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lying down position
mineralized layers of plque
Natural teeth in the dental arch
Bonding (dentin)
Establishment of a micromechanical bond between cut dentin and bonding agent. Joining together securely with an adhesive substance
An abnormal space between teeth, usually between maxillary central incisors
Periodontal Disease
#1 reason for tooth loss
Lab device that simulates jaw movement with casts of arches attached
An accurate replica of the prepared portion of a tooth used in the laboratory during the fabrication of a cast restoration
Bonding (enamel)
Establishment of a mechanical bond between etched enamel and the resin restorative or luting material
a small metal cylinder found inside the head of the handpiece
Dental chair
designed to position the patient comfortably while providing the doctor and assistant with easy access to the oral cavity
soft sticky accumulation of bacteria and products of saliva, is responsible for the development of tooth decay and peridontal disease
alligator clips- used to hold patient napkin in place
helps in the reduction of tooth decay
Friction Grip
used with the air-turbine handpiece; is inserted into a special metal chuck in the head of the handpiece and may be secured by a wrench-tightening system
many are available for use, include disposable plastic covers, baggies, plastic perforated self-sticking sheet wrap, and aluminum foil
Distal wall
Cavity wall in the resorative process nearest tohe distal surface of the tooth
A hydrocolloid that will not return to the liquid phase once it forms a solid; alginate impression materials-cannot use to make more than 1 model -falls apart in shorter time
Alveolar Mucosa
The mucous membrane that covers the alveolar process and continues to form the lining of the cheeks and floor of the mouth
hold back away from the area of operation
floss threader
used to guide dental floss under artificial tooth to clean the spaces; also used by patient's who have braces to allow the floss under the bands
High velocity oral evacuator
high-volume, high-vacuum; used to remove particles debris, and large amounts of liquid from the oral cavity
Stannous fluoride
used appoximately one to two times annually or more frequently if needed - preparation is highly unstable and a new solution has to be prepared each time
a triangular wooden tip used to when there is a lack of interdental papilla
Low speed handpiece
conventinal speed; used for dental caries removal and fine finishing work
A device used to MIX mercury with the amalgam alloy. Also used to mix some cements.
Alveolar Bone
The part of the alveolar process that lines the bony sockets into which the roots of the teeth are embedded
A hollow tube commonly used to aid in the placement of an instrument
Area in a two rooted tooth where the roots divide
a device used to remove plaque at the gingival margin, has two angled ends where round toothpicks are inserted into either end
Washed-Field Technique
use of water as a coolant during operative dentistry
Doctor's cart
style and type of doctors' carts vary from office to office, contain air-water syringe, handpieces, and the foot controls
Dental Light
mounted in the ceiling or in the dental unit-used to illuminate the oral cavity; positioned 30-42 inches from the oral cavity
Assistant's cart
vary from office to offce- but usually contains the basic wquipment Drawers, air-water syringe, saliva ejector, high-volume evacuator, cuspidor
Dental floss
used to clean in between the teeth where the toothbrush bristles don't reach
Modified Stillman method
used to stimulate and massage the gingiva in addition to cleaning the cervical third of the tooth
Bite Block
A device used to hold the mouth open during operative and oral surgery procedures
Roll or rolling Stroke method
is recommened when concentration on cleaning the gingival sulcus is not of primary concern
disclosing solution or tablets
used to stain dental plaque on the teeth following brushing
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