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True/FalseUnderstanding microbial genomes allows for the more effective identification of specific bacteria in food as well as in human specimens, through the use of DNA probes
Involves oxygen
Oxidative phosphorylation
True/FalseExperiments in genetic engineering are limited to transfer of DNA fragments between bacteria of the same genus and species.
________ 2. NeuraminidaseA. Inflammation of corneaB. Diseases that may be congenitally acquiredC. Giant multinucleate cellsD. Enzyme assisting virus to release from host cellE. May cause fifth diseaseF. Sac containing fluid or gasG. Projection on viral en
Not associated with photosynthesis
Enzyme reactions are usually
Avery, Macleod, and McCarty demonstrated that pneumonia-causing cocci could take up DNA directly from the medium surrounding them. This is an example of a.mutationb.conjugationc.transductiond.transformation
Diphtheria-causing bacteria contain a prophage that codes for toxin produced during disease. This is a consequence of the phenomenon known asa.lytic growthb.genetic engineeringc.lysogenyd.temperate growth
True or false? Important characteristics of organisms which are soilborne agents include the ability to resist environmental extremes and to form endospores.
25. One of the distinctive characteristics of Yersinia pestis cells isA. production of polar endospores.B. acid-fast staining.C. bipolar staining.D. spirochete cell shape
2. Guillain-Barré syndrome and Reye's syndrome are bothA. accompanied by massive amounts of virus in the brain tissue.B. associated with influenza viruses.C. due to adenoviruses.D. viral diseases of the skin.
13. When is parainfluenza most commonly seen?A. In the summerB. In the winterC. In the late fallD. In the late spring
Building block of nucleic acids
T/F All microorganisms are prokaryotes
_________they require an atmosphere low in oxygen but rish in carbon dioxide
Uses chemical reations for energy
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_____ carries viral genes from bacterial chromosome.A. ConjugationB. TransductionC. Transformation
Specialized transduction A. is more common than generalized transductionB. requires a virulent phageC. produces defective phagesD. can be responsible for human illness
True/False Genes on integrated F factors are transferred to a recipient cell during transduction.
True or false? Human monocyte ehrlichiosis (HME) is transmitted by deer ticks.
23. Which of the following organisms was the agent responsible for the plague that at one time wiped out approximately a third of the population of Europe?A. Clostridium botulinumB. Yersinia pestisC. Salmonella TyphiD. Bacillus anthracis
True or false? Leptospira interrogans is a spirochete that may infect rats and other animals and spread to humans by contact with the animals or water contaminated with their urine.
3. Studies have suggested a link exists betweenA. measles and orchitis in men.B. Kawasaki disease and genital warts.C. ethylene oxide and relief from influenza.D. aspirin and Reye's syndrome.
14. All of the following statements are associated with parainfluenza exceptA. the parainfluenza virus is an RNA virus.B. this is a disease associated with summer weather.C. parainfluenza is generally a milder disease than influenza.D. parainfluenza is mo
42. Firm, waxy, elevated lesions with a depressed center, appearing white or pink and expressing a milky, curd-like substance characterizeA. the lesions of herpes simplex.B. Koplik spots.C. the symptoms of fifth disease.D. molluscum contagiosum.
________ 8. VariolaA. Inflammation of corneaB. Diseases that may be congenitally acquiredC. Giant multinucleate cellsD. Enzyme assisting virus to release from host cellE. May cause fifth diseaseF. Sac containing fluid or gasG. Projection on viral envelope
2. Exotoxin
Toxic chemical secreted by cell
T/F All chemical reactions in organisms occur in liquid water
T/F In the mechanics of classification, several orders are grouped to form a family and several families are placed together to form a genus
There are some mesophilic bacteria that are salt tolerant. An example isa.escheruchiab.salmonellac.staphylococcusd.neisseria
Endospores are found primarily in which kind of organisms?a.gram positive bacillusb.gram negative bacullusc.gram positive coccusd.gram negative coccus
Requires cytochoromes for electron transport
Oxidative phosphorylation
Uses chemical reactoions for engery. Uses organic compounds.
True/FalseA DNA vaccine has been developed for AIDS.
FalseNot yet
_____ includes the attachment of viral DNA to the bacterial chromosome.A. ConjugationB. TransductionC. Transformation
Which of the following are genetic engineered solutions that are already in use in the United States?a.produse insulin sytheticallyb.produce tomatoes that are less susceptible to virusesc.produce vaccines against hyman diseasesd.all of the above
7. The lockjaw that is associated with tetanus arises fromA. infection of the jaw muscles.B. stiffness and spasms in the jaw muscles.C. endotoxin invasion of the jaw muscles.D. microbial invasion of the jaw tissues.
vaccine is included in the DTaP seriesA. TetanusB. Bubonic plagueC. Rocky Mountain spotted feverD. Anthrax
________ 18. H spike A. Inflammation of corneaB. Diseases that may be congenitally acquiredC. Giant multinucleate cellsD. Enzyme assisting virus to release from host cellE. May cause fifth diseaseF. Sac containing fluid or gasG. Projection on viral envelo
7. Some individuals are more susceptible to dental caries than others. Which factor plays the most important role in determining susceptibility?A. The microorganisms present on the teeth and in the mouthB. The individual’s dietC. Host factors inclu
36. Salmonella and the disease Salmonellosis is a disease which is best described by which response below?A. Hundreds of serotypes of Salmonella cause the disease.B. Symptoms include diarrhea almost as severe as that of cholera.C. It is identical to d
102. True or false? Yersinia enterocolitica is widely distributed in animals. Infections occur from consuming food that came in contact with infected animals.
the smallest indivisible part of an element is the
is composed of chains of amino acids
Permits magnifications of over 200000X
Transmission electron microscopy
_________they do not or cannot use oxygen
T/FIn the formation of an endospore, the prespor cell contains cytoplasm and DNA, and a large amount of dipicolonic acid, a unique organic substance that helps stabilize the proteins and DNA.
How does the GasPak system work?a.the GasPak works like a vacuum, sucking the oxygen out of the containerb.the GasPak releases excess carbon dioxide which replaces the oxygenc.the hydrogen in the GasPak reacts with oxygen in the presence of a catalyst to
You are studying an obligate anaerobe. Which one of the following pathways can you be assured is occuring?
Inorganic ions that compse parts of enzymes are referred to as
Sulfonamide drugs work to inhibit enzyme pathways by
Competitive inhibition
In one form of DNA transfer in bacteria the DNA is transferred from one cell to another in a bacteriophage. if all fragments of the bacterial chromosome are transferred with equal frequency the process is referred to as A. Specialized transformationB. spe
What are some of the benefits of microbial genomics?a.greater farmland usageb.to identify more of the microbes we can't currently culturec.they are used for bioremediation of toxic wastes to clean up the environmentd.it has allowed us to decode all of the
Term_____ F+ cell CharacteristicA. Cell capable being transformedB. Cell that conjugates; donates bacterial DNA genesC. Cell with conjugation pilus; plasmid in cytoplasmD. Closed circular DNA, with few genes, non-essential to the cellE. Condition i
is caused by a gram-negative rod that shows bipolar staining.A. TetanusB. Bubonic plagueC. Rocky Mountain spotted feverD. Anthrax
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Tickborne rickettsial disease; rash and high fever
is transmitted by ticksA. TetanusB. Bubonic plagueC. Rocky Mountain spotted feverD. Anthrax
True or false? Murine typhus and scrub typhus are both bacterial diseases caused by gram-positive sporeforming rods.
27. Which one of the following is not associated with measles?A. Koplik spotsB. A rare brain disease called subacute sclerosing panencephalitisC. A red skin rashD. Inflammation of the salivary glands
A. Herpes simplexB. InfluenzaC. MeaslesD. Chickenpox54. ___produces a body rash somewhat similar to the scarlet fever rash.
43. Among the principal causes of traveler's diarrhea is/areA. multiple serotypes of Salmonella.B. Escherichia coli.C. staphylococci and streptococci.D. Vibrio cholerae
17. All the following apply to Clostridium botulinum bacteria or the disease it causes exceptA. the cells produce a exotoxin.B. infants fed raw honey may develop lethargy and poor muscle tone .C. they are an important agricultural crop disease.D. the
72. True or false? An intoxication can occur when a person ingests food or water containing toxins.
98. True or false? The term ‘etiology’ means the study of the cause of a disease.
Sodium chloride is typical of a compound in which the chmical bond is the covalent bond
F Ionic
Clucose units may be linked in chains of hundreds or thousands in
T/F The smaller the resolving power of the microscope lens, the closer the objects can be and still be seen
Legnth of an organism measuring 50 nonometers also may be expressed as
.05 micrometers
uses ultraviolet light as an energy source
Fluorescenec microscopy
In the log phase of growtha.the death rate is equivalent to the reproductive rateb.spore formation is a common eventc.the number of cella in the population increases rapidlyd.the growth curve is at a plateau
At what stage of a bacterial growth curve are the bacteria growing in size, storing nutrients, and sythnesizing enzymes in preparation for binary fission?a.lead phaseb.lag phasec.log phased.stationary phasee.decline/death phase
ends with accpetance of electrons by oxygen atoms
Oxidative phosphorylation
Results in a high yield of ATP
Oxidative phosphorylation
True/FalseRecombinant transduction is the name given to the commercial and industrial applications derived from genetic engineering.
FalseBiotechnology is the name given to the commercial and industrial applications derived from genetic engineering
71. True or false? There are only three variants of rhinoviruses, which is why a vaccine for the common head cold is a real possibility in the near future.
77. True or false? Listeriosis is not transmissible from person-to-person.
5. What is the definition of a sequela?A. A type of periodontal diseaseB. A form of gastroenteritisC. A pathological condition resulting from prior diseaseD. Fluid loss during diarrhea
70. ___ produces a high fever, with delirium.A. Typhoid feverB. BrucellosisC. BotulismD. Cholera
69. ___ can occur as floppy baby syndrome.A. Typhoid feverB. BrucellosisC. BotulismD. Cholera
63. ___ is an object of destruction in milk pasteurization.A. Typhoid feverB. BrucellosisC. BotulismD. Cholera
29. All the following are related to typhoid fever exceptA. the causative organism is a gram-negative rod.B. human carriers harbor the causative organism.C. ulcers may form in the tissue of the intestine.D. the disease is common in barnyard animals.
61. ___ can only be treated with specific antitoxin.A. Typhoid feverB. BrucellosisC. BotulismD. Cholera
40. The hallmark of severe cases of cholera isA. undulating fever.B. extensive loss of fluid.C. extreme jaundice.D. blood in the respiratory secretions.
T/F A protein is a series of connected amino acids
T/F The index of refraction of oil is twice that of glass and light and therefore remains in a straight line
A bacterium that grows only at the top of a thioglycollate broth tube should be classified asa.aerobicb.facultativec.anaerobicd.microaerophilic
Most bacteria as well as all fungi and protozoa are
If an organism uses a carb as it's carbon source and inorganic compound as it's energy sourse it is a
True/False Transformation appears to be the major mechanism for antibiotic transfer.
FalseConjugation appears to be the major mechanism for antibiotic transfer
99. True or false? The major focus of brucellosis in humans is the blood-rich organs such as the spleen and lymph glands.
The mass number of an atom is determined by adding the number of
Neutrons and protons
Which of the following stains is used to identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis, with its thick waxy walls?
Acid fast stain
Does not involve a phosphorylation reaction
Energy fixing reactions of photosynthesis
what does chemiosmosis involve?
The pumping of proteins across a membrane
93. True or false? Streptococcus mutans is of particular interest to public health specialists because it is an important cause of intoxication.
False It casue tooth decay
What is an inert element?
will not hold additional electrons, it is stable
Carl von Linne or Linnaeus was important to biology because of his work with classification of organisms in
Systema naturae and binomial nomenclature
How is fermentation different in yeasts compared to fermentation in Streptococcus lactix
yeasts have an alcohol fermentation pathway, whereas Steptococcus lactic acid fermentaion pathway
72. True or false? Adenoviruses cause an intestinal disease characterized by the output of large amounts of water in the unrelenting diarrhea.
FalseAdenoviruses are frequent causes of uRT diseases of ten sympotmatic of a common cold
Starting with Linnaeus, a hierarchical system was established for cataloging of living things what did this mean at the time?
Grouping of species by shared and comon characteristcs
T/FThe generation is the same for all bactterial species
Flase is not the same
67. True or false? Evidence suggests that Reye syndrome and Guillain-Barré syndrome may both be triggered by influenza viruses.
FalseWith wind spikes of influenza viruses
The advantage of a scanning electron microscope is that it
Shows 3 dimensional structure of the object
81. True or false? The measles rash begins on the hands and feet, then spreads to the body trunk where it is maculopapular.
FalseBegins at the hairline then covers the face and spreads to the trunk and extremties
The resolving power of the microscope reveals
Two closely spaced objects to be seen clearly
An advantage of SEM over the TEM is
thin sections ae not needed with the SEM
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