Drama Final Exam 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
the audience
Emile Zola
1840-1902 Naturalism
break a leg
good luck
Combined drama, music, dance, spectacle, special effects. Originated in the 1590's
1910 Materialsm and Industrialism perverted the human spirit, sought to achiece the "regeneration of man"
eye contact
looking into the eyes
performing spontaneously or without preparation, unscripted
Internal stimuli
thoughts and emotions (internal)
Why did Romanticism develop?
neoclassical ideals reversed.
Stages noble charecters, elevated and serious action, illicits pity and fear, ends tragically, hero's pride and tragic flaw.
Flexible Space
relationship between acting and audience areas as variable and flexible
Historical Style
periods and geographical regions: Changes of fashion, architecture, furniture, clothes.
person responsible for financial and contractual side of production
expressive movement of the body, without words
all the actions, excluding blocking, performed by the actors onstage (opening windows, writing letters, etc.), doing stuff while talking/performing in the play
The reason behind a character's behavior
Truth is to be found in Norms
A broad definition by which stories are group according to their prominent feature(s)
a dramatization based around an actual event. Usually contains facts and quotes from actual sources.
Georg II, Duke of Sac-Meiningen
1826-1914 First Director.
Late 1880's Exploited the private vs. public viewing to show uncensored (Moscow Art Theatre)
Synthetic Drama
Compresses essence of full-length play into 1 or 2 movements
fade out
when the lights go out slowly
a frame to make a scenic canvas
advisor to the director, deals with historical context and background of play, makes sure of historical accuracy
what actually occurs, not what is talked about; the arrangement of certain parts of the story
External stimuli
hear, see, taste, feel, smell (external)
Decree in 1558?
plays on religions and political subjects were banned. New subjcets classical literature, historical chronicles, legends
Elizabethan Conventions
All roles played by men, somewhat realistiv, no masks, all lines spoken
Unity of Production
All elements of production filtered through a single conciousness to achieve a unified artistic effect.
Theatre of Cruelty
Theatre that forced the audience, against its wishes, to confront itself. A new language of theatre.
the act of entering onto the acting area during a performance, when you become seen by the audience
Naturalness in a play, needed to keep a production fresh
Putting together all the facets of a character to bring life and interest to that character
What was the cheapest, moderate and expensive seating in the globe?
Cheapest=yard Moderate=galleries Exspensive=boxes or "lord's rooms"
Slice of Life
a segment of reality transferred to the stage
call back
to be seen again, return for another audition
the leaving of the acting area by the actor, can’t be seen by the audience
Truth is to be found in the variety of creation. Variety over unity!
The Federal Theatre Project
1935-1939 A program created by the American Government,Works Progress, to provide jobs in various fields.
Aural Production Design (2 Things)
1. Sound Design. 2. Actors Voices.
Agrippa's Convention (3 Things)
1. 3 dimensional scenic structure. 2. Steps, platforms, and rams. 3.Lighting from various directions and angles. 3a) changes moment to moment. 3b) changes mood and emotion. 3c) unified all other elements through intensity, color, direction, movement.
stage right
the right of the stage when facing the audience
Willing Suspension of Disbelief
audience’s belief that what is going on onstage is not real in order to be entertained
Stock Charecters of Commedia dell'Arte
1. Lovers: most realistic, did not wear masks, dressed fashionably. 2. Masters: Specifically, Pantalone (elderly Venetian merchant), Dottore(an incompetent lawyer or doctor) and Capitano (a braggart and cowart) 3. Servants(Zanni): Minimum of 1 clever and 1 stupid, the most popular was the Arlecchino(Harlequin) who was an acrobat and dancer wore a black mask and hat and used slapstick
Exspressionistic Convention (3 Things)
1. Emphasis on text. 2. Human spirit distorted by false values.3. Distorted world: Leaning walls, green sky.
"Do nothing" effectively
To be visible onstage but not play an active part in the scene
What was special about the back of the stage platform in the Globe?
multilevel façade with 2 doors
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