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Terms Definitions
______________________ determines where on a page an image displays and if and how text wraps around the image.
The ______________________ attribute among the type style properties in the CSS Rule Definition dialog box sets the text color.
A(n) ______________________ link creates a blank e-mail message containing the recipient’s address.
______________________ lists contain text preceded by bullets (dots or other symbols) or image bullets.Question 92 answers
A(n) ______________________ indicates that an element is hidden
closed-eye icon
Template pages
all of the above
A(n) ______________________ attribute lets the content developer unlock a tag attribute in a template and edit the tag in a template-based page.
editable tag
____ is a monospace font.
A(n) ______________________ is the name of a style
The ______________________ box contains palettes of colors you can apply to emphasize, differentiate, and highlight topics.
Text color
Standard mode provides more flexibility than Layout mode.
The code for ____________________ maps is stored as part of the Web page HTML code
The check boxes within the ______________________ attribute in the CSS Style Definition dialog box provide options to add an underline, an overline, or a line through text, or to make text blink.
A(n) ______________________ is a rule describing how a specific object is formatted.
The ______________________ button opens the CSS Style Definition dialog box.
Edit Style Sheet
reset button
The ______________________ clears all the fields in a form.
The Visibility attribute among the positioning style properties in the CSS Rule Definition dialog box determines the initial display condition of a layer.
The ______________________ panel is helpful in managing the elements in a document.
AP elements
In the drag-and-drop method of creating a relative link, you drag the Point to File icon to the image in the Files or Assets panel.
The ______________________ button removes the selected style from the CSS Styles panel.
Delete CSS Rule
When an image is selected, the Property inspector for hotspots is displayed.
______________________ is an event used to set up an interactive process in which the user can drag or rearrange elements of the design
drag ap element
When the Prevent overlaps option is on, an element cannot be created in front of, moved or resized over, or nested within an existing element.
In Dreamweaver, you can save the frameset file and each framed document individually, but you cannot save them all at once.
The letter spacing attribute among the block style properties in the CSS Rule Definition dialog box is supported by only one browser.
____ gives Web page developers the capability of precisely positioning objects on a Web page.
The ____ attribute defines the style of an unvisited link.
An editable tag attribute lets content developers unlock a tag attribute in a template and edit the tag in a template-based page.
The Weight attribute among the type style properties in the CSS Rule Definition dialog box defines the thickness of the font in a template.
The Attach Style Sheet button opens the Link External Style Sheet dialog box.
You can add either client-side image maps or server-side image maps to the same document in Dreamweaver, but not both.
The default color for Dreamweaver text is ____.
Bitmap images are composed of key points and paths, which define shapes and coloring instructions, such as line and fill colors.
Tables consist of one basic component: rows.
A CSS style rule contains ____ parts.
With DHTML, you can ____.
All of the above
Click the _____ Hotspot Tool to close a polygon shape made with the Polygon Hotspot Tool.
The Class property lets you apply CSS rules to a selected object.
DHTML is an extension to HTML that enables a Web page to respond to user input without sending a request to the Web server
When an element appears in a browser, the bottom edge does not stretch unless the Overflow property is set to visible
When you are defining the styles for links, seven attributes are available.
A template can have, and usually does contain, multiple ______________________ regions.
The ____ option provides a table title that displays outside of the table.
To create a nested element, draw the element inside an existing element while holding down the ____ key.
An element in a navigation bar is called a(n) ______________________ if animation takes place when you move the mouse pointer over the element or click the element.
The ____ box on the Property inspector allows you to apply a Paragraph, Heading, or Preformatted style to text.
To create an external link, you can type the URL directly into the Link box or use copy and paste.
The basic rules of page layout are that your site should be easy to navigate, easy to read, and quick to download.
The____ tag is the most widely used form tag.
The ____ file is a compressed version of a Flash file.
You can create a hotspot on an image map to link to different parts of the same Web page.
Web page designers can use ____ to apply formatting options quickly and easily to text in a Web page.
html styles
The New CSS Rule button opens the New CSS Rule dialog box.
IP Address
A(n) _____ is a number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet.
AP elements can be stacked on top of one another but cannot be placed side-by-side or overlapped.
When a Web page is viewed in a browser, the image always displays in exactly the same way that it displays in the Document window.
If you are inserting individual radio buttons to create a group, you must label each button.
(label each button)
When you create an image map and add a hotspot, you are creating an area that is clickable on the image.
____ has a difficult time with AP elements and often displays them incorrectly
Netscape Navigator 4.0
A(n) ____ is a style you can create and name and specify all the attributes you want the style to include.
Custom style
A grid of pixels in an image file is called a(n) ____________________.
If you are using server-side scripting, whenever possible, be sure to use the reserved words provided by the scripting language to name the form and form elements.
(not necessary to use reserved words)
An open-eye icon indicates that an element is hidden.
An open-eye icon indicates that an element is hidden.
For the code marker to display, the ____ must be selected through the Invisible Elements category in the Preferences dialog box.
Anchor points for AP elements check box
How can you use the tag selectors to determine what CSS element to edit?
When you inset the cursor anywhere in the page content, the names and the order of the elements in the tag selector display directly correlates to the structure of the HTML elements at that position, with the highest parent element farthest to the left.
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