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yeoman: personality
"epicurous son"
represents youthfullness
The Friar
carpet maker
makes carpets
a holy-minded man
Gave ladies trinkets
had bad skin
the prioress
runs covenant
The Yeoman
Excellent woodcrafter
Oxford Cleric
Professional student
Who has curly hair?
yeoman: job
archer, woodwork, forester
great cook named roger
love knot; tonsured head
Won 15 battles
Wise, chivalrous
Embarked on many noble quests
Model citizen
the nun
refinement is superficial
The Oxford Cleric
Unemployed idealist
Appearance: dirty
Important Facts: honest worker, faithful, poor=generous
Reason why on Pilgrimage: accompany Parson
very smart, had many trades,manipulated the people who were on higher standards, ahted by all people
Who tells the first story?
Where are they staying?
Tabard Inn
had a St. Christopher medal
dainty, polite, good manners, friendly, graceful, wrapped up in self no in Lord
Good student; respected by Chaucer
Buys and sells merchandise competently; wears expensive beaver hat, boots, clothing though he is in debt; forked beard
the squire
curly hair & strong
rips off customers, possibly wrathful
a nun, pleasant, friendly, entertaining, tidy with good manners, Chaucer thinks she is a kind, respectable woman
The Knight
Loves chivalry, "perfect Christian", and humble, had nice horses, he looks "grubby" when we first see him, wearing a habergeon (+)
pardoner: personality
preached and sung for money
host: personality
wise, tactful, bold, merry hearted
never rash, illiterate, debt free, frugal
Official authorized to sell indulges (church pardons) for their sins, seft-interest.
Alcoholic pirate; strong and careful in job; knows all ports of refuge; ship called the Maudelayne
used astronomy to prescribe medicine, selfish, tight fisted, healthy (middle class)
The Manciple
Illiterate. Came from inner temple. Despite lack of education he is very bright.
Oxford Clerk
good guy, educates others, church, ademically oriented
friar: hob
hear confessions, beg for funds, limiter
Three Rogues
Pardoner's Tale, the three sinful drunkards who set out on a quest to kill death
The Miller
Extremely powerful- wins contests, can pull a door off its hinges or head butt it
jolly and merry, gallant phrase and well-turned speech, fixed up marriages, beloved, said he had license from pope to hear confessions, asked for gift after confession, sang w/ good voice, white neck, begged for $, settled disputes for $
The Merchant
Bearded with a multicolor dress. He was in debt but he played it off as if he was rich.
The Pardoner
Travels with the summoner, he dresses like a priest and hears people's confessions, he has long blonde hair, he has a "veronica" (image of jesus) sewn to his cap, in his bag he has phony pardons, as well as phony relics to sell, makes more money in a day then most would make in 2 months time, and he sang the offertory, he's as phoney as it gets, (-)
Who likes good food and to eat everything?
Skipper(ship's captain)
his ship is called the Maudelayne, more like a pirate than a captain, stole wine, sinks enemy ships, makes enemies walk plank, Jack Sparrow like
cleric: physical
not fat, hollow look, sober stare, threadbare overcoat
Geoffrey Chaucer
served in english army, held prisoner (1359) and king edward paid for his release
Acts busier than he actually is to seem important
Old man
Pardoner's Tale, the old man who claims he is forced to walk the earth because death won;t accept him
The Plowman
Brother of the parson, "honest worker, good and true", lived in charity, worked on the farm, paid his bills all on time
The Guildsmen
Accessories are more for show than use
servant, coat and hood of green w/ peacock feathered arrows, carried bow and arrows, head like a nut, brown face, knew woodcraft, saucy brace on arm to protect from bow, sword, shield, and dagger, wore medal of St. Christopher that was silver, had huntin
to take an animal or object and give them personal characteristics
The Doctor
One of the best doctors in his profession. Can cure almost anything. He is in perfect physical health but he rarely consults the bible and love financial gain.
The Sailor
Has 3 daggers on his person: one around a chord on his neck, one under his arm, and one down the side of his arm, doesn't have a conscience, gets in fights a lot, he transports wine and beer but he drinks it all, his ships name is "Madeline" he's a great sailor but one BAAADD dude (-)
pardoner: physical
yellow hair to his shoulders, no hood, small hat, bulging eye balls, small voice
Sergeant at the Law
rich lawyer & knows the law
The Three Rioters
Drunken revelers who decide to find Death and slay him.
He acts busier than he really is. He is smart, and probably very manipulative.
Sergeant at Law
seemed busier than he actually was, took land from people
Wife of Bath
married 5 times, gape teeth, large hips, red face, somewhat deaf, man-like, religious
The Monk
He care not for that text a clean-plucked hen / Which holds that hunters are not holy men
Sergeant of Law
appointed by monarch to serve as judge, memorized all the cases since William the Conqueror, makes himself seem more busy than he is to appear important
The Nun (Prioress)
Madame Eglantine; head nun at the convent; doesn't seem to much like a nun; very elegant (goes against poverty); noble birth; has dogs with her (sign of wealth); she is obese; golden brooch "love conquers all things"
The Reeve
Very shrewd- able to make extra money and buys gifts for his employer
The Narrator
The narrator makes it quite clear that he is also a character in his book. Although he is called Chaucer, we should be wary of accepting his words and opinions as Chaucer's own. In the General Prologue, the narrator presents himself as a gregarious and naïve character. Later on, the Host accuses him of being silent and sullen. Because the narrator writes down his impressions of the pilgrims from memory, whom he does and does not like, and what he chooses and chooses not to remember about the characters, tells us as much about the narrator's own prejudices as it does about the characters themselves.
The Wife of Bath
Seamstress. Married five times and has had many affairs. Takes pleasure in rich attire, talking, and arguing. Deaf in one ear and has a gap between her teeth.
The Physician (Doctor)
Like most of his kind, he used astrology as a diagnostic tool.
The Parson
He is a shepard to his flock- metaphor and an allusion to Christ
The Skipper
He rode a horse as best as he could because he was a man from sea - riding skilled were poor, had a dagger with him as well, for protections- showed how violate he was, he was like a pirate, sent his enemies to walk the plank, he was greatly skilled at his talent, could ride the seas through and problem and without any problem, well traveled-knew a lot as a skipper, stole booze
The Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, and Carpet Maker.
Very good at their jobs. Controlled by their wives.
The Sergeant at the Law
A lawyer who was very good at his job.
Woman from Bath
steals from merchant
The Host
Very manly
Tells the story
Where are they located?
cook: job
cook, baker, somaliere
nun's priest
priest for the convent
Who Knows astrology very well?
Who suggests telling the stories?
served only the finest food
Clean; Traveled with the Carpenter
bad-tempered, close shaven beard, hair stopped at ears, lean legs, could tell what weather would do to cops, animals trusted to him, knew people's tricks, good hand at bargains, rode gray horse = scot, feared by employees under him
merchant: personality
stately, excellent, solemn, high horse
skipper: job
risky job, owned a barge
The Pardoners
these people granted papal indulgences—reprieves from penance in exchange for charitable donations to the Church. collected profits for himself. excels in fraud, carrying a bag full of fake relics—for example, he claims to have the veil of the Virgin Mary. has long, greasy, yellow hair and is beardless. These characteristics were associated with shiftiness and gender ambiguity in Chaucer's time. also has a gift for singing and preaching whenever he finds himself inside a church.
Host (Harry Bailey)
Loud, Happy, and Friendly
Marginal Lower Class
Miller, Summoner, and Pardoner
simple and coy smile, madam eglantyne, nasal sounding, spoke some french, good manners, pleasant and friendly, graceful, prioress, wept if saw mouse, charitably solicitous, had little dogs, chubby, coral trinket w/ gold brooch
reeve: personality
good at bargaining, feared by serfs
Trade class: belong to guilds for trade
First Class; Wears cloak, veil, beads, and jewelery; elegant nose, gray eyes, small red mouth; Fakes being caring
loves small animals and food, lives well, is large
Nun Priest's Tale, the most beautiful, modest, polite and charming hen
The Summoner
Layman charged with summoning sinners before a church court
bad acne, narrow eyes, black scabby brows, thin beard, children afraid of him, loved garlic and onions, drank red wine,used phrase to get out of stuff, took bribes, knew secrets, hypocrite
The Lawyer
He overcharged for his services, also acted as a judge, he seemed busier then he actually was, knew all the laws by heart that had been passed since the 11th century in England, wore a "medley" coat, (-)
Who is deaf in one ear?
Wife of Bath
summoner: physical
narrow legs, black brows, thin beard, pimples
woman of bath
somewhat deaf, making clothes, her kercheifs were finely woven ground, bold face/handsome, five husbands, been to jerusalemand rome, gap teeth, broad, large hips, laugh/chatted, knew dances
The Franklin
Loves sensual pleasures, opens up his home for many parties
This pilgrim was an Oxford student who didn't say much, didn't have a job, and just loved learning for the sake of learning.
chap of 16 stone (224 lbs), played bagpipes, won ram at wrestling show, broad, knotty, short shouldered, strong, red beard, on nose he had a wart with hair on it, wide black nostrils, sword and buckler at side, dirty mouth, told tavern stories, sold grai
The Cook
Works for the guildsman. He has a large sore on his leg.
reeve: job
a steward or minor official on an estate, good carpenter
The Sergeant at Law
Gave the appearance of being reverent
The Weaver, The Dyer, and The Arras-Maker
All traveling together, all dressed the same, went on this pilgrimage to show off their clothes and get clients (-)
Makes Carpets
Who is an epicurean?
Miller's Tale, foolish carpenter
Who has a greasy face?
cook: physical
ulcer on his knee
Kind man; worked with wood
virgin, loved her big forehead, aristoracy, self centered, did not like people but loved animals, head of the convent
woman of bath: job
had five husbands
Who has carpentry skills? (other than the carpenter)
merchant: physical
forking beard, motley dress, buckled boots, flemish beaver hat
friar: personality
motivated by money, second agenda, pervy, knew all the taverns
Did not follow religious order (most were beggers with poverty and simplicity the ideas of their orders), found husbands and dowries for young women he had seduced, did not like dealing with "scum", had a lisp, named Hubert
"Their wisdom would have justified a plan to make each one of them and alderman...Besides their wives declared it was their due."
monk: physical
fur sleeves, bald, fat, gold pin fastens cloak, greasy face, prominent eyes
The Clerk
A sincere, devout student at Oxford University who loves learning and is respected by all the pilgrims. He is very poor because he spends all his money on books.
"Why he'd allow-just for a quart of wine-any good lad to keep his concubine"
Weave & Carpet Maker
Appearance: nice gear, silver knives
Important Facts: wants to be alderman, women=ambitious
Who wants to be on a high platform above others?
Nicholas (aka Tricky)
Miller's Tale, student who lived with John
The Man of Law
A successful lawyer commissioned by the king. He upholds justice in matters large and small and knows every statute of England's law by heart.
The Wife of Bath (Alisoun)
Characterized as gat-toothed, somewhat deaf, and wearing bright scarlet red stockings. She has had five husbands (the last half her age), enjoys her freedom, and is openly sensual.
somewhat deaf, great at making cloth, had fine kerchiefs, scarlet red hose, bold, handsome face, 5 husbands, religious, gap teeth, large hips, knew remedies of love's mischances
women from bath
Who has red eyes as if they are flames beneath a kettle?
The Knight's Yeoman
The Yeoman is the second servant who travels with the Knight. He does not tell a tale.
Haberdasher, Carpenter, Weaver, Dyer, Taspestry Maker
part of guilded frat; imerging middle class; respected and hardworking
sergeant of the law
man of reverence, his sayings were so wise, high position and fame, many a noble robe and fee, busy man, less busy than he seemed, dictate defenses or draft deeds, knew of every statue, silken belt of pinstripe stuff
The Host (Harry Bailey)
The owner of the Tabard Inn, who volunteers to travel with the pilgrims. He promises to keep everyone happy, be their guide and arbiter in disputes, and judge the tales.
The Canon and the Canon's Yeoman
Although not one of the pilgrims, the Canon appears with his servant (the Yeoman) but leaves when his Yeoman begins a tale.
haberdasher/dyer/carpenter/weaver/carpet maker: job
had money
Knight and Squire
Who likes to wrestle?
knight: job
soldier, jousts, noble
Monk, Friar, and Prioress
Who has a white beard?
Who wears a love knot?
Middle Class; Wore good clothes
second nun: job
travels with nun, secretary
Miller's Tale, parish clerk who constantly courts Alison
Sergeant Law
Appearance: multi-colored coat and silk belt
Important Facts: busy guy, sometimes makes document
Who has a voice like a goat?
Knight: physical
stained fustian tunic, not gaily dressed
sergent of law
property lawyer, homely, smart/wise, accomplished
Nun Priest's Tale, the most handsome and proud rooster
sang, yellow hair w/ rat tails, bulging eyes, sewed holy relic on cap, no beard - couldn't get one, lied about relics
Who knows few Lation phrases which he uses to his own advantage?
Franklin(Santa Clause)
well-to-do landowner, but not of the nobility, "model among landed gentry", white daisy colored beard, red cheeks, generous(opens up his house with food and drink to people); Epicures very son, was justice at the sessions(court), member for the Shire, sheriff
squire: physical
curly hair, strong, agile, about 20, short gown, wide sleeves, moderate length
one of the 5 guildsmen, weaved fabric (middle class)
Worker/Merchant/Middle Class
Wife of Bath, Merchant, Sergeant at Law, Doctor, and Guildsmen
summoner: job
paid to summon sinners to trial, good valet
April 11th, 1387
the pilgrimage to canterbury, went to see becketts tomb
nun ("the pnoress")
simple, friendly, shy, big head, plump body, embroidered A brooch
The Second Nun
The secretary to the Prioress, the Second Nun tells as her tale the biography of Saint Cecilia.
Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, and Carpet-Maker
had demanding and controlling wives with servants to do their work; luxuriously dressed
wary and wise, discreet, man of reverence, judge of court, fame, education, high position, either wrong or right, less busy than seemed, knew of every judgment, case and crime, dictate defenses, draft deeds, multi-colored coat, and pinstripe silk belt
serjeant at the law
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