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Mexico City
Terms Definitions
El Salvador
Puerto Rica
costa rica
san jose
What Spanish-speaking country's capital is named "Good Aires"
Exportaciones Principales
Pina, azucar y cafe
When is Mexico's independance day?
September 16th
What is Puerto Rico's relationship with the US?
September 16th
When is mexico's Independence Day?
What currency does Spain use?
El Euro
______ azteca se llama Tenochtitlán.
La capital
Where is baseball player Roberto Clemente from?
Puerto Rico
Which Spanish speaking country's capital is named "Good Airs"?
Argentina; Buenos Aries
Which South American country has two capitals?
La Paz, Bolivia
Which spanish speaking country's capital is names peace?
Los tainos
very agressive tribe, established in the Grandes Antillas
what is manumission
a reward for long service
Most of the Hispanics living in Florida are--
famous hispanic person and profession
belita moreno la actora
Lake Texcoco
ON what lake is Mexico City built?
Los Fortalezas
In the 16th century the spanish constructed forts built to protect against attacks from many groups and pirates
Mexico City is sometimes called Mexico D.F. What does D.D. stand for?
Distrito Federal
What famous actor and singer that played in Hackers is from Puerto Rico?
Marc Anthony
Spanish speakers have two last names. Which represents the father's family and which represents the mother's family?
first-father. second-mother
Popular form of art taken from Mexico and seen in many US cities?
What is a "cascarón"?
confetti-filled eggshell. break on head for good luck
El Templo Mayor es ______ muy grande.
una pirámide
What is the best abbreviation for the Universidad Nacional de Mexico?
What is the name of the Mexican tradition called that re-enacts Mary and Joseph's journey?
Los Posados
Las Pasados
What is the name of the Mexican tradition that reenacts Mary and Joesph's Christmas journey?
Juan Pablo Duarte
Led a revolutionary movement that was great for the independence of the Dominican Republic
What is the most popular sport in Puerto Rico?
El Beísbol
5. The supplemental readings on culture emphasized the relationship between:
a. Disability and poverty
b. Poverty and intelligence
c. Poverty and government social policy
d. None of the above
A Disability and poverty
Where did Aeneas settle in Italy? was it peaceful?
Laviniun, no
Otra merienda típica de México es--
el taco al pastor
What are systems of meaning?
Ways of organizing society and distinctive behaviors and technology.
What is Columbus Day called in Mexico?
Dia de la Raza
El Alcazar de Colon
museam constructed in the 1500's very antique
What is the name of the dish made from fried plantains found in Chicago that comes from Puerto Rico?
What was the Alamo?
fort defended by Texans from Cortez. San Antonio
What is culture's essential feature?
It is learned behavior, from family, society, media, friends and churches; not instinctive.
La guerra Hispano-Norte Americana
When Spain lost the islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba to the U.S. (1898)
What is the name of the tropical forest in Puerto Rico?
La ceiba de ponce
1. The book chapter on culture emphasizes that culture is:
a. A biologic trait
b. Part of social learning
c. Not linked to other factors such as poverty
d. Not a contextual factor
B Part of social learning
What was the traditional date of the founding of ROme?
April 21, 753 bce
Name and explain the distinguishing characteristics of culture.
A system of beliefs and assumptions about life that guide behavior and are shared by a group of people.
For what is Jon Secada known?
cuban singer and songwriter. sings in Eng and Span
6. As a therapist who might work with different cultures, either within this country or internationally, it is important to:
a. Consider locally available materials and sustainability
b. Understand that you are bringing valuable expertise to developing
D A and C
In what Chilian mine were 33 people trapped?
San Jose (located in En Copiapo)
What date was the great earthquake in Mexico City that killed over 9000 people?
El 19 de Septiembre de 1985
What is the difference between tú and usted?
tú is informal and usted is formal
11) All cultures
a) Demonstrate all of Piaget's levels of cognitive development
b) Have a tradition of language and story
c) Interpret childhood, disability and aging in a similar fashion
d) None of the above
B Have a tradition of language and story
ciudad de guatemala
de supi galpa
el savador
san salvador
What does FUG mean?
Why is America called America?
Americo Vespusio
Américo Vespusio
Why is America called America?
observatory in puerto rico telescope with the largest plate in the world
Who gave better treatment to slaves?
On what lake was Mexico City built?
What group of Indians lived in Guatemala?
Los Caribes
Very agressive tribe, conquered the Pequenas Antillas
Eleutherodactylus Iberia
Smallest rana in the Northern Hemesphere. Discovered in the tropical forest in Cuba
En México una merienda típica es--
una torta
what's the geographical name of spain and portugal
iberian penninsula
Jose de San Martin
Who liberated Argentina and Peru?
Diego Colon
Son of Christopher Columbus govenor of Santo Domingo
La trinitaria
A revolutionary movement led by Juan Pablo Duarte
What were piñatas made out of before the current paper and cardboard versions?
What is the name of the Mexican custard that is found all over Mexico and many parts of USA?
From where are the majority of Latinos currently living in the US?
main ingredients in a SANDWHICH CUBANO
pork, ham, cheese
Girls named by?
name represents person who has authority
En México es común beber ______ de frutas tropicales.
the ibereians
people in 600 b.c from greece or rome
Which main group of Indians lived in Guatamala?
The Mayas
Lake Titicaca
What is the highest lake in the world?
la vieja habana
parte de Cuba contraste entre moderno y antguo
What is the name of the Puerto Rican frog that received its name for the sound it makes?
9) Which of the following domains of development is least affected by cultural practice?
a) Attachment and relationships
b) Temperament
c) Motor development
d) Social learning
B Temperament
What is the time for lunch in Mexico?
2-3 PM
What important principles follow?
Teaching and learning, the way culture is reproduced, the idea that culture is constantly changing, meaning systems consist of negotiations.
What is the name of a 15 year old girl's birthday celebration?
Dia de la Raza
What is Columbus Day called in Mexico?
What is the name of the large volcano near Mexico City that was named after a warrior according to a legend?
El popcatépetl
La quiceañera es una muchacha que tiene:
quince años de edad
San José Mine en Capiapo
In what mine are 33 chileans trapped?
la flotilla de mariel
boat that brought 25,000 cubans to the coasts of florida
The majority of Latin-Americans that live in New York and New Jersey come from what three countries?
Puerto Rico, Cuba, La Republica Dominicana
10) In cultures where infants are motorically advanced:
a) Infants are typically born under optimal circumstances
b) Environments are motorically challenging
c) Parents have high expectations
d) All of the above
D All of the above
How did the twins decide who would rule the new city?
They asked the gods
What is the name of the Perto Rican celebration of Spanish and African cultures where many people wear masks?
La Celebración de Caraval
2. In cultures where infants are born motorically advanced:
a. Infants are typically born under optimal circumstances
b. Environments are motorically challenging
c. Parents have high expectations for motor accomplishments
d. All of the above
D All of the above
What name did the Aztecs give the mysterious city they found abandoned that is near present-day Mexico City?
Teotihuacán or La ciudad de los dioses
3. Culture, race and ethnicity are terms that are often associated. The difference between them is:
a. Culture does not have a biologic component
b. Race does not have a biologic component
c. Ethnicity does not have a biologic component
d. None of the
A Culture does not have a biologic component
how mant names did a slave have?
Masters name would be added in the genitive case
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