70% of BPR projects fail
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