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Terms Definitions
Supporting academic achievement: emplopyment schedule
Vocational education
genetically determined process of growth that unfolds naturally over a period of time
According to Erikson, the major personality achievement during adolescence is
Mr. and Mrs. McDermott’s three children all have low self-esteem, struggle with depression, and exhibit antisocial behavior. Mr. and Mrs. McDermott probably incorporate with of the following parenting techniques.
the interrelations that obtain among the components of the microsystem with which the child interacts
in freudian theory, the person's instinctual drives; the first component of the personality to evolve, the id operates on the basis of the pleasure principle
Information processcing improvements in adolescence (8)
Attention, inhibition, memory strategies, knowledge, metacognition, cognitive self-regulation, processing capacity, speed of thinking
Consequences of Abstrac thought: planning and Decision Making (2)
Inexperience, overwhelming options
Autonomous Morality (3)
Rules as socially-agreed on, changeable. Standard of ideal reciprocity. Judge on outcomes and intentions
primary dynamic of Freud's phallic stage in which a girl resents her mother for having deprived her of a penis and transfers her affections to her father.
Electra complex
theory of cognitive development that sees the child as actively seeking new information and incorporating it into his knowledge base through the processes of assimilation and accommodation
Piagetian theory
___% American and ___% Canadian do not use contraceptives
Hypothetico-deductive reasoning (2)
Deducing hypotheses from a general theoryPendulum problem
Maturation of the reproductive organs: boys vs girls
Boys: SpermarcheGirls: menarche
Parent-child relationships in adolescence: autonomy (2)
De-iealized parents. Shift from parents to self and peers for guidance
Preventing suicide (4)
Notice warnign signs, provide adult and peer support, teach coping strategies, interventions
Factors in Delinquency (5)
Peers, gender, individual differences, family characterisitics, neighborhood
primary dynamic of the phallic stage of Freudian development theory in which the boy is sexually attracted to his mother, is a rival with his father, and fears his father's retribution
Oedipus complex
Family characteristics of sezually active adolescents (2)
Step, single-parent, or large familyWeak parental monitoring, parental child communication
Consequences of Abstract Thought (3)
Self Consciousness and Self FocusingIdealsim and CriticismPlanning and Decision Making
Dating Problems: For homosexuals (2)
Finding partners. peer harassment, rejection
theory that sees development as a process that continues throughout the life cycle, from infancy through adulthood and old age
life span theory
Consequences of Abstract Thought: Self Consciousness & Self-Focusing (3)
Imaginary audience, sensitivity to criticism, personal fable
Talking to Adolescents about sex (5)
Foster open communciation, use correct terms, listen-discuss-collaborate, think before talking, keep conversations going
Erikson's Theory: Identity Confusion (3)
Lack of direction and definition of self. Restricted exploration in adolescence. Unprepared for stages of adulthood
Sex dufferences in mental abilities: Verbal (Performance, biological, enviornmental)
Girls do better from early ages, throughout schoolGirls: advantage in left hemisphere of brainParents talk more to girls, oanguage arts considered "feminine"
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