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Spartan slave
to give up
Henry Ford
automobile/ assembly line
the domestication of animals
Upper Egypt
South (Nile flows through)
First battle of Bull Run
day of invasion of France
John Kay
Invented the flying shuttle.
thinkers who focused on economic reform and looked for natural laws to define a rational economical system
pardon releasing a person from punishment due for a sin
great awakening
johnathan edwards led this movement
Square Deal
President Theodore Roosevelt's plan for reform; all Americans are entitled to an equal opportinity to succeed
What does Africa mine?
petroleum and coal
magazine journalists who exposed the corrupt side of business
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
wolverine state
Michigan used as a nickname.
Populist Party platform
Restricting immigration to protect American jobs
the capital and largest city of Greece
mass media
forms of communication, such as newspapers and radio, that reach millions of people
The exodus of Muhammad and his followers to Medina; it marks year one in the Muslim calender
an economic system based on state ownership of capital
group of people that rushed to Pennsylvania when petroleum was discovered there in 1859
Zebulon Pike
American soldier and explorer whom Pikes Peak in Colorada is named. His Pike expedition often compared to the lewis and Clark expedition, mapped much of the southern portion of the Louisianna Purchase
planned economies
an economic system directed by government agencies
With Ecbatana, one of the twin capitals of the Persian Empire in the 500's BCE: destroyed by Alexander the Great.
Protestant Ethic
belief stressing hard work and self-discipline
This ruler of Japan established a military government known as the Tokugawa bakufu. He and his descendants ruled as shoguns from 1600-1867.
Taft-Hartley Act
curbs the power of labor unions
a method of breaking and binding women's fee as a sign of beauty (16.2)
Human-made areas that can be mapped and analyzed; reveal what makes an area special or known
Wade-Davis Bill
would have required majority of prewar voters to swear loyalty to the US
Harry Truman
Became president when FDR died; gave the order to drop the atomic bomb
the policy designed to keep the Soviet Union from expanding its power
Yuan dynasty
Dynasty established by Kublai Khan in China, during which an immense canal system as well as a postage system were set up. The Chinese and Mongol relationship wasn't strong-the Chinese couldn't achieve high government positions and were in one of the lowest classes of Mongolian society. The Chinese never integrated into Mongol culture and always kept their distance.
is the sharing of power between the federal and state governments
Proposition 209
passed in CA, which banned state affirmative action programs based on race, ethnicity, gender in public hiring, contracting, and educational admissions
U.S. Constituion
document that replaced the Articles of Confederation
What is the name for the voluntary association of workers seeking labor reforms?
enlightened despot
one of the 18th century European monarchs who was inspired by Enlightenment ideas to rule juslty and respect the rights of subjects.
Vladimir _______ was an enemy of the Czar.
John Brown
led a raid on Harper's Ferry- Pottowattomie Creek Kansas 1859-. He wanted to start a slave rebellion which failed and was sentenced to death by Robert Lee
Court Packing
1937, FDR tries to replace Supreme court members b/c Supreme court has been outlawing New Deal, appoints 6 new justices, Americans are angered
Massive Resistance
1956, policy by Senator Byrd of Virginia to prevent public school desegregation after Brown v Board of Education
Soldier who sells his services to the highest bidder
Dred Scott Decision
Landmark court decision that ruled that slaves were property and antislavery laws were unconstitutional
Macolm X
was a leader of the black power movement
traditional economy
a type of economy that relies on habit, custom, or ritual and tends not to change over time
Magna Carta
(1215) a charter agreed to by King John of England that granted nobles certain rights and restricted the king's powers.
17th amendment
Passed in 1913, this amendment to the Constitution calls for the direct election of senators by the voters instead of their election by state legislatures.
Lecompton Constitution
this gave voters of Kansas only the right to decide whether more slaves could enter the territory, not whether slavery should indeed exist in the territory. Senator Stephen Douglas attacked this and said it was a fraud because it only reflected pro-slavery views.
Who became the leader of France when Napoleon was exiled?
Louis XVII
What caused the Indian Removal Act?
The Trail of Tears
blockade runner
small fast vessels the South used to smuggle goods past the blockade usually under cover at night
the sum of good or bad actions a person does which a soul carries form one life to the next. good karma= good next life
Ernest Hemingway
fought in Italy in 1917. He later became a famous author who wrote "The Sun Also Rises" (about American expatriates in Europe) and "A Farewell to Arms." In the 1920's he became upset with the idealism of America versus the realism he saw in World War I. He was very distraught, and in 1961 he shot himself in the head.
Appalachian Mountains
What is the main mountain chain that runs through the eastern US?
Germany and Ireland
immigrants fled to the US from where during the 1840s and 50s?
List the contributions made by African-Americans to the war effort on both sides.(429)
African-Americans were both drafted and enlisted into the Union's army during the course of the Civil War. The same could be said for both the North and the South territories across the United States. 200,000 African-Americans were on the battle field, and an additional 150,000 were part of the engineering corps.
committee of Public Safety
a committee est during the French Revolution to identify enemies of the republic
KKK Decline 1925
Caused by the head of the group getting caught with rape and murder of his secretary
Booker T. Washington
He was a black activist who urged blacks to focus of economic health in order to move into the middle class. He advocated technical education and founded the Tuskegee institution in Alabama.
during the 1500s and 1600s european merchants reduced the risk on investment by...
a. organizing partnership
b. investing in companies and markets
c. increasing protection against highway robbers
d. buying insurance
c. increasing protection against highway robbers
Medit Sea & Red Sea
The Suez Canal connects the ________ and the ________.
Life in Metal Age: Metal
7000 years ago
objects of metal
first metal they used was copper
Later they used bronze and iron
 tools, weapons, jewels, statues, etc.
things that make David a famous figure
sleighed Goliath, chose Jerusalem as the capital, had affair and had her husband killed
Lewis and Clark expedition and Sacajewea
Sent on an expedition by Jefferson to gather information on the United States' new land and map a route to the Pacific. They kept very careful maps and records of this new land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase. the Native American women who was the personal guide and translator for Lewis and Clark and thier expedition in northern Lousiana Territory
It reveals the importance of oral tradition.
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