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Terms Definitions
Sleepiness is associated with ___glycemia
Among the recently discovered documents from the apartment of the former secretary of state(a) is(b) areseveral shoe boxes full of undeposited campaign contribution checks.
of vital or critical importance:
The students are (a) anxious(b) eagerto begin the new term.
This recipe is(A) composed of(b) comprised ofsix "secret" ingredients.
a picture, image, or other representation.
"Acting on an anonymous phone call", police today captured arson suspect Toni Davis.The quoted section is a (a) verb(b) subordinate clause(c) gerund(d) participial phrase
The witness needs to (a) lay(b) liedown and gather his composure before continuing his tesmimony,
Which of the following underlined items is not an adjective?(A) the "smartest" student(B) a "really" bright student(C) the "tallest" building on the block(D) a truly "principled" decision
(B) really
What kind of grammatical error is demonstrated in this construction:(a) run-on sentence(b) dangling modifier(c) sentence fragment(d) over-subordination
The news media (a) is(b) areunder attack again.
Choose the correct spelling, or are they all incorrect:(a) relavent(b) antecedant(c) superintendant
This bus(a) that(b) whichstops at this corner does not run on Sundays.
(a) that
In the sentence, However, I can't accept your argument, what part of speech is however?(A) conjunction(B) adverb(C) preposition(D) interection
incapable of being upset or agitated; not easily excited; calm:
What is the first stage of a situational crisis?
Cardiac catheterization, normal feelings:
Fluttering (Palpitations may occur when catheter is passed through the myocardium causing extra systoles)
Pain during procedure (NOT days after)
Subtotal thyroidectomy:
What is not a normal finding post op?
What is?
Difficulty speaking
Temporary hoarseness and NG tube attached to intermittent suction is draining a moderate amount of translucent fluid
The team feels (A) bad (B) badly about its overtime loss.
In the sentence, "Morti appears ready for her new challenge." How would you classify the verb?(A) linking(B) transitive(C) intransitive
(A) linking
You won't find a beter editor than (a) she.(b) her.
pertaining to a sense of the beautiful or to the science of aesthetics.
When are babies expected to cut first two bottom teeth?
6 months
In the sentence, Who wrote "The Book of Love"?, what part of speech is who?(A) conjunction(B) noun(C) pronoun(D) interjection
(C) pronoun
a person or other agent guilty of or responsible for an offense or fault.
When going to an underdeveloped country, to protect yourself from Hep A:
Cook veggies
Drink only bottled water
Don't drink iced drinks or soups
DO try new foods, part of the culture (just make sure it is prepared safely)
Following a right modified radical mastectomy, how do you place the arm?
Elevate the patient's right arm, keeping the hand at the highest point. (Prevents edema)
The nurse supervises a nursing assistant caring for a 20-year-old man after an appendectomy. Which of the following observations would require an intervention by the nurse?
The nursing assistant massages the patient's legs using long, firm strokes. (May increase risk of pulmonary emboli from a leg thrombus... use stockings)
prednisone (Orasone): Most important to check ___
BGs (more important than HTN and wt gain)
A 19-year-old college student has a Mantoux test performed as part of a routine physical examination. To evaluate the test, the nurse should ___
Palpate the injection site assessing for an area of induration.
(Redness without induration is not generally significant)
What's a normal catheter size for a child? How far in does the cath go?
6,8, or 10 French catheter
1 in
The nurse is caring for a 56-year-old man who had a tracheostomy performed yesterday. Which of the following symptoms would require an intervention by the nurse?
The patient's secretions from the tracheostomy are thick, yellow, and dry.
Indicated dehydration and potential for obstruction
When should a child not have head lag anymore?
By 5 months (or sooner)
pancreatin (Creon): Should be given ___ (when?) Also, give ___
Can be given ___
Do not ___
Just before meals so the enzymes are available for the digestion of starches, fats, and protein.
Juice afterwards
Sprinkled on soft food
Chew pill
Crutches: Where is wt supposed to be placed?
On the handpieces... NOT the foam pads on the underarm piece. (crutch paralysis)
During the second stage of labor, the patient's husband asks the nurse if he can go get a cup of coffee from the cafeteria. The nurse should ___
Tell him it's best to stay with his wife
(It's ok to TELL him something... she needs him at this time)
DPT and OPV immunizations are given to children at ____ (age)
2, 4, 6, and 18 months and at age 4-6
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