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Terms Definitions

		object is a set of data combined with methods for manipulating that
		data. An object is made from a class; a class is the blueprint for
		the object.
		Each object made from a class will have its own values for
		the instance variables of that class. Instance variables are things
		an object knows about itself.

main class


high bandwidth sytem
getter method

		a value

Inserting graphic with html
rmdir command

Deletes a directory

HTTP-Hypertext Transfer
Exchanges information over
the Web
In 1991 Linus
Torvalds developed it.
find command

The find
		command is used to locate files on a Unix or Linux system. 
		find will search any set of
		directories you specify for files that match the supplied search
		criteria. You can search for files by name, owner,
		group, type, permissions, date, and other criteria. The
		search is recursive in that it will search all subdirectories too. 

java task

Executes a Java
		class within the running (Ant) VM or forks another VM if specified.

a definition that captures general characteristics without details
____ technology uses short-range radio waves to transmit data between two devices.
Large printers that use a computer-controlled pen to produce oversize pictures that require precise continuous lines to be drawn, such as in maps or architectural plans.
The Web
a collection of linked documents,
graphics, and sounds that can be accessed over
the Internet.
Which means that the Web or Internet is just
one very large network.
Internet backbone
a network of high-capacity communications
links that provide the main routes for data traffic
the process of converting analog
data into digital format
Serial processing
an instruction
cannot be executed until the previous one has
grep command

Finds text within a file


JUnit is a simple open
source Java testing framework used to write and run repeatable
automated tests.

A(n) _____ program interacts with a DBMS, which in turn interacts with the database.
A(n) ___ network, the most recent network standard, conforms to the government security standards and uses more sophisticated encryption techniques than WPA or WEP
In addition to access controls, a computer should maintain a(n) ____ trial that records both successful and unsuccessful access attempts.
Nonvolatile Storage
Permanent storage, as in read-only memory (ROM).
Passive-Matrix Displays
Computer monitor technology in which electrical current passes trhough a liquid crystal solution and charges groups of pixels, either in a row or a column. This causes the screen to brighten with each pass of electrical current and subsequently to fade.
Entertainment Software
Programs designed to provide users with entertainment; computer games make up the vast majority of entertainment software.
Volatile Storage
Temporary storage, such as random access memory (RAM); when the power is off, the data in volatile storage is cleared out.
makes the iphone only usable with at&t; is a service given by at&t to make sure that it is the only provider compatible with the iphone.
advertising that is integrated into a software program
dual core processor
chip that contains two microprocessors
SMTP-Simple Mail Transfer
Transfers e-mail messages
from client computers to an email
allows for multiple parts or threads to run at the
same time
for an instruction it specifies the data
(or the address of the data) for the operation
What are the three types of relationships in structural modeling?
o Generalizationo Aggregationo Association
ANT dependency

You can only build a distributable when you
		have compiled first, so the distribute target depends
		on the compile target. Ant resolves these
		It should be noted, however, that Ant's depends
		attribute only specifies the order in which targets should
		be executed - it does not affect whether the target that specifies
		the dependency(s) gets executed if the dependent target(s) did not
		(need to) run. 

A(n) ___ is a device that contains surge protection circuits and one or more batteries that can provide power during a temporary or permanent loss of power.
On a network like this one, the central device that provides a common connection point for nodes on the network is called the _____.
_____ is a common data type that consists of Web addresses that link you to a document or Web page.
Popular data models in use today include all of the following:
- relational
The computer that a hacker uses to execute a DoS or a DDoS attack, known as a ____, is completely unaware that it is being used to attack other systems.
Multifunction Printer
 A device that combines the functions of a printer, scanner, fax machine, and copier into one machine.
Function Keys
Act as shortcut keys to perform special tasks; thay are sometimes referred to as the "F" keys because they start with the letter F followed by a number.
Custom Installation
Installing only those features of a software program that a user wants on the hard drive, thereby saving space on the hard drive.
Educational Software
Applications that offer some form of instruction or training.
A special type of speaker designed to more faithfully reproduce low-frequency sounds.
data warehouse
a large scale electronic repository of data that contains and organizes in one place all the data related to an organization.
polymorphic virus
a virus that changes its virus signature (the binary pattern that makes the virus identifiable) every time it infects a new file. this makes it more difficult for anitvirus programs to detect the virus.
IRC-Internet Relay Chat
Transmits text messages in
real time between on-line
what the operating system uses to hold the data until the computer is ready for it
(Arithmetic Logic Unit) - the part of the
microprocessor that performs arithmetic
op code
(operation code) command word for an operation
a term that is used to refer to
entities that exist largely within computer
Which model describes the interaction of a system with it’s environment?
 Use Case model
The photo's that you take with a digital camera are stored in the camera's memory modules until you transfer them to your comp.

man command

The man command which is short for manual provides in depth
		information about the requested command or allows users to search
		for commands related to a particular keyword.

One type of spyware, called a(n) ____, is hidden on Web pages or in e-mail messages in the form graphical images.
Web Bug
A ____ separate area of a hard disk that hold an infected file until the infection can be removed.
Flash Memory Card
A form of portable storage. This removable memory card is often used in digital cameras, MP3 players and personal digital assistants (PDAs).
Random Access Memory (RAM)
The computer's temporary storage space or short-term memory. It is located as a set of chips on the system unit's motherboard, and its capacity is measured in megabytes.
Flash Memory Cards
A form of portable storage. This removable memory card is often used in digital cameras, MP3 playe4rs, and personal digital assistants (PDAs).
cookie policy
shows what types of cookies will be shown; allows the computer user to specify what they want to hide and what they don't mind sharing
Also called the body or data of a packet. This is the actual
data that the packet is delivering to the destination
PAN – personal area network
interconnection of personal digital devices withing a range of
about 30 feet and without using wires
You can use a scanner to convert a printed image into a bitmap graphic.
Object-Oriented programming can also be described as...
...based on objects that encapsulate both data and the functions that operate on them.
To prevet unauthorized access and use, at a minimum a company should have a written ____ that outlines the computer activities for which a computer or network may and may not be used.
Acceptable use policy (AUP)
_____, which allows users to choose an encryption scheme that passes between a client and a server, requires both the client and the server have digial certificantes.
Secure HTTP (S-HTTP)
CD-RW Drive
A drive that can both read and write data to CDs.
Seek Time
The time it takes for the hard drive's read/write heads to move over the surface of the disk, between tracks, to the correct track.
application programming interface
blocks of code in the operating system that software applications need to interact with it.
computer program or software
The series of instructions that tells a computer
how to carry out processing tasks
Characteristics of Von Neumann Machine
1) "Naked machine"
2) hardware without any helpful user-oriented features
3) extremely difficult to work with
A _______ is a high-speed network that connects networks in an area such as a city or town and handles the bulk of communications activity across that region.
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Control (Ctrl) Key
One of the keys on a PC computer keyboard that is used in combination with other keys to perform shortcuts and special tasks.
what are the 4 parts of the system proposal?
 Detailed requirements definition Functional models Structural models Behavioral models
Occasionally, a database can be damaged or destroyed because of ________.
- hardware or software failure
- human error
- a catastrophe, such as a fire or flood 
DataTransfer Rate (or Bandwidth)
The maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network, usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
Describe Application software and give examples
Written to address our specific needs - to solve problems in the real world
Examples include financial applications, word processing programs, games, inventory control, etc.
A database contaions files, a file contains ______.
records, a record contains fields, and a field is made up of characters.
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port
A port that can connect a wide variety of peripherals to the computer, including keyboards, printers, Zip drives, and digital cameras.
Central Processing Unit (CPU or Processor)
The part of the system unit of a computer that is responsible for data processing (or the "brains" of the computer); it is the largest and most important chip in the computer. It controls all the functions performed by the computer's other components and processes all the commands issued to it by software instructions.
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