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Dental equipment
Terms Definitions
are multifunctional instruments that are included in the setup for every procedure. Have a thin, flexible, wirelike working end with a sharp point at the tip. Common types of explorers are the right angle, pig tail and shepherd'd hook. This thin tip enables the operator to use tactile sensitivity to distinguish areas of calculus or decay from discrepancies on the surfaces of teeth
Amalgam Carrier
Restorative: Double-ended instrument with wells on both ends to pack fresh amalgam in & carry to prepped tooth.
Restorative: Used to smooth the surface of fresh placed amalgam restoration. (Ball, Football, T-shaped, Beavertail)
Exam: Distinguish calculus, decay and discrepancies on teeth.
howe pliers
are useful for carrying cotton products to and from the oral cavity, for removing the matrix band, and for placing and removing the wedge
Instrument Classification (4 categories)
Exam, Hand-cutting, Restorative, Accessory.
Amalgam well
Accessory: Where newly mixed amalgam is placed and retrieved from.
Accessory: Used for cutting dental dam material, retraction cord, and stainless steel crowns. (Crown & Bridge scissors)
The portion of a dental instrument that attaches the handle to the working end.
also known as plugger, is used to condense freshly placed amalgam into the preparation
Periodontal Probe
Exam: Measure sulcus or pocket depth of the perodontium.
The portion of a dental instrument that is used on the tooth surface or for mixing dental materials.
are designed with a sharp edge on the working end to remove excess material, to contour surfaces, and to carve anatomy back into the amalgam or intermediate restoration before it hardens.
is used to prepare the tooth and to plane the walls and floors of the tooth preparation with a push-pull action.
Gingival Margin Trimmer
Hand Cutting: Cut enamel and place bevels along gingival enamel margins of the prep.
one end is a "paddle" that is used for carrying dental materials to the prepared tooth structure. The other end is a nib, which resembles a condenser.
A flat edge of the working end of an instrument that is sharp enough to cut.
Restorative: Condense (pack down) fresh placed amalgam into the preparation. (flat end that are smooth or serrated)
A flat or level surface.
Hand Cutting: Remove soft dentin, debris, and decay from tooth. (most common: spoon excavator, black spoon)
An instrument that has notchlike projections that extend from a flat surface.
Hand Cutting: Cut enamel margin of tooth prep, form sharp lines, point angles, and place retention grooves. (Straight, Bin-angle, Wedelstaedt , and Angle-former chisel)
The portion of a dental instrument that the operator grasps.
Restorative Instruments
Used to place, condense, and carve dental material to original anatomy of tooth structure. (Amalgam carrier, Condenser, Burnisher, Carvers, Amalgam Knife, Composite, Woodson)
Cotton Pliers
Exam: Carry, retrieve, and place small objects.
The working end of an instrument that is angled or slanted.
are used to cut enamel and to smooth the walls and floors of the tooth preparation
hollenback carver
is used to contour or remove excess material interproximally
Howe pliers (110 pliers)
Accessory: Useful for holding items, carrying cotton products to and from oral cavity, removing matrix band, and placing/removing wedge.
Means to have a sense of touch or feeling.
Articulating Paper & Holder
Accessory: Carbon paper held by holder to check "bite".
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