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What palatal anesthesia infiltration(s) is(are) required to assure a child is comfortable during a procedure on the maxillay left central incisor?
- Nasopalatine only
- Nasopalatine and greater palatine
- Greater palatine only
Nasopalatine only
Treatment of Rubeola includes ________.
- bed rest
- nystatine rinse
- antibiotic therapy to prevent the progression to theumatic fever
- hydration and the generous use of antipyretics, especially aspirin
- two of the above treatments
bed rest
You intentionally allowed a 7-year-old boy to observe his well-behaved brother have a tooth removed and he seemed more curious than afraid. This is an example of:
- modeling
- distraction
- desensitization
- tell, show, do
This condition is characterized by vesicular outcroppings that crust and heal. In this particular patient, the lesions exhibit a distinct distribution and do not cross the midline.
- impetigo (non bullous)
- rubella
- rubeolla
- varicella
- herpangina
Children presenting with a(n) ________ require surgical intervention.
- Riga Fede
- Bohn's nodule
- eruption hematoma
- congenital epulis
congenital epulis
Distal step occlusions most frequently develop into ________ (mal)occlusions in the permanent dentition unless there is a compensatory larger late mesial shift in the mandible versus the maxilla.
- class I
- class II
- class III
class II
Compression and suturing of the socket after an extraction is always necessary if gross expansion of the bone has occured when removing a primary molar.
- True
- False
When removing tooth #B, the cowhorn forceps are the forceps of choice?
- True
- False
It's checkup time for LaVitra Maldonado. Her mother said she was looking forward to the appointment so she could show you her toothless grin (her maxillary centrals recently exfoliated) but LaVitra woke up with a sore throat and a fever. Intraorally, you
Streptococcal pharyngitis
Which disease is associated with brittle bones and blue sclera?
- Amelogenesis imperfecta
- Dentinogenesis imperfecta
- Both amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta
- Neither amelogenesis imperfecta nor dentinogenesis imperfecta
Dentinogenesis imperfecta
A child presents with fever, very runny nose and a reported sensitivity to light. Intraorally, you notice small, irregular spots on the buccal mucosa. No extraoral findings are noted at this time. The child is manifesting (exhibiting) signs of what system
During a head and neck examination, turning the head will allow for better palpation of the ________ muscle, permitting better evaluation of the cervical lymph nodes.
- sternocleidomastoid
- platysma
- scalenus anterior
- anterior belly of the digastric
Accidental exposure of a primary tooth's distobuccal pulp horn should be treated with (note - there is no apparent bleeding and the surrounding dentin is sound):
- Cvek pulpotomy
- direct pulp cap
- apexification
- two step pulpotomy
- removal
direct pulp cap
Which of the following diagnostic criteria has the least reliability in the assessment of the pulp status in the primary dentition?
- Internal resorption
- Spontaneous pain
- Soft tissue swelling
- Electronic pulp testing
- Precussion
Electronic pulp testing
What space maintainer is recommended for the premature loss of tooth #I?
- Band and loop
- Nance type holding arch
- Distal shoe
- Bilateral space maintainer
Band and loop
A large carious lesion approximating the pulp on tooth #K should be initially treatment planned for a:
- ferric sulfate pulpotomy
- direct pulp cap
- apexification
- two step pulpotomy
ferric sulfate pulpotomy
During the final stages of luxation, a portion of the mesial root of tooth #T fractures off. The fragment is visible and looks like it cane be easily removed with a root tip pick or tissue forceps. Should you attempt to retrieve it?
- Yes
- No, any attemp
Because of an abscess associated with tooth #T, a child ________ need antibiotic coverage.
- will
- will not
will not
Problems associated with supernumerary teeth include:
- Failure of eruption
- Displacement of erupting teeth
- Diastema
- Retention of primary teeth
- Any in the list
Any in the list
The finish line with greater bonded strength for a class IV composite is the ________; the more esthetic is the ________.
- chamfer, bevel
- bevel, chamfer
- bevel, bevel
- chamfer, chamfer
chamfer, bevel
When considering preparing a tooth for a class I amalgam restoration, the unaffected coalesced and accessory grooves ________ included in the outline design.
- are
- are not
are not
Of the following methods to minimize the amount of radiation a patient receives, which is the most important?
- Specific indication
- Beam restrictors
- Lead apron/thyroid collar
- Fast film speed
Specific indication
If a child is allergic to the penicillins, and you still wish to give an oral medication, you should consider either of the following except:
- cephamycin
- clindamycin
- azithromycin
Radiolucencies in the border of the skull would be representative of a patient who has:
- sickle cell anemia
- histiocytosis X
histiocytosis X
Alex Munoz is a five-year old Hispanic male who was seen in urgent care for the removal of tooth #S. A medical history review of systems confirms that he is an otherwise healthy kid, but does have allergies to penicillin. He is complaining of pain in the
A child presents with history of fever and chills of several days duration. Extraoral lesions crust and heal. Both intraoral and extraoral lesions appear to be unilateral, that is they seem to be limited to one side. The most likely diagnosis for this sys
IF you were concerned about losing too much space during the later mesial shift, what space maintainer would you use to save space for tooth #5?
- Lingual holding arch
- Nance appliance
- Distal shoe
- Simple band and loop
- Either a Nance appliance or a
Nance appliance
While removing caries from tooth #L, you have an exposure of the pulp. It is approximately 3 mm in cross-section and is surrounded by carious dentin. The tooth has been asymptomatic. The bone in the fircation and apical areas appear to be normal radiograp
ferric sulfate pulpotomy
According to Meade, the type of parents most likelt to be comfortable with leaving their children alone with the dentist is:
- The Prefigurative Parent
- The Configurative Parent
- The Postfigurative Parent
The Postfigurative Parent
Internal resorption in the mesial root of tooth #K suggests that during pulp therapy, the operator may have:
- over instrumented
- used calcium hydroxide
- misdiagnosed the furcal radiolucency
- failed to fill the accessory canal
- used formocresol
used calcium hydroxide
You advist a 15-year-old to use some sort of barrier protection during oral sex not only to protect his partners, but because exposure to ________ during oral sex is strongly associated with oropharyngeal cancer.
- syphilis
- human papillomavirus
- chlamy
human papillomavirus
A hysterical parent calls from her cell phone saying her 9-year-old son was hit in the face with a hard ball and knocked out two upper front teeth. She has the teeth. This just happened and she wants to know what to do. The child is very upset. What are y
Replant teeth immediately
According to the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, the best evaluation of caries risk and the decision to implement sealant usage is made by an experienced clinician using indicators of tooth morphology, and:
- past caries history
- past fluori
All of the above
On recall appointment, a five year old patient with a plaque score of 50% plaque-free, poor flossing technique and a recent dental history of one class II amalgam should have the following radiographs taken:
- two bitewings
- four bitewings
- two bitewing
two bitewings
The primary dention begins to erupt at age ________ which coincides with the recommended time for the child's first oral health risk assessment.
- 3 months
- 6 months
- 12 months
- 18 months
6 months
The normal exfoliation order of the maxillary primary teeth begins with the centrals and is folled by:
- laterals, canines, molars
- canines, laterals, molars
- laterals, molars, canines
- molars, canines, laterals
- molars, laterals, canines
laterals, molars, canines
A child's tongue appears to have lost its coating and has an erythematous smooth glistening surface. She has "raspberry tongue" which is associated with:
- Midlothian swamp fever
- rheumatic fever
- scarlet fever
- herpetic fever
scarlet fever
To assure you have profound anesthesia for removal of tooth #S, what injection(s) of 2% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine are required?
1. Long buccal infiltration
2. Lingual nerve infiltration
3. Mandibular nerve block
- 1, 2 & 3
- 1 & 3
- 2 &
1, 2 & 3
The local anesthetic infiltration injections that would assure complete comfort during tooth #J's removal include branches of the:
1. nasopalatine
2. greater palatine
3. middle superior alveolar
4. posterior superior alveolar
- 1, 2, 3
- 2, 3, 4
- 1, 3, 4
2, 3, 4
(greater palatine, middle & superior alveolar)
Which teeth would you use as abutments for a space maintainer for tooth #T on a 6-7 year-old child?
- #19 and #30
- #30 and #S
#30 and #S
A girl wakes up with a slight fever and is complaining of a headache. When you look in her mouth you notice small vesicular lesions on her gingiva and dorsal surface of her tongue. Her oropharynx is clear of lesions. She has palpable cercival lymph nodes
Herpetic gingivostomatitis
A 8-year-old girl fell off her bike about an hour ago injuring the maxillary anterior teeth, fracturing off the mesioincisal angle of #9, just short of, but not including the pulp tissue. She complains of pain when drinking cold water but notices no mobil
Class II fracture
This condition is characterized by a creamy-white plaque that leaves a red, ulcerated area underneath if scraped off. It may be associated with:
- long term antiobiotic therapy
- an immature immune system
- HIV disease
- Any in this list
Any in this list
A tooth has distal caries and restoring it will require using a lingual dovetail to improve retention. Its position on the tooth should be in the gingival two-thirds because:
- this is where the enamel is the thickest
- it reduces the chances of pulpal ex
all of the above
Which disease freuqently requires full coverage of posterior teeth with crowns?
- Amelogenesis imperfecta
- Dentinogenesis imperfecta
- Both amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta
- Neither amelogenesis imperfecta nor dentinogenesis imperfe
Both amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta
Eight-year-old Imran Khan gets hit in the mouth with a cricket bat and fractures off half of tooth #9, exposing a generous portion of the pulp. Radiographically, it appears that the apex is still open and the pulp tests vital. His past medical history ind
a calcium hydroxide pulpotomy
Three-year-old Beverly Tallfeather spends most of her days at her grandmother's house while her mother would be at work. Granny has a constant supply of candy, and as we can guess, Beverly ends up in your office with a mouthful of cavities. Granny Tallfea
Yes, cover the exposure with a reparative dentin stimulating medication such as calcium hydroxide
When does the tooth succedaneous to #S erupt?
- 7 to 8
- 5 to 6
- 12 to 13
- 9 to 11
9 to 11
While removing the caries on a child's tooth #K, you expose the pulp. The size of the expsoure is approximately 1 mm round and is surrounded by carious dentin. You elect to:
- cover the exposure with a dentin stimulating medication such as calcium hydroxi
perform an MTA pulpotomy
When fitting the anterior strip crown for a composite strip crown restoration, the celluloid crown form should extend ________.
- to the base of the sulcus to ensure the composite will flow to the finish line
- slightly beyond/below the finish line
- to t
slightly beyond/below the finish line
A 10-year-old boy fell and bumped his tooth on a coffee table. There is slight bleeding at the sulcus of #9 but no pain. The child cannot bite comfortably into centric occlusion now since there is interference between #9 and the two lower incisors. What i
Reposition tooth and splint
When using an elevator to loosen a tooth prior to its removal, avoid using ________ for stabilization.
- exfoliating teeth
- erupting teeth
- restorations
- All of the above
All of the above
Tooth #I has distal caries with pulp exposure and will be difficult to restore, but you elect not to remove it. It will require pulp therapy. It is asymptomatic and shows no radiographic evidence of bone or root structure loss. You remove the coronal pulp
check for tissue tags
Three-year-old Bradley Jones has been referred to your office by the pediatrician because not all of his teeth have erupted, leaving large spaces between his teeth. His mother says he had some blisters on the inside of his lip about two days ago that popp
Either periapicals or an occlusal view
The facial and lingual portions of the stainless steel crown preparation for posterior teeth should:
- integrate the occlusal two thirds
- finish in a feather edge at or just below the free gingival margin
- none of the above
none of the above
Which disease affects both the primary and permanent teeth?
- Amelogenesis imperfecta
- Dentinogenesis imperfecta
- Both amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta
- Neither amelogenesis imperfecta nor dentinogenesis imperfecta
Both amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta
A 15-year-old comes in for a dental exam and would like as much work done as possible. What radiographs would be appropriate?
- Four bitewings
- Panoramic
- Two bitewings and a panoramic
- Four bitewings and a panoramic
Four bitewings and a panoramic
Behavior modification is best accomplished by rewarding the desired behavior and ignoring the undesirable behavior. A good example of extinction of aversive would be to slap the child's hand every time he tries to interfere with treatment.
- Both statemen
The first statement it true, but the second statement is false.
Which of the following conclusions would be correct if, after six weeks, a direct pulp capped tooth were asymptomatic?
- The pulp capping was a success
- Lack of adverse symptoms might be temporary
- Reparative dentin formation at the exposure sigt was co
Lack of adverse symptoms might be temporary
Which of the following important methods of minimizing a patient's radiation exposure is the least important?
- Having a specific indication for the radiograph
- Utilizing a leaded apron and thyroid collar
- Minimizing the need for retakes by using proper
Utilizing a leaded apron and thyroid collar
A 7-year-old boy comes to your office for orthodontic band fitting and an impression for a space maintainer after tooth #T was removed. What space maintainer is appropriate?
- Unilateral space maintainer banding #30 and cantilevered to #S
- Bilateral spac
Bilateral maintainer banding both #19 to #30
Tooth #B has been removed from an 8-year-old child. You perform a classic Moyer's mixed dentition analysis for that quadrant; the predicted space needs are equal to the actual measured space available. In order to prevent a loss of space during the patien
Nance applicance from #3 to #14
If Bat Boy were a real entity and you observe that, as well has having peg-shaped teeth, he does not have a full compliment of permanent teeth. He also has very little hair. You would diagnose him as:
- being from the South
- a dysmorphic odontate
- havin
having inherited ectodermal dysplasia
In addition to unusual pigmented lesions of the lips (and gingiva and mucous membrane), a patient suffers from intestinal polyps. This suggests:
- the child was bitten by a bat
- the child is a bat
- there are several teeth that have not calcified and are
the child may not have a full complement of sweat glands
A very concerned grandmother brings in her 8 year old granddaughter for evaluation of a bad tooth. The child is running a fever and has had great pain that has kept her up for the past two nights. It is obvious that she has facial swelling. She is very co
Yes, you are protected by implied consent for emergency treatment to a minor
An orthodrontic band fits well -- there are no gaps or spaces between band and tooth and the band's occlusal edges are:
- easily burnished over the marginal ridge of the tooth
- just below the marginal ridge of the tooth
- at the level of the contact area
just below the marginal ridge of the tooth
After removal of tooth #K in a 6-year-old girl, the space maintainer of choice is ________.
- a band and loop
- a lingual holding arch
- a unilateral followed by a bilateral (LHA) after the eruption of the permanent anteriors
- a Nance
- none of the above
a unilateral followed by a bilateral (LHA) after the eruption of the permanent anteriors
The finished crown should seat with its marginal ridges even with the adjacent teeth and the gingival margin:
- at the level of the free gingival margin
- at the base of the healthy gingival sulcus
- halfway in between the level of the free gingival margi
halfway in between the level of the free gingival margin and the base of the healthy gingival sulcus
Cow horn forceps should rarely be used to remove a mandibular primary molar because:
- it frequently splits the tooth in half, especially when caries have weakened the tooth
- they are not proportionately manufactured to allow proper placement in the furc
there is a higher incidence of damage to the developing premolar when employing these forceps versus other types of molar forceps
Jim falls on his face and suffers no fracture, but does traumatize his centrals, causing some mobility that disappears after a week. But, as luck would have it, a year later, he's in your office complaining of pain in #8. A draining tract is present on th
removing the pulp tissue down to within approximately 2 to 3 mm of the radiographic apex, mix barium with calcium hydroxide powder and cMCP and pack it into the canal
What space maintainer would you use to save space for tooth #5?
- Lingual holding arch
- Nance appliance
- Distal shoe
- Simple band and loop
- Either a Nance appliance or a simple band and loop
Either a Nance appliance or a simple band and loop
The bisecting angle technique can be implemented when a patient has difficulty tolerating a film holder such as the Rinn system or a Snap-A-Ray. In order to miimize distortion, the central ray should be aimed perpendicular:
- to the long axis of the tooth
to the bisector of the angle formed by the long axes of the tooth and the film
The sum of the widths of the permanent mandibular incisors is 23 mm. The measured arch length from the ideal distal point of #23 to the mesial of #19 would be 18.5 mm. You would predict ________ for the eruption of the permanent successors.
- inadequate s
inadequate space with a deficit of 3.4 mm
A 33 pound girl who had a congenital heart defect repaired 3 months ago should receive a dose of ________ mg of amoxicillin 30 to 60 minutes prior to an extraction procedure.
- 0
- 250
- 500
- 750
- 1,000

33 lb = 15 kg
(15 kg) x (50 mg/kg) = 750 mg
/ 74

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